URGENT - Call your State Senator Now!

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February 23, 2017


Urgent - Call your State Senator Now!

Once again, legislators in Frankfort are trying to meddle in Louisville's affairs.

They're attempting to set back our recycling successes by changing the city's waste management system.

The city is already behind other US cities when it comes to effectively managing our solid waste, including the use of plastic bags for yard waste, and increasing recycling.

The entire county needs a consistent solid waste policy -- not a Balkanized patchwork of regulations that Frankfort wants to impose on our citizens.  

Call your Senator and Senate Leadership in Frankfort and tell them that you oppose changes to the city's policy to determine its own recycling/solid waste future. Those changes passed the full House yesterday and now it heads to Senate.

Our landfill has limited room -- and we must extend its life for the sake of our children's future. 

Call 502-564-8100 and tell your Senator and Senate Leadership in Frankfort that you oppose HB 246.

Find your legislator.

Read HB246.

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