Special DAC Email for October 27, 2020

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Special DAC Email


October 27, 2020

Ready-to-Use Resources Available to Schools and Districts

The Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) is excited to announce two new resources, scorable practice tests and scoring materials, for schools and districts.

New this year are scorable practice tests for the test administrator and student to receive instant feedback on student responses. Test administrators may use the scorable practice tests in various ways. The scorable practice tests can provide an indication of the student’s understanding of the content. They also provide students the opportunity to practice, use, and navigate the TestNav system. The practice tests and TestNav tutorial are located at PearsonAccessnext at the lower right on the home page. A password is not necessary to access the practice tests.

Practice tests are available for all content areas – reading, mathematics, science, social studies, on-demand writing and editing/mechanics. Most practice tests are available for immediate use. Practice tests for accommodated students are under construction.

Multiple-choice, multiple-select and technology-enhanced items are instantly scored. Short answer and extended response items are captured, and the student responses may be printed. The teacher or test administrator can score the written responses using the appropriate rubric. While the multiple-choice/multiple-select portion is instantly scored, the written responses must be captured for printing and scoring.

The test administrator should provide direction to the student, upon completion of the practice test, to not close their browser or click on the Sign out button until the test administrator is able to print the student responses. If the student does either of these prior to printing, the student responses are gone. The test administrator may print the summary report to see the student’s responses. The maximum score for each multiple-choice/multiple-select question is reflected on the Summary report. The test administrator may score the printed short answer/extended response using the approved scoring rubrics. The rubrics are included within the Answer Key/Rubrics pdf that is posted under the “Related Links” on the Home page of PearsonAccessnext at Answer Keys/Rubrics for Practice Tests.

One important note in which schools and districts should be aware: The practice tests can only operate on the web browser version and not the secured TestNav application used for operational testing sessions. The web browser version will allow students access to operating system extensions. Grammarly or similar functionality will NOT be an option for the operational assessment.

Questions about the scorable practice tests and/or answer keys/rubrics, may be sent to DACinfo.


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