Special DAC Email for September 15, 2020

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Special DAC Email


September 15, 2020

Quality Control (QC) Review Open

Data for Quality Control (QC) Review is now available in the KDE Secure Web Applications. The Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) has provided to school and districts aggregated data, long term goals and student listings on the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) secure web application. The QC review of secured data will occur Sept. 15-23. The deadline to complete an Online Data Discrepancy Report Form is noon ET on Wednesday, Sept. 23. The QC data for review reflects the changes made in the Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) application and Infinite Campus (IC) data for ACCESS, Alternate ACCESS and Cohort Graduation Rate during the Data Review period.  The QC review process affords schools and districts the opportunity to conduct a final review of the data to ensure data quality, identify statewide systemic data issues that potentially impact multiple schools and districts and ensure accurate data before public reporting. Schools and districts should not share the preliminary data beyond the leadership level during the QC process and all the data must be kept secure until public reporting. The data cannot be shared through email or in any public meetings. School and district leaders must complete a QC Day Nondisclosure prior to reviewing the data during the QC review window. DACs should keep all QC Day Nondisclosure forms at the district level.

To assist with the QC Review process, District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) will want to complete the following steps:

Step 1: DACs will download the zipped files with student information in the  KDE secure web application. The zipped files for each district can be found under the Student Data Detail- example of the file name "SD20_ddd_QC_Day_2020_DistrictName_20200910.zip”. The “ddd” is the district number. The zipped files contain three folders, Aggregated Data, Long Term Goals and Student Listings. The folders contain spreadsheets for each school and district on the following:

  • Aggregated Data
    • ACCESS Attainment
    • ACCESS for ELLs
    • Graduation Rate
    • School Climate and Safety- data will not be part of public reporting. Students in the Alternate Assessment Program were unable to participate.
  • Long Term Goals
    • English Learners
    • Graduation Rate
  • Student Listings
    • ACCESS
    • Graduation Rate

Step 2: Verify data that has been pulled from Infinite Campus (IC) and Data Review changes made in the Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) Application. Note: SDRR tickets and student listings can still be downloaded from the Closed section within SDRR.

Step 3: Identify any big systemic issues with the data; no individual student changes can be made. (Some examples of possible big systemic issues are: all the free/reduced lunch students, male students, grade 4 students are missing or no students with disabilities are showing up in the data).

Step 4: If districts find systemic issues with the data, a discrepancy form should be completed and submitted electronically. If no big systemic issues found, there is no need to fill out the discrepancy form.

Step 5: The issues will be researched; an email will be sent to the district with the findings.

Note: The Kentucky Department of Education’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Consolidated State Plan includes goals of student performance in multiple areas (i.e. Academic Achievement, Graduation Rate, and Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency). As required by ESSA, the progress toward these goals must be reported annually. Without testing in the academic areas due to school closures in spring 2020 because of COVID-19, Academic Achievement goals will not be reported this fall. Testing for English Language Proficiency was achieved prior to the pandemic and progress toward those goals can be publicly reported.

Goals for Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency were based on students within the school, district, or state for 100 days. Therefore, the entity (school, district, or state) where English Learners have been for 100-days was collected. Graduation Rate goals are based on students graduating in that school, district, or state and will be reported publicly.

Materials Needed

  • Online Data Discrepancy Report Form- Submitted for systemic issues, not individual student changes. Password: QCDAY
  • Nondisclosure Preliminary Data QC Form – DACs must keep completed forms at the district level. OAA expects schools and districts not to share the preliminary data beyond the leadership level during the QC process. Anyone viewing the data must complete the Nondisclosure Preliminary QC Data Form. DACs should keep on file whom they share the preliminary data with in their district.


For general information and assistance, please contact the Division of Assessment and Accountability Support by phone at 502-564-4394.

The Data Review period allowed schools and districts a final opportunity to change student level data prior to the public data release.

Possible systemic data quality issues should be recorded on the data discrepancy report.

If you are unable to access the KDE secure web application site, check with your Web Apps Admin Point of Contact (WAAPOC) who may reach out to the KDE Help Desk for assistance. The KDE Help Desk  can be reached at (502) 564-2002.


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