Monday DAC Email for March 2, 2020

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Monday DAC Email


March 2, 2020

Question of the Week

Q: Are rosters collected for the field test and for the survey in the Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) application?

A: There is no roster or non-participation collection in SDRR for the Kentucky Academic Standards Spring 2020 Field Test. Any documentation related to students who cannot take the field test should be retained at the school/district level. 

Once SDRR opens in the spring, rosters will be included for the Quality of School Climate and Safety (QSCS) Survey. Schools should keep a record of students who cannot take the survey during the field test window and why at the school/district level. All documentation (non-participation forms, etc.) is maintained at the school/district. The Survey will be listed as another test type in the Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) application, when spring rosters open in late April, and students who were enrolled during the field test/survey window will be pre-loaded. At that time, DACs/BACs will be able to request accountability changes, check demographics, mark accommodations based upon Individual Education Programs/English Learners (IEP/EL), and request approval for non-participation for the survey. Further guidance is available on the SDRR Help button.

School and District Efforts Making Online Field Tests and QSCS Survey Successful

In today’s March 2, Commissioner’s Monday Message, is an article that District and Building Assessment Coordinators (DACs/BACs) may fine of interest.

“Throughout Kentucky, students are participating in online field tests aligned to the newly adopted Kentucky Academic Standards in reading, mathematics, editing and mechanics and on-demand writing and the operational Quality of School Climate and Safety (QSCS) survey.

The online statewide field tests and surveys in grades 3-8, 10 and 11 are going very well. Interim Commissioner of Education Kevin C. Brown would like to thank school and district staff members throughout the state for the time it has taken to plan, prepare and accomplish this important event. The online field tests and surveys are so successful due to your efforts.

Last week, more than 603,000 tests and surveys were completed. On the largest day of testing, almost 175,000 tests and surveys were taken. At one point, more than 68,000 students were online at once! Additional analysis showed that all districts have completed some or all test sessions and surveys. The window for online field testing opened Feb. 24 and will run through Mar. 6.

Online testing has been successful statewide in Kentucky. Last spring, high school students began taking state required tests online. With this field test, Kentucky is transitioning elementary and middle schools to online testing. Beginning in spring 2021, state summative operational assessments will be administered online at elementary, middle and high schools.”

Accommodated Materials Update

Pearson is currently about 80% complete with fulfilling orders for accommodated materials for the Kentucky Academic Standards Field Test.

The latest shipping update is provided below:

  • Text Reader, Large-Print and Braille kits--All orders received have been shipped.
  • Audio Flash Drive kits—Grades 5, 6, 7, and 10 are being assembled, and shipment will begin tomorrow (Tuesday, Mar. 3). Grades 3, 4, 8, and 11 are still being created.
  • Audio CD kits--CDs are still being created and will start to ship this week.

Alternate Assessment Survey

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) values teachers and administrators and their ability to provide quality educational services across the state every day. No one knows our students better than their teachers. Therefore, it is critical to have that input as future assessments are considered.

To capture those thoughts and ideas, a survey has been developed on specific areas relating to the Kentucky Alternate Assessment, including the Alternate Assessment and Accountability Folder (AAAF), the combined Overview and Attainment Task quiz, and the administration of social studies at grade 12.

KDE is seeking input from teachers, district assessment coordinators (DACs), directors of special education (DoSE) and district level alternate assessment consultants who have students participating in the Kentucky Alternate Assessment. The first three questions are specific across all grade spans. The last question focuses on high school.

The deadline for completing this survey is Tuesday, Mar. 31. For any specific questions accessing the survey, contact Kevin O’Hair.

ACT Updates

ACT Initial Test Date Materials

Materials for the ACT Initial Test Day Standard Time and Accommodations Testing should have arrived. Contact ACT immediately if the contents of the packages did not match packing lists or if there is any evidence of tampering. Materials must always be kept in secure storage before and after testing. The Test Coordinator is responsible for the security of all test materials from the time the materials are delivered to the time they are returned to ACT. The Test Coordinator must protect the materials from damage, theft or conditions that could allow prior access to the tests.


ACT Accommodations and EL Supports Late Consideration Request
Deadline--Mar. 6

In a limited number of circumstances, Test Coordinators can submit requests for ACT-authorized accommodations and EL supports after the published request deadline for the initial test date. The deadline for late consideration requests is Mar. 6. To request late consideration, Test Coordinators must complete the Late Consideration form and upload with any supporting documentation in the Test Accessibility and Accommodations (TAA) system.  Late consideration is applicable only to:

  • Students new to the school or in a newly classified grade level
  • Students who have a newly defined disability
  • Students with medical emergencies or sudden medical onset
  • Transfer students with previously approved accommodations from another school in Kentucky


ACT Training for Room Supervisors, Proctors and Accommodations Providers

All ACT testing staff, both new and experienced, must attend a training session conducted by the Test Coordinator before test day.

Near the end of the ACT Test Administration Manuals (standard time and accommodations) is a section titled “Training Session Outline and Topics for Discussion.” Subjects include Security of Test Materials, Room Preparation, Pretest Activities, Test Day and After the Test.

During a training session, the Test Coordinator is expected to discuss the topics described in each section with testing staff. The Test Accommodations Coordinator must also attend and share any relevant topics with accommodations staff in a separate training session.

The following resources for are available for training:

Appropriate Administration Manuals

In addition to ACT’s training expectations, all testing staff must be trained in the Administration Code for Kentucky’s Educational Assessment Program and, for those providing accommodations, Inclusion of Special Populations in the State-Required Assessment and Accountability Programs.


Non-test Activities

All students testing with paper must complete their non-test activities prior to the March 10 test date. If students are testing online, they may complete these non-test activities up to four days after completing their online test.


Pulaski County District Assessment Coordinator Teresa Nicholas

DAC Spotlight

Teresa Nicholas
Pulaski County Schools

Pulaski County sits on the northeast shore of Lake Cumberland and hosts many popular tourist attractions such as Somernites Cruise, SomerSplash Waterpark, and Master Musicians Festival. However, Pulaski County Schools (PCS) is a centerpiece of the community, serving 8,700 students in eight elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, preschool, day treatment, and Area Technology Center. PCS is Kentucky’s 13th-largest school district in student enrollment, and third largest in land area.

Pulaski’s consistent academic success may be attributed to its well-coordinated districtwide programs, strong RTI services, consistent progress monitoring and data analysis, and collaboration between schools, teachers and community. Based on accountability scores, PCS has been recognized as a high performing district in Kentucky, and two of its schools have also been recognized nationally as Blue Ribbon Schools. A wide range of Advanced Placement and dual credit offerings, Project Lead the Way curriculum in grades K-12, numerous CTE pathways, and a robust apprenticeship program reflect the district's commitment to a network of high standards and educational excellence.

Our greatest strength lies in the dedication and commitment of our faculty and staff. This includes Teresa Nicholas, who serves as Pulaski’s DAC, curriculum director and technology director. At the state level, Teresa has recently served as a member of the School Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability Council (SCAAC), ex-officio member of the Kentucky Association for Assessment Coordinators (KAAC), and member of the Bias Review Committee for Assessment. Like Teresa, many of the faculty and staff are professionals who bring years of experience to the schools and classrooms, coupled with solid academic credentials. Together they strive for on-going excellence and innovation in teaching and learning. 

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in the article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

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Jan. 6 - Mar. 2:
ACCESS for ELLs/Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Rosters Window in SDRR

Jan. 27 - Mar. 6:
ACT - TAA - Late Consideration Window

Feb. 3 - Mar. 17:
ACT- PAN - Enroll New Examinees for Online Testing Window

Feb. 24 - Mar. 6:
Kentucky Academic Standards Online Field Test and QSCS Survey

Feb. 24 - Mar. 6:
EOC Test Window 2

Feb. 24 - Mar. 31:
TRACK Skilled Trades (Carpentry and Electrical) Assessment Window

Mar. 2:
Deadline for Selection of Alternate K-PREP Shipment Option

Mar. 3:
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Mar. 6 - 20:
ACCESS for ELLs/Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Data Validation in WIDA AMS

Mar. 10:
ACT Initial Test Administration

Apr. 20 - May 1:
EOC Test Window 3

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