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September 2020, Volume 2 Issue 8

SBDM Monthly Agenda Topics

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) recently updated the SBDM Monthly Agenda Topics guidance document. The topics and reminders listed within the resource are suggestions for consideration for principals when planning agendas for monthly SBDM meetings. Some topics are suggestions; however, specific due dates for statutory and regulatory requirements should be noted and planned for accordingly.

Council Verification Data

Pursuant to KRS 160.345(6), the principal, through the superintendent, is required to forward to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) the names and training verification of all SBDM council members by November 1.

This information is entered into the SBDM verification database that is housed in the KDE Web Applications. If you need access to it, please email Ashlie Cox.  In addition, Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) schools must enter the names of their Advisory Leadership Team (ALT) members, but SBDM training is not required for those members.

SAAR Minority Report

Schools having eight percent (8%) or greater minority membership in their student population based on the Superintendent’s Annual Attendance Report (SAAR) are required to have minority membership on their school council [KRS 160.345(2)(b)2].

To determine whether a school must have at least one minority member on its council, please consult the SAAR summary sheet (to be released soon). Schools may also reference their own Infinite Campus (IC) data from the preceding Oct. 1. If IC data is used, documentation must be archived on site for five years.

If the council does not have a minority member after the general election and is subsequently required to add a minority parent and a minority teacher member in a special election, the principal must work with parent and teacher organizations to select minority parent and teacher representatives. Traditional six-member council membership will increase to eight (one administrator, three parents and four teachers). For further guidance on the minority election process, please reference the SBDM Handbook, Chapter 7.

Continuous Improvement Diagnostic for Schools

Phase One of the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan process is due by Oct. 1 in eProve. The purpose of this diagnostic is to encourage the school’s commitment to implementing continuous improvement processes that support student achievement and student growth and to eliminate achievement gaps among groups of students. In this diagnostic, the principal will be required to sign to certify that he or she commits to implementing those continuous improvement processes.



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