Monday DAC Email for Monday, May 11, 2020

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Monday DAC Email


May 11, 2020

Question of the Week

Q: When will K Screen materials arrive in district offices?

A: The Brigance K Screen materials will arrive in districts the week of June 8-12. All materials will be shipped directly to district central office or warehouse. The materials will arrive presorted by location.

2020 WIDA Annual Conference Update

As the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 have rapidly evolved over the past several weeks, the WIDA Annual Conference planning team and WIDA’s Executive Leadership have been monitoring guidelines and recommendations from many sources, including updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state governments, and meeting industry experts. The health and safety of attendees, WIDA staff, and the communities we serve remain our top priority and we have conducted frequent risk assessments as new information about the pandemic has become available.  

With heavy hearts, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the in-person 2020 WIDA Annual Conference scheduled to take place in Denver, CO on October 26-29. We know that the WIDA Annual Conference is a valuable professional development opportunity for educators of multilingual learners and although we will not be able to meet in-person to share best practices and network as planned, we are currently exploring options to host the conference virtually. We are optimistic that we will be able to find an alternative way to support the educators we serve. We will continue to post updates about our progress on the WIDA Annual Conference COVID-19 Updates webpage. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this unfamiliar situation. And most importantly, thank you for your continued support of students and dedication to the field of multilingual education.

Resources on WIDA COVID-19 Webpage

The WIDA COVID-19 page on the WIDA website has been updated with a resources section. Resource topics include tips for parents and families, educator connection and collaboration, WIDA staff recommended resources, and mental health and staying well.

May DAC Monthly Webcast

The Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) will host its live monthly District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) webcast Thursday, May 14 from 11 a.m. – 12 noon ET. The webcast will be hosted by Jennifer Stafford, Director in the Division of Assessment and Accountability Support (DAAS). Information on Senate Bill 158, Social Studies Fall Field Test, K Screen Update, and Alternate Assessment Targets will be shared. The May DAC Webcast PowerPoint will be available on May 14. Please join Jennifer at 11 a.m. ET for the live broadcast from the KDE Studio in Frankfort. Questions may be asked by sending an email to

K Screen Brigance OMS Staff File Available (Repeat)

In order to build the Online Management System (OMS) staff file for the 2020-2021 school year, the existing staff file must be edited. The District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) must access the spreadsheet from the KDE secure web applications site and choose Student Data Detail (Excel and PDF). The staff file is included in one zip “SD21_districtnumber_K_Sreeen_Users_DistrictName_20200420.xlsx”. 

The district’s spreadsheet will be pre-populated with the information originally submitted for the 2019-2020 school year. The spreadsheet provides a list of staff with specific roles that Curriculum Associates will use to build the Brigance OMS each year. In addition, the spreadsheet has been updated to include staff communication preferences, explained on the information tab of the spreadsheet. Please review and make any corrections or additions as needed. Please email the updated staff file by June 15 to KDE Assessment.

If you are unable to access the KDE secure application site, check with your WAAPOC and/or the KETS Service Desk. The KETS Service Desk can also be reached at (502) 564-2002 or (866) 538-7435.

School Report Card Finance Domain Deadline Extended to May 15

Due to the COVID-19 emergency, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) wants to be flexible regarding 2018-2019 School Report Card (SRC) financial data reporting.

School-level per-pupil expenditure data reporting is required by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and cannot be waived. KDE can extend the deadline to review and enter data on the SRC. Based on feedback from districts, the domain will remain open for data entry until 5 p.m. ET May 15.

This extension will give districts an extra three weeks to review district data, calculate and enter school-level spending per student data, and create or enter a district financial narrative. Guidance documents have been sent to finance officers and can be found on the SRC Resources webpage.

For more information, email Jessi Carlton or call her at (502)564-3930, ext. 2468.

Kelly Haile Anchorage Independent Schools

DAC Spotlight

Kelly Haile
Anchorage Independent Schools

Anchorage Independent School District has a rich heritage and tradition dating back to 1911. Located in eastern Jefferson County, it is best known for providing a superb academic program that prepares learners for a global community. Anchorage has a reputation for being a friendly and caring learning community while maintaining very high academic expectations. It is the cornerstone of this city within Jefferson County.

The mission of Anchorage Independent School District: “to unite with the Anchorage community, and to equip all students with the knowledge, skills, behaviors, and mindset that will inspire and empower them to make a positive impact on their community and world,” was developed collaboratively by administrators, staff and parents, and is based upon the district’s common vision: Launching Lifelong Learning through Inspiration—Exploration--Connection.

As the district's vision has evolved and changed to better prepare students for the 21st century, "The Anchorage Strategic Plan" was created to outline the beliefs, practices and routines that stem from the common mission/vision. This document serves as a constant reminder of Anchorage’s school values and beliefs. To support the district's shared vision of preparing students for the 21st Century, teachers across the district have immersed themselves in student-centered practices. One such example is the LEAPS program.

In order to capitalize on every opportunity to expand the minds of all students and move them toward being independent learners, multiple approaches are in place. Services address the needs of the student population and are delivered through LEAPS (Learning Enrichment @ Anchorage Public School), the intervention/enrichment program at Anchorage. Walking into a classroom at APS during LEAPS time, you will see all students working at their own level. At one table, you may see students engaged with high-quality text, intently utilizing a new comprehension strategy with a graphic organizer. At another table, you see a group of students engaged in a Number Talk, solidifying foundational skills, such as Making Ten and learning to think about number flexibly through conversations with their teacher and peers. In the flexible seating section, you may see a handful of students on ChromeBooks, building their phonological skills with Lexia, a high-quality online-based program. In the quietest corner of the room, two children are working intently on the week's progress monitor probe, which allows their interventionists to determine progress made and make instructional decisions for the following week.

During LEAPS, students are also engaged in enrichment opportunities. One of these opportunities includes Stories with Holes. Students, sitting in a half circle, are posed with a story with a job to fill in the holes by asking questions. The students are smiling, and the room is boisterous as questions abound! The more challenging the story, the better. Students not only learn how to ask questions, but also how to listen to their peers, determine importance, and filter the details. When the half-hour is over, students are disappointed they must wait until the next meeting to continue the story.

Recognizing the importance and necessary impact of LEAPS, Anchorage is devoted to working collaboratively to differentiate classrooms for both the gifted learner as well as the struggling student.

Anchorage school district is proud of all students’ accomplishments. They continue to support learning and growth in order to prepare students for the many challenges and opportunities they will face in their future.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in the article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

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