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October 12, 2020

Question of the Week

Q: What do the long-term goals and measures of interim progress represent and how were they created? 

 A: Long-term goals and measures of interim progress have been established for proficiency (percentage of students scoring Proficient and higher on statewide assessments), graduation rate (4- and 5- year rates), and progress on English language proficiency (percentage of English Learner (EL) students meeting proficiency benchmarks on ACCESS). Goals were created for improved achievement for all students and for each demographic group of students. The long-term goals were set to reduce gaps in performance by 50 percent from 2019 by 2030. Goals are extended to all students as well as each student demographic.  

To generate the long-term goals and measures of interim progress, the following steps were used:  

Step 1: Determine the baseline for 2018-2019 for each content area, grade level (elementary, middle and high), and student group by extrapolating the statewide performance using linear regression based on available assessment data from five previous years, 2012-2016.  

Step 2: Subtract the 2018-2019 baseline from the goal of 100 percent proficiency or graduation rate to find the initial gap.  

Step 3: Divide the initial gap by 2 to create a 50 percent reduction value. 

Step 4: Subtract the reduction value from 100 percent proficiency or graduation rate to establish the long-term goal for 2030.  

Step 5: Divide the long-term goal across the timeline to create interim and annual targets. 

These long-term goals and associated measurements of interim progress toward meeting the long-term goals are very ambitious. 

Data Review After Public Release 

A ten-day regulatory data review period will follow the public release. The final data review period will take place in the Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) application between Oct. 14-23. More details for completing the 10-day regulatory data review will be available to District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) in a Special DAC Email when it opens on Oct. 14.  

Virtual Scott Trimble Workshop Oct. 26-27 

The Kentucky Association for Assessment Coordinators (KAAC) is offering a virtual Scott Trimble Workshop on Oct. 26-27 in place of the annual in-person conference. Sessions are from 9:30 a.m.- 2:15 p.m. ET each day.  

KAAC will be offering sessions on the following topics:  instructional coaching in a digital learning environment, building equitable instruction, understanding the learning loss caused by COVID-19 and planning for recovery, and many more! KAAC is also hosting a guest speaker, Justin Reich, the director of MIT Teaching Systems Lab. The cost is only $50 and will include a yearly membership! If interested in learning, register now. 

ACT Reminder: Oct. 20 Test Date Materials Arriving This Week   

If administering the ACT on Tuesday, Oct. 20, the materials will arrive this week. To track the order, see the View Status and Shipment Information section of the PearsonAccessnext User Guide 

As soon as the test materials are received, please inspect and check-in all materials within 24 hours of receipt. Refer to the test date flyer when checking materials to ensure all have been received and have the correct test date. If the school/district is missing materials or received the incorrect materials, please contact Shara Savage or call ACT at 800-553-6244 ext. 2800 immediately.   

ACT Reminder: ACT Spring 2021 Administration - Training Opportunity  

Due to COVID-19, the annual ACT/KDE Face to Face Training will be held virtually. District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) should share the following information with high school principals and ACT school test coordinators. ACT school test coordinators or district and school administrators assisting with ACT administration should plan to attend the virtual annual ACT/KDE Test Administration Trainings.  

The training session pertains to KDE policy and ACT administration for the spring 2021 administration cycle on Thursday, Nov. 5 (9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. ET). Representatives from ACT and KDE will be present to provide information and answer questions regarding all aspects of the ACT administration.  

 Topics will include:   

  • KDE policies   
  • Key Dates  
  • Important Pre-test tasks  
  • Events surrounding test day  
  • Post-test responsibilities  
  • Testing with accommodations  

Register for Training - If any questions arise about the upcoming training, please contact Shara Savage .

WIDA eSummit  

The WIDA eSummit is a free virtual learning event for educators in WIDA Consortium member states, territories and federal agencies that will be held Oct. 12-30. Please visit the WIDA eSummit webpage for more information, including the full schedule and session descriptions. The WIDA eSummit starts this week with sessions relating to the weekly theme, WIDA ELD Standards, 2020 Edition. Can’t attend the sessions live? Don’t worry! All sessions will be recorded and posted, along with downloadable resources, in the WIDA Secure Portal within a few days of each session. Registration for the eSummit is not required; however, attendees must have a WIDA Secure Portal Account to participate live or view the recordings.  

To access the eSummit: 

  1. Log in to your WIDA Secure Portal account. If you don’t have an account, you can request one on the WIDA eSummit webpage.  
  2. Click on the “WIDA eLearning Center” tile in the portal. 
  3. From the eLearning Center Dashboard, click on the “WIDA eSummit” tile. 

October DAC Webcast Recording

The October DAC webcast recording is available on the Meetings and Trainings webpage. Jennifer Stafford, Director, in the Division of Assessment and Accountability Support (DAAS) and staff presented information on these topics: Kentucky Accountability Updates, ACT Fall Testing, EOC Guidance, Public Release Timeline, and a new DAC Calendar.

Brooke Stinson Fayette County Schools

DAC Spotlight

Brooke Stinson 
Fayette County Schools 

Fayette County Public Schools, Kentucky’s second-largest school district, serves more than 42,000 students from the Lexington metro area. Every decision made -- from the board room to the classroom -- is based on doing what is best for all students. Dedicated employees share a common goal of providing a world-class education for each and every child, and it shows. Time and again, Fayette County public school students and staff members earn state and national accolades in academic, athletic and professional arenas. The district has amazing support from its families, business community and civic leaders, who are all intent on creating a positive environment for students to learn and succeed. 

Within the district’s 73 schools, staff regularly communicates and supports Building Assessment Coordinators (BACs) through weekly updates, on-demand videos, BAC advisory, work sessions, and quarterly trainings. The district has established a new BAC support system and mentoring program that was initiated by its own BAC Advisory. 

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in the article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE). 

Assessment Calendar

In This Issue

ACT Materials Arriving 

ACT Training Opportunity 

Data Review After Public Release 

October DAC Webcast Recording

Scott Trimble Workshop (Virtual) 

WIDA eSummit 

DAC Spotlight

Important Dates

Sept. 29-Oct. 27: 
ACCESS for ELLs Test Materials Order Window 

Oct. 12-30: 
WIDA eSummit 

Oct. 14-23: 
Post Public Release Regulatory Data Review Period 

Oct. 20: 
ACT Test Date 

Oct. 26-27: 
Scott Trimble Virtual Workshop 
Sponsored by KAAC  

Oct. 26: 
WIDA eSummit: Using WIDA Assessments Appropriately 

Oct. 28: 
WIDA eSummit: Introducing the New WIDA Screener for Kindergarten 

Oct. 30: 
WIDA eSummit: WIDA Model-Learning Your Students’ English Language Skills 

Nov. 5: 
Spring 2021 ACT Test 
Administration Training (Virtual) 

Nov. 10: 
DRC and WIDA Technology Coordinator Support for Test Administrators Webinar 

Previous Topics

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Reminder: 2019-2020 Make-up Testing CTE EOP Assessments — Make-up Testing Window Oct. 12-16  

Reminder: 2020 Pilot CTE EOP Assessments — Pilot Testing Window Oct. 19-30  

WIDA eSummit: New Session Topic 

Virtual KAACWorkshop Oct. 26-27 


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