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Special District 9 eNews

Property Reassessments and Appeals (May 18 Deadline) – Assistance Available at Crescent Hill Library

Jefferson PVA

 Many District 9 residential properties were recently reassessed by the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA), an elected officeholder and state official, whose office is independent of city government.  As a member of the Metro Council's Government Accountability & Ethics Committee, I had an opportunity to learn more about the process and ask questions at a hearing on May 6.  I wanted to share some information with you, including the just announced availability of assistance in District 9.  

Periodic reassessments are important to maintain fairness in the property tax system, as buyer’s preferences and needs lead different properties and property types to change in market values at different rates over time. The reassessment process is not about raising more revenue — state law limits the total amount that can be raised from property taxes — but about making assessments fair and equitable for all property owners.

Because properties are not reassessed every year, and changes were deferred in some areas during the financial crisis, many D9 residents saw very substantial increases this year. Some residents have told me they believe their increases were justified based on recent sales in their neighborhoods. However, many residents believe their reassessment is wrong, for a variety of reasons. 

PVA officials told us at the May 6 meeting that the characteristics of each residential property are very important in the reassessment process and readily admitted that information they don’t know or have wrong sometimes leads to incorrect assessments. They therefore rely on an appeal process to get the assessment for Jefferson County’s 260,000 residential properties as close to correct as possible. 

Under state law,  property owners who wish to appeal their assessment must first hold a conference with the PVA Office during the annual Open Inspection Period (OIP). This year’s OIP ends on Monday, May 18, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. EDT, so it is very important that you act quickly if you believe your assessment is incorrect.

An online conference appeal service can be accessed at http://maps.jeffersonpva.ky.gov/appeal2015. Property owners may choose to complete their online conference appeal from any computer, downtown at the PVA office in the Fiscal Court Building, 531 Court Place, or at any branch of the Louisville Free Public Library.  

*** Following our May 6 Metro Council meeting, the PVA decided to have personnel on-site at the Crescent Hill Library,  2762 Frankfort Avenue, on every weekday, starting Monday, May 11 through Monday, May 18, to assist with the appeal process.   The schedule is:

  • Monday May 11 – 10 am-2 pm  and 3 pm–5 pm
  • Tuesday, May 12 – 10 am–2 pm
  • Wednesday, May 13 – 10 am–2 pm and 3 pm–5 pm
  • Thursday, May 14 – 10 am-2 pm
  • Friday, May 15 – 10 am–2 pm and 3 pm–5 pm
  • Monday, May 18 – 10 am–4 pm

Documentation that supports your opinion of value must be submitted.  Examples include:

  • Documentation of recent comparable sales (not assessments) that are similar to your property in size, condition, location and characteristics. Sales should be within an 18 month period prior to January 1, 2015. To assist you, a Property Comparison Worksheet is included with the Appeal Form for residential properties.
  • For rental or commercial properties, you should also submit your lease contract or your income and expense statements for the last three years. To assist you, an Income and Expense Worksheet is included with the Appeal Form.
  • A recent full appraisal of your property
  • Interior/exterior photos showing condition of property
  • Your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Your listing contract if your property is currently for sale
  • Estimates of any repairs
  • Original construction costs or cost of additions or improvements to your property

While conferences with the PVA are usually informal, you may choose to have someone represent you. Anyone who is hired to represent you must submit a letter of authorization and must be an attorney, certified public accountant, certified real estate appraiser, Kentucky licensed real estate broker, an employee of the property owner, or someone who holds a professional appraisal designation recognized by the Kentucky Department of Revenue.

For convenience, a telephone conference can be arranged for those with physical disabilities or other limitations if not appealing by mail. If you schedule a telephone conference, an Appeal Form, as well as any documentation that supports your opinion of value, must be mailed to the PVA prior to your scheduled conference.

The PVA has also made answers to many frequently asked questions available online. You can find those here: https://jeffersonpva.ky.gov/faq-topics/appeals/.  The PVA’s telephone number is (502) 574-6224.

As I work with my colleagues on the Metro Council to encourage the PVA to improve its operations, you should take time now to appeal an assessment which you feel is wrong. 

Bill Hollander
District 9 Metro Councilman  

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