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October 19, 2020

Question of the Week

Q: Where are the applications for Science Standards and Assessment Blueprint Review Committee (RC) and Advisory Panel (AP) located? 

A: District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) are encouraged to share with instructional supervisors and science teachers that applications are being sought for the Science Standards and Assessment Blueprint Review Committee (RC) and Advisory Panel (AP).   

KRS 158.6453 calls for the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) to implement a process for reviewing all academic standards and aligned assessments beginning in the 2017-2018 school year. The review process for the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) for Science will begin during the 2020-2021 school year. 

The KDE is seeking current K-12 classroom teachers and postsecondary educators to participate in this work. Applicants will be required to meet virtually and/or in Frankfort for 5-10 days beginning in the spring semester of 2021, continuing through summer with further meetings possibly taking place in the 2021-2022 school year. 

When applicable, selected team members will receive reimbursement for travel expenses and the teacher’s school district will be reimbursed for substitute teacher expenses. Potential applicants are asked to verify the willingness of their school or district to release them for work dates throughout the school year. 

The online application will be posted for 30 days. Applications will be accepted through Nov. 12. Selected team members will be notified by Nov. 23. 

Questions on this process can be emailed to the Standards Team. 

ACT: Returning Makeup (Oct. 20) Standard Time and Accommodations Materials 

FedEx is pre-scheduled to pick up both the standard time materials and the accommodations/supports materials on the day after testingFor the Oct. 20 test date, the standard test materials are scheduled to be picked up Oct. 21. For the Oct. 20 accommodations window, the scheduled pick-up is Oct. 27. The deadline for ACT to receive standard paper materials from the Oct. 20 test date is Nov 2. 

To-Do Tasks: 

  • Follow the instructions in the administration manual to pack and return used test materials. 
  • If testing did not occur, follow the instructions in the administration manual to report this to ACT. 

Please note: Only answer documents that arrive by the deadline can be scored and reported. Therefore, reports will only include examinees whose answer documents arrive on time. 

Resources to help complete this activity can be found on the ACT State testing webpage. For additional questions, please contact Shara Savage. 

ACT Spring 2021 Administration - KDE Policy and ACT Test Administration Training Opportunity   

Due to COVID-19, the annual ACT/KDE Face-to-Face Training will be held virtually. District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) should share the following information with high school principals and ACT school test coordinators. ACT school test coordinators or district and school administrators assisting with ACT administration should plan to attend the virtual annual ACT/KDE Test Administration Trainings.  

The training session pertains to KDE policy and ACT administration for the spring 2021 administration cycle on Thursday, Nov. 5 (9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET). Representatives from ACT and KDE will be present to provide information and answer questions regarding all aspects of the ACT administration.  

Topics will include:   

  • KDE policies   
  • Key Dates  
  • Important Pre-test tasks  
  • Events surrounding test day  
  • Post-test responsibilities  
  • Testing with accommodations  

Register for Training - If any questions arise about the upcoming training, please contact Shara Savage 

Virtual Scott Trimble Workshop Oct. 26-27 (updated links) 

The Kentucky Association for Assessment Coordinators (KAAC) is offering a virtual Scott Trimble Workshop on Oct. 26-27 in place of the annual in-person conference. Sessions are from 9:30 a.m.- 2:15 p.m. ET each day.   

KAAC will be offering sessions on the following topics:  instructional coaching in a digital learning environment, building equitable instruction, understanding the learning loss caused by COVID-19 and planning for recovery, and many more! KAAC is also hosting a guest speaker, Justin Reich, the director of MIT Teaching Systems Lab. The cost is only $50 and will include a yearly membership! If interested in learning, visit our website and register now!   

Boyd Harris Casey County Schools

DAC Spotlight

Boyd Harris 
Casey County Schools 


The Casey County School District is made up of Casey High (9-12), Casey Middle (6-8), Jones Park Elementary (P-5), Liberty Elementary (P-5), Walnut Hill Elementary (P-5), and the Casey County Area Technology Center. The district serves 
approximately 2,200 students. 

An “All Hands-on Deck” approach has allowed the district to continue to educate and support its students and families during these unprecedented times. Meal provisions have continued both through home delivery and designated pick-up points. Personal contact with families has occurred through phone calls, home visits and virtual meetings. Virtual instruction is possible via Chrome books that have been issued to each student in the district. All teachers have established and utilize Google Classrooms. Teachers conduct daily scheduled Google Meets in each core content as do specialty area teachers. Hard copy instructional materials and follow-up support are also being provided to students that do not have Internet access.  

Casey County Schools has a long tradition of dedication to providing all students with a world-class educational experience. Tremendous partnerships and support from families, business and community leaders, teachers, administrators, and support staff enable the district to continue to meet students’ academic, social, and emotional needs in both the virtual and in-person setting. “Excellence Keeps Moving” in Casey County Schools.  

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in the article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE). 

Assessment Calendar

In This Issue

ACT Return Materials 

ACT Training Opportunity 

Scott Trimble Workshop (Virtual) 

DAC Spotlight

Important Dates

Sept. 29-Oct. 27:
ACCESS for ELLs Test Materials Order Window

Oct. 12-30:
WIDA eSummit

Oct. 14-23:
Post Public Release Regulatory Data Review Period Ends at Noon

Oct. 19
WIDA eSummit: Teaching Multilingual Learners During Extraordinary Times: WIDA Fellows’ Success Stories

Oct. 20:
ACT Standard Test Date

Oct. 20-23 & 26:
ACT Accommodations Window

Oct. 21
WIDA eSummit: Analyzing Language Ideologies Through Stories

Oct. 23
WIDA eSummit: WIDA Guiding Principles in Action: What Students Can Do

Oct. 26 - 27
Scott Trimble Virtual Workshop Sponsored by KAAC

Oct. 26:
WIDA eSummit: Using WIDA Assessments Appropriately

Oct. 28:
WIDA eSummit: Introducing the New WIDA Screener for Kindergarten

Oct. 30:
WIDA eSummit: WIDA Model-Learning Your Students’ English Language Skills

Nov. 1:
Daylight Saving Time Ends

Nov. 3:
Election Day—State Government Offices Closed

Nov. 5:
Spring 2021 ACT Test Administration Training (Virtual)

Nov. 10:
DRC and WIDA Technology Coordinator Support for Test Administrators Webinar

Nov. 11:
Veterans Day – State Government Offices Closed

Nov. 12:
DAC Monthly Webcast

Nov. 12:
Administration Code and Inclusion of Special Populations Training for Allegations (virtual meeting)

Previous Topics

ACT Materials Arriving 

ACT Training Opportunity 

Data Review After Public Release 

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Scott Trimble Workshop (Virtual) 

WIDA eSummit 


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