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July 2020, Volume 2 Issue 6

Required annual documents

Pursuant to KRS 158.186, SBDM council members should receive copies of the two statutes linked below:

The attorney general's office requires that the below documents be distributed to council members within 60 days of the beginning of the council's term.

"Your Duty Under the Law" explains the provisions of the open meetings act and the open records act. "Managing Government Records" provides guidance on how to manage public records and how to keep them organized and accessible.

"Proof of Receipt" must be signed by all council members to verify that they have received copies of "Your Duty Under the Law" and "Managing Government Records." This signed form is kept on file at the school office. Superintendents verify distribution of the resources by completing the Certificate of Distribution form below:

Webinar for new coordinators and trainers

If you are new in the role of SBDM coordinator and/or trainer, the KDE will be hosting a webinar to introduce you to school-based decision making and what your role entails.

The webinar will conducted through Microsoft TEAMS and will be 10 a.m. ET July 16. If you are interested in learning more about how you can effectively serve councils in your new role, email Ashlie Cox to register.

Starting points

With the academic year right around the corner, a new school-based decision making council already should have been elected for each school and its first meeting scheduled. At those initial meetings, there are some important documents to review to make sure the council runs efficiently.

Every school council member should have copies of these basic documents governing the school’s work. These can be placed in a binder with room to add others as needed, or on a thumb drive or cloud drive. The following items are a place to start:

  • School council policies – Policies are the written guidelines and procedures for the school to follow. These policies are developed and adopted by the school council. Include with the policies a checklist of the required policy areas and the date in which they were last reviewed and/or revised. Policies need to be reviewed annually.
  • School council bylaws – Bylaws are the operating procedures of the school council. These bylaws will help effectively and efficiently conduct meetings. Include the last date of review and/or revision with the bylaws. Bylaws need to be reviewed annually.
  • School improvement plan – School improvement plans define the school’s goals for the future. The plan includes a needs assessment that points out the priority needs of the school. It lays out the strategies and activities that are addressing these priority needs, including the staff’s professional learning requirements.
  • Budget – Each spring, the school council is to approve the budget for the Section 6 instructional funds. The new school council will need to review this budget and may make amendments as necessary to meet the needs of the instructional staff.

As always, please remind council members that the goal of their work is to increase student achievement and that this should be at the forefront of every discussion, policy and decision.


School-Based Decision Making webpage

Comprehensive Improvement Planning webpage




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