Monday DAC Email for March 16, 2020

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Monday DAC Email


March 16, 2020

Question of the Week

Q: What guidance can be shared with schools and districts on the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and state testing?

A: During the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is monitoring all flexibility options regarding federal assessment and accountability requirements.

The Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) is working with our assessment vendors to hold materials shipments.  K-PREP, Alternate K-PREP, Kindergarten Screen and ACT makeup materials will remain with vendors until more details are known on the return of students to school.

The situation is changing daily. OAA is actively working with local, state, and national partners to be informed of the latest events. Please stay connected by reading the Monday DAC E-mails, Special DAC E-mails, Alternate Assessment E-mails and K Screen Update newsletters. 

Additional Guidance on ACT

On Friday, March 13, all Kentucky school districts confirmed their intent to close for at least the next two weeks. Based on these events, all materials orders for ACT Make-Up Date, March 24, have been cancelled.

All secure test materials from the initial test date should be returned to ACT. Please note, if materials from the initial test date have not been returned to ACT, the DAC or BAC should not schedule your own pickup. Call ACT Customer Care at 800-553-6244 ext. 2800 to schedule a FedEx pickup. If it is convenient, you may transport the materials from your initial test date to FedEx directly. If materials are dropped off, please ensure to obtain a receipt before you depart the facility.

Below are a few frequently asked questions with additional guidance. 

Accommodation Testing
Some Accommodations students tested, others didn’t even start. What do we advise?

For those students who completed testing, if you are able, please return all testing materials.

For those students who did not test, please return their testing materials.  Test coordinators may keep unused answer document(s) and manuals, you will keep these for makeup testing.

If you are not able to return your materials because your school is closed, the materials must remain under lock and key and then be immediately returned once the school has re-opened.

I have students who started testing accommodations but were unable to complete. What do we advise?
If a student began testing, but did not finish testing during the initial online and/or accommodations window, the test must be voided and returned to ACT.

Online Testing
Some students have completed online testing, others didn’t even start. What do we advise?

For those students who did not test, you will need to remove them from the current test sessions.

AAAF Suspended for

Spring 2020

One goal of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is to assist district’s as OAA continues to actively manage the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and state testing. The Alternate Assessment and Accountability Folder (AAAF) requirement is suspended for spring 2020.

Individual districts may utilize this resource for their own use; No official decision regarding the AAAF has been made beyond spring 2020.

Avoid Licensing Scams

OAA was recently made aware of a communication circulating from a vendor requesting Kentucky schools and districts to purchase specific products in order to be able to provide testing accommodations for the 2020-2021 school year. Please ignore these type emails as all licensing for products such as Test Nav and Text Help will be provided through Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) contracts.

DAC/BAC Certification of Proper Test Administration Forms – Reminder

At the close of the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) Online Field Test and Operational Quality of School Climate and Safety (QSCS) Survey, and the K-PREP spring summative assessment, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) needs confirmation that proper testing has occurred. BACs will complete the BAC Certification of Proper Test Administration form for K-PREP and the BAC Certification of Proper Test Administration form for the KAS Online Field Test and QSCS Survey (if applicable).

BAC forms are returned to the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) and kept on file in the district. (Please do not remit the BAC forms to KDE).

KAS Online Field Test and QSCS Survey forms are due by March 20. K-PREP forms are due two weeks after testing completion.

DACs will submit to KDE the completed DAC Certification of Proper Test Administration form for K-PREP and the DAC Certification of Proper Test Administration form for the KAS Online Field Test and QSCS Survey within two weeks of the completion of the district’s testing administrations. The deadline for submitting KAS Online Field Test and QSCS Survey forms is extended to April 10.

EOC Exam Shipping Deadline

The End-of-Course Exam shipping deadline was Tuesday, March 10. If testing material was not returned last week, please return no later than Wednesday, March 18. The DAC or designee is to return the testing materials on or before the established return deadline. All secure test materials, which include exam booklets and answer sheets, must be returned to KDE to the following address:

ATT#Shara Savage

Kentucky Department of Education
300 Sower Blvd.
Frankfort, KY 40601

Districts/schools are responsible for paying the return postage. Districts/schools can choose their method of return shipping, but the shipping provider must enable tracking and provide a tracking number. Districts are encouraged to return materials as soon as students are finished testing to ensure timely scoring.

OAA will score assessments and return scores to DACs.

DACs will receive:

  • A summary report of all tested students and their scores by content area at the completion of scoring for each testing window.
  • Individual student score reports with the name of the student and the scale score listed
    • KDE will continue to use the established EOC cut scores.


Jodie Brackett McLean County Schools

DAC Spotlight

Jodie Brackett 
McLean County Schools

McLean County School District is comprised of five schools in a rural Western Kentucky county. The district is made up of three elementary schools: Calhoun, Livermore and Marie Gatton-Phillips. The district also consists of one middle and one high school. There is a student population of approximately 1,500 students, 94% Caucasian and 56% with free and reduced-price lunch status. One of the greatest challenges facing the school district is related to the economic status of the families in the county. McLean County is small with very little economic development. The school system is the largest employer in the county. 

The school district is dedicated to the belief that ALL students can learn and achieve at high levels. "Together We Can" is the district’s motto that builds a positive sense of self through the elimination of learning barriers and the identification of individual student needs. Together We Can build positive relationships between school, community and home. Together We Can foster a life-long passion for learning that will prepare students for the demanding global expectations of the 21st century. McLean County Schools brings the belief of "Together We Can" to life by having high expectations for all students and staff.

In the last year, the district has put a focus on Kindergarten Readiness. Elementary schools have created a transition plan that includes a collaboration between the elementary school, FRYSC, preschool teachers, and parents. Elementary schools have initiated school readiness family nights for incoming Kindergarten students. These family nights begin as early as January prior to the upcoming school year. Each night provides activities for children addressing developmental skills important for Kindergarten success. Parents are provided with materials and supplies to promote school readiness as well as demonstrations of how to implement activities at home to help prepare their children to be ready to learn upon school entry.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in the article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

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