Special DAC Email for August 6, 2020

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Special DAC Email


August 6, 2020

Pre-Quality Control (QC) Data Review

The Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) will open the Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) application for review of individual student data for ACCESS, Alternate ACCESS and Cohort Graduation Rate. This short, focused review will require limited effort so school and district staff can concentrate on reopening schools. This process affords schools and districts the opportunity to double-check tracking for individual 100-day students for ACCESS/Alternate ACCESS, reporting location for Cohort Graduation Rate, request non-participations and mark accommodations for Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for English Learner (EL) students before public reporting.

SDRR review will begin on Aug.7 at 9 a.m. ET. All tickets need to be submitted by 12 noon ET, Friday, Aug. 21. This data review period is the last opportunity to request changes to individual student level data before 2019-2020 data are reported publicly in the School Report Card (SRC). OAA knows August is a hectic time for district staff with the reopening of schools. Early submission of changes allows ample time to resolve any problems a school or district might experience before data review closes.

Districts will be able to scan and upload Medical and Extraordinary Circumstances Non-Participation forms in SDRR. Districts will be able to request approval for demographic changes to 2019-2020 student data such as IEP, EL, and lunch status, etc. in SDRR which will be approved by OAA provided Infinite Campus (IC) also reflects the information. If a student had an accommodation during testing for the ACCESS or Alternate ACCESS that is not reflected in SDRR, then districts will be able to mark that as a “Yes” or “No” under the accommodations column even if there is a “Yes” or “No” in the IEP column. Student assessment scores will be made available on the KDE secure web application during Quality Control Day in early fall for tests that were taken in the 2019-2020 school year.

Note: The Kentucky Department of Education’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Consolidated State Plan includes goals of student performance in multiple areas (i.e. Academic Achievement, Graduation Rate, and Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency). As required by ESSA, the progress toward these goals must be reported annually. Without testing in the academic areas due to school closures in spring 2020 because of COVID-19, Academic Achievement goals will not be reported this fall. Testing for English Language Proficiency was achieved prior to the pandemic and progress toward those goals can be publicly reported.

Goals for Progress in Achieving English Language Proficiency were based on students within the school, district, or state for 100 days. Therefore, the entity (school, district, or state) where English Learners have been for 100-days must be collected. Graduation Rate goals are based on students graduating in that school, district, or state and will be reported publicly.


For general information and assistance, review the information in the Help button at the top of each internal page and the tools linked in the Announcements box on the home page in SDRR. If these tools don't answer your question, please contact the Division of Assessment and Accountability Support by phone at 502-564-4394.

The Data Review period allows schools and districts a final opportunity to change student level data prior to the public data release. Cohort PowerPoint and video, Data Review PowerPoint and video have been released to assist districts and schools in this process on the Meetings and Trainings page.

Possible systemic data quality issues should be emailed as soon as possible to kdeassessment@education.ky.gov.

If you are unable to access the KDE secure application site, check with your Web Apps Admin Point of Contact (WAAPOC) who may reach out to the KDE Help Desk for assistance. The KDE Help Desk can be reached at (502) 564-2002.


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