District 7 E-Newsletter--March 1, 2019

Councilwoman Paula McCraney 601 W. Jefferson Street (502) 574-1107
Councilwoman Paula McCraney

Councilwoman McCraney
601 W. Jefferson Street
(502) 574-1107
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In this issue...

"Budget Talk" Aired Varied Opinions

budget talk 1

Last Saturday’s District 7 Budget Talk attracted approximately 50 interested citizens for an engaging discussion regarding the city’s impending budget deficit caused primarily by a state-mandated pension obligation. District 7 Councilwoman Paula McCraney was joined on the panel by Metro Council Budget Chair Councilman Bill Hollander, the city’s Chief Financial Officer Daniel Frockt, Chief of Louisville Forward Mary Ellen Wiederwohl, and Becky Peak, Mayor of the City of Plantation and  board member of the Jefferson County League of Cities.

Taking part in the discussion were representatives from various nonprofit organizations, local elected officials from suburban cities, an insurance professional, and District 7 residents who wanted to learn more about the budget, voice their opinion for or against the proposed insurance premium tax increases, and offer potential solutions.

A few themes emerged from the discussion:

  • Opposition to tax and the fact that it will be passed on to renters as well as homeowners;

  • Difficulties in identifying areas to cut the budget due to the large percentage of the city’s operational budget that is dedicated to essential services such as public safety;

  • Needs and contributions of the nonprofit community and the likelihood that cuts would affect those most in need;

  • Desire for transparency and due diligence in examining all potential options, new projects, and belt tightening strategies;

  • Sentiments from opposition to the proposed insurance tax increase and its effect on persons with fixed or low income to, support of the increase in order to maintain social service programs;

  • Request to earmark any increased revenue specifically for pension obligations; and

  • Concerns regarding the timeline for a Council vote by March 21, prior to release of the Mayor’s FY20 budget in April.

State statutes limit the ability of Kentucky cities to pass local taxes. Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI)--the Metro Chamber of Commerce--has been lobbying the Kentucky General Assembly for a possible restaurant tax, and the city has pushed for a local option sales tax. That change, however, would not only require action by the General Assembly but also a constitutional change.

Councilwoman McCraney encouraged residents to call the office (574-1107) or email her. She stated, "I want to hear from constituents, and I answer every email personally.”

The Metro Council Budget Committee has announced its special meeting schedule to discuss the budget deficit and proposed increase to the insurance premium tax. The Committee is also providing one more opportunity for people to come before them and have their opinion heard publicly.

The last public hearing is scheduled for Monday, March 4th at
6:00 p.m.
 Signups for those wishing to address the Budget Committee will begin one hour prior to the start of the hearing on the third floor of City Hall.

Speakers are called in order of signup and have up to three minutes to make comments. Written testimony can be turned in during the meeting and, occasionally, speakers are asked questions by the Committee members.

All meetings are carried live on Metro TV, Spectrum Cable Channel 184 or on UVERSE at Channel 99. All meetings of the Metro Council are streamed live. Go to the Metro Council home page at www.Louisvilleky.gov/metrocouncil  and click on the Metro Council Agendas link.

The committee has also created an online form for questions about these issues. Answers will be coordinated by the Louisville Metro Office of Management and Budget. Questions may be submitted online using this form: 
https://louisvilleky.wufoo.com/forms/submit-questions-on-the-proposed-budget/. All questions should be submitted by March 6 to allow for responses to be posted online by March 14.

To access the new page with general information, and questions and answers on the pension contributions, possible reductions in Metro services and the proposed insurance premium tax, the public may visit https://louisvilleky.gov/government/metro-council-district-9/proposed-insurance-premium-tax-and-proposed-reduction-city

budget talk


In an effort to get to know our "neighbors," we will feature one Home Rule city or a neighborhood, a local business, and a District 7 resident the first Friday of each month.

Featured City for March: St. Matthews

Mall St. Matthews
Welcome to St. Matthews

If you live in District 7 you know the excitement that exists in
St. Matthews.

The one-word motto on the flag for the City of St. Matthews is “Forward.” A brief discussion with Mayor Rick Tonini, who took office in January 2015, confirms that the motto is, indeed, descriptive of the city’s current status.

The St. Matthews City Hall just underwent a makeover. Renovations are beginning to improve playground equipment, restrooms, and the pavilion at Brown Park; and various drainage issues are being addressed. The St. Matthews police department has grown to 40 sworn officers who do an excellent job of policing the city, including its busy shopping areas.  The Police Department also has many non-sworn employees that work as dispatchers and assistants. St. Matthews has 87 employees who are clerks, works department and general personnel to help keep the city running smoothly.

In terms of new amenities, Walden School is getting ready to cut the ribbon on their new library. Additionally, this month will mark the first pitch on the new field at the St. Matthews Community Center. “It's a major league ballfield,” explained Mayor Tonini. The field was a joint project of the City of St. Matthews and Trinity High School. The field will be used by the local Little League teams and should be a benefit for local businesses.

Perhaps the most exciting development, however, is the upcoming reopening of the St. Matthews Eline Library. Closed since late August, the library is undergoing a massive renovation and expansion that will more than double the existing space, funded largely by the City of St. Matthews, with a $1 million contribution by Louisville Metro.

The library had its beginnings in the 1950s when the Eline family who owned land in St. Matthews wanted to memorialize their son. The family worked with the Woman’s Club and the City of
St. Matthews in a cooperative effort to open the library that grew into the most used library in the Louisville Free Public Library system.

Mayor Tonini and the city council understood the needs of the library which had outgrown its footprint, and everyone in the city is excited for the anticipated May 9 ribbon-cutting. “We see the library as a great community resource,” said Tonini, “especially since people come from all over Louisville to visit.”

St. Matthews Library

Featured Business for March: SluggerKids

sk logo

Holly Hillerich-Clark always knew she wanted to be a mom. She also loves to shop. With four young children, she started selling kids' clothes and shoes online via EBay while her kids were napping.  Along the way she learned a lot from parents across the country regarding quality trends, sizes, brands, and pricing that people want.

In 2005—after eight years of selling online and when her children were a bit older—Holly started the boutique children’s consignment shop called SluggerKids. A lifelong Louisvillian, Holly named the enterprise to honor her great-grandfather who started the famed Louisville Slugger in 1885.

Holly selects only high quality, in-season, fashionable clothing for SluggerKids. Her goal is to provide her customers with the highest quality and the confidence that they can find the right outfit for virtually any occasion. SluggerKids accepts new or gently used high-end children’s clothing, shoes, large baby equipment, strollers, and some accessories (eg., ties, boys’ belts, bow ties). They accept size preemie to 16/18.

SluggerKids believes in being an involved part of the community, and Holly helps people in need throughout the city, donating items to those who’ve suffered fires or others in need of children’s clothing. “Our amazing customers bring in tremendous clothes,” said Holly, “and we like to be able to give back. We also have a great location with plenty of parking, so we try to make things as convenient as possible for our customers.”

SluggerKids is located at 4909 Brownsboro Road or online at https://www.sluggerkids.net/. The phone number is 425-3867.

sluggerkids logo

Featured Constituent for March: Mary Jo Nay


For some people, being a public servant comes naturally. After 31 years as a St. Matthews City Council member, Mary Jo Nay says, “I didn’t mean to make it a career. I consider it my community service.”

The city council is not partisan; Mary Jo serves as an at-large member and isn’t “into politics.” Instead, she sees her role as assisting citizens with issues, providing information, and explaining why certain things can or cannot happen. “How can I help you?” is her motto.

Mary Jo got involved with the city council when she brought issues of her own to the group for help. Then, when positions opened from retiring members, she decided to run for election to the council. Her neighborhood started the first Block Watch at the time. The rest, as they say, is history. She enjoys working with the “wonderful people at City Hall” and the fact that, “We pamper residents whenever we can” with services like rear-door garbage pick-up.

Mary Jo and her fellow city council members are accessible to the community, and she takes every issue seriously, whether it’s parking concerns, street lights, or barking dogs. She sees her role as coordinating services by putting people in touch with those who can help. “People are always appreciative,” she commented.

Mary Jo stays busy on committees, especially communications where she is responsible for the city’s newsletter and website; she believes it’s important to try to be available and responsive through all avenues.

Also engaged in the Woman’s Club, Mary Jo is looking forward to a joint forum on the new driver’s licenses being sponsored by the club and the city in April. She is also anxiously anticipating the reopening of the St. Matthews library on May 9 and the renovations that are getting underway at Brown Park. “New projects like these make it an exciting time to serve,” she said.

Convenient Resources for Small Businesses

louisville jefferson county and louisville forward logos

The Department for Economic Development, Louisville Forward, is a resource for area businesses. The small business team provides support services to aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced business owners--from planning, to location services, assistance with permitting and licensing, financing options and more. You can contact the team directly at 502-574-4140 or visit the website:

Utility Assistance Available


The LIHEAP Crisis Program continues through March 29 (or until funding is depleted).  LIHEAP provides financial assistance to help low-income residents of Jefferson County pay utility bills.

 This year’s Crisis Program features expanded eligibility allowing residents who received a utility bill with a past due amount to apply, in addition to continuing to serve those who received a disconnect notice.  Appointments can be scheduled by phone by calling 502-991-8391 or online at www.louisvilleky.cascheduler.com.  Please click here for eligibility and for other information.

Notice of Planning & Design Public Meetings

For basic details for all of below case/s please visit http://www.louisvilleky.gov/PlanningDesign/. Click on “Search Case Information” link on the left navigation bar. Then select the “home” tab and select the type of case and enter the above case number.

You can also click on the image below to go to the application page, although the page may be slow to load.

For specific case information please call or email the listed case manager. If you have any questions please contact Planning & Design directly at 574-6230.


Landmarks Public Hearing Scheduled

Louisville Metro Seal

A public hearing has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 5 at 4:30 p.m. by the Ad Hoc Committee on Landmarks to discuss proposed changes to the Landmarks Ordinance (LMCO 32.250-32.263). Click here to view the amendment & attachment, as recommended for approval by the Landmarks Commission.

The recommendations – which took into account public comments previously submitted by many of you – are the starting point for the committee’s work.  The goal is to recommend an ordinance updating the Landmarks Ordinance to the whole Metro Council for debate and voting by May.

If you wish to speak at the March 5 meeting, please email your name and organization (if applicable) to: MetroCouncilClerk@louisvilleky.gov so that you may be included under the Special Discussion on the agenda.  Speakers will have a maximum of three (3) minutes, as well as an opportunity to answer any questions that committee members may ask.

If you are unable to appear March 5 but would like to submit new comments – different than what you previously submitted – you may email those to the Metro Council Clerk for compilation into the record and for committee members’ review.  If you have any questions, please call the Chair of the Committee, Councilman Brandon Coan, at 574-1108. Thank you for your participation.

Proposed Rezoning in Langdon Place

A developer has filed re-zoning applications within the City of Langdon Place, R4 to R5A, for lots on Wessinger Road and Blossom Lane and lots on Wessinger Road and Langdon Drive that will total 20 units:

Neighborhood Informational Meeting
March 11 at 7 p.m.
Fellowship Hall at John Knox Presbyterian Church, 9104 Westport Rd.
This is an informational meeting at which the developer and attorney will show proposed plans, answer questions and take feedback. It is open to everyone, not just residents of Langdon Place. Residents of Disricts 7, 17, 18, and 19 may sign a petition requesting that the LD&T public hearing that is held as  part of the process be held at 6 p.m. at a location in the district; petition sheets will be available at the meeting as  well as copies of the Zoning Process Sheet.

Take the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Survey

Please take this brief survey and share your ideas on the best and most effective ways for Louisville to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and achieve its 80% reduction target. In less than 10 minutes, you can help us establish emission reduction strategies and be part of our city's pledge to improve our environment. 

The last day to take the survey is Friday, March 15.  Click here to take the survey

Etsy Classes Offered


Silver Sneakers Classes Help Seniors Get Healthy, Fit


Louisville Parks and Recreation offers Silver Sneakers classes for seniors for free at several community centers and facilities across the city. For more information, please click here.


Random Word of the Week


Definition:  to unite; to combine

Used in a sentence:  Organizations that coadunate or combine forces are stronger
than those that act alone.

Quote of the Week

"If you aren't in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?"   ~T.S. Eliot

Life Hack of the Week

Ever need to amplify your phone for a group or in a noisy location?  Place the phone in a drinking glass or bowl to give the speaker a boost.

Happening in District 7

  • March 9--6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  Second Annual Taste of Lyndon presented by Lyndon Baptist Church, 8025 New Lagrange Rd., $20 in advance; $25 at the door.  Call 425-7150 for more information.

  • March 23--9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  Community Recycling Event hosted by RE Solutions located at 8712 Bayberry Pl.