Monday DAC Email for February 17, 2020

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Monday DAC Email


February 17, 2020

Question of the Week

Q:When are accommodated materials for the upcoming field test expected to arrive?

A: Pearson informed the Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) that accommodated materials for the upcoming field test are delayed. Generally, testing materials arrive 1-2 weeks prior to the testing window. With the field test window beginning Feb. 24, some paper-based accommodated materials may arrive prior to the field test window; others may arrive during the field test window. At this point, specific arrival dates are unknown. Pearson is working internally and with their vendors to create testing materials to support testing of all students. 

Testing students in TestNav, Pearson’s online system, should continue as planned. Only paper-based accommodated materials are delayed.

OAA understands the additional effort of the delay of paper-based materials and inconvenience this causes our District and Building Assessment Coordinators (DACs and BACs). 

Pearson apologizes for the delay and any inconvenience this causes. They are working diligently to get all of the accommodated materials created and the kits assembled. They will continue to work closely with OAA and provide delivery dates as soon as possible.

Correction in Grade 4 Online Field Test TAM

The Grade 4 Online Field Test, Test Administration Manual (TAM) is in the process of being updated and it will be reposted with the correction. 

 Grade 4 Combined Session script – p. 49

The italicized text should be replaced with “reading or mathematics.”

Say to the students:

You are now preparing to begin the Grade 4 online field test in editing and mechanics or on-demand writing.


No Test Sessions Needed in PAN for Accommodated Students

OAA has received several questions about creating testing sessions for students using an accommodated kit for both the Field Test and Operational Test. Students using an accommodated kit – Braille, Large Print, Audio CD/Flash drive, or Text Reader – should NOT be placed into a testing session in PearsonAccessnext (PAN) for the field or operational assessments. Accommodated students will take a paper and pencil version of the test and do not need to be placed ​in a test session or marked in anyway in PAN.

OAA hopes this saves school and district staff time and effort. For questions, call Pearson Help Desk at ​(888)-437-1430.

2019-2020 EOC Exams for Early Graduation Pathway

All End-of Course (EOC) orders received for test window 2 have been shipped as of Thursday, Feb. 13. If districts have not received their order, please contact Shara Savage.

Please inventory the order closely by Wednesday, Feb. 19. Once the order has been reviewed, please contact Shara Savage immediately for any missing testing booklets, answer documents, instruction letter or teacher manual.

Any order corrections not reported by Friday, Feb. 21, will be included with window 3.

Alternate K-PREP - Students Marked Blind or VI

This message only pertains to students who were not on the list submitted in Sept. of 2019.

A message was sent to districts requesting information for any student(s) in the district identified as Blind or Visually Impaired (VI) on an Individual Education Program (IEP) and participating in the Kentucky Alternate Assessment.

Once again KDE will provide tactically enhanced supplemental materials (e.g., maps, graphs) for the Alternate K-PREP Attainment Tasks for students who have visual impairments. KDE must verify that the student has blind or VI marked on his or her IEP. If a recently placed student in the district would qualify for these materials and was not submitted on the fall list, please complete the following tasks:

  1. Verify that blind or VI has been clearly marked on a current IEP and the student is identified as participating in Kentucky’s Alternate Assessment;
  2. Submit the student’s first and last name, SSID, grade, school and district to Kevin O’Hair.

All submissions must be made to Kevin O’Hair no later than Friday, Feb. 21 for students to receive these materials for the second Alternate K-PREP Attainment Tasks window. Any late entries will be unavailable for Window 2

DAC/BAC Certification of Proper Test Administration Forms 

At the close of the Kentucky Academic Standards (KAS) Online Field Test and Operational Quality of School Climate and Safety (QSCS) Survey, and the K-PREP spring summative assessment, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) needs confirmation that proper testing has occurred. BACs will complete the BAC Certification of Proper Test Administration form for K-PREP and the BAC Certification of Proper Test Administration form for the KAS Online Field Test and QSCS Survey (if applicable).

BAC forms are returned to the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) and kept on file in the district. (Please do not remit the BAC forms to KDE).

KAS Online Field Test and QSCS Survey forms are due by March 20.

K-PREP forms are due two weeks after testing completion.

DACs will submit to KDE the completed DAC Certification of Proper Test Administration form for K-PREP and the DAC Certification of Proper Test Administration form for the KAS Online Field Test and QSCS Survey within two weeks of the completion of the district’s testing administrations. The KAS Online Field Test and QSCS Survey forms are due by March 20.                                  

DAC Certification forms should be returned as each test window is completed to Tammy Bradley in the Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA). The DAC may choose one of following methods to return the DAC form(s):

Scan and email the form to Tammy Bradley

Fax the form to (502) 564-3249

Mail the form to:

ATTN: Tammy Bradley
300 Sower Blvd.
Frankfort, KY 40601


Martha Jones Woodford County Schools

DAC Spotlight

Martha Jones

Woodford County Schools


Located in the charming towns of Versailles and Midway, Woodford County Schools is a district comprised of seven schools that educate just over 4,300 students every day. The district is committed to creating a safe, positive environment in which students are both encouraged and challenged as they learn and grow. Continuously achieving this standard requires not only the engagement of each student but also the collaborative efforts of every teacher, administrator and support staff member. In this way, the district motto, “Where Great Minds Meet,” is truly demonstrated. 

Woodford County Schools is dedicated to equipping teachers with the tools and encouragement necessary for providing exceptional classroom instruction for all students. Teachers are supported through the following initiatives: the Best Practice Academy (a district-implemented professional development opportunity), the New Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program (a program designed for teachers in their first four years of the profession), and various other staff training, conferences, and professional development opportunities. To ensure student achievement and continuous improvement throughout the district, administrators from each building convene once per month to share ideas, discuss data, and receive valuable information regarding state testing, standards, and more. Additionally, ELEOT walk-throughs take place multiple times throughout the year. This consistent, objective feedback allows principals to make certain that student engagement and learning are reaching optimal levels in every classroom. 

The district makes conscious efforts to provide all students with the opportunities and support needed to graduate college, career, and life ready. In the 2019-2020 school year, 266 students are participating in 726 dual credit classes (this number has grown from just 25 student participants in the 2015-2016 school year). Woodford County High School has 19 Career and Technical Education pathways for students to pursue as well as several industry certifications they may achieve. To support its elementary students, the district implements a summer reading program targeted at students who will most benefit from continued instruction throughout the break. Also, in the summertime, all elementary students are invited to participate in a STEM enrichment day every week. 

Woodford County Schools strives to provide students with a wide range of extracurricular activities. From robotics club and theater to academic team and athletics, the district loves to help students engage interests and develop passions. They are particularly excited about the music, art and theater opportunities in each school.

Additionally, the district-wide orchestra program is available for students at all three levels and has experienced immense growth since it began in 2011. 

Woodford County Schools continues to create a positive school culture in which all of students and staff are valued and inspired to reach their highest potential.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in the article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

Assessment Calendar

In This Issue

Alternate K-PREP

Submission Deadline for Blind or VI Students

DAC/BAC Certification Forms

EOC Exams Shipped for Window 2

Grade 4 TAM Script Correction

No Accommodated Student Test Sessions in PAN

DAC Spotlight

Important Dates

Jan. 6-Mar. 2:
ACCESS for ELLs/Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Rosters Window in SDRR

Jan.27-Mar. 6:
ACT - TAA - Late Consideration Window

Feb. 3-Mar. 17: 
ACT- PAN - Enroll New Examinees for Online Testing Window

Feb. 3-Feb. 28: 
ACT - Order Additional Materials Window

Feb. 3-Feb. 28: 
ACT - PAN - Create and Assign Test Sessions Window

Feb. 3-Feb. 28: 
ACT - PAN - Enroll New Examinees for Paper Testing Window

Feb. 18:
Pike County Central High School in Pikeville (Capacity 65)

Feb. 19:
KEDC in Ashland (Capacity 100)

Feb. 20:
Center for Innovation in Laurel County (Capacity 120)

Feb. 21:
Alternate K-PREP Submission Deadline for Blind or VI Students

Feb. 24:
Murray State University in Murray (Capacity 130)
Note: Vehicle registration with university is required.

Feb. 24-Mar. 6: 
Kentucky Academic Standards Online Field Test and QSCS Survey

Feb. 24-Mar.6:
EOC Test Window 2

Feb. 25:
GRREC in Bowling Green (Capacity 120)

Feb. 26:
Christian Co. Board of Education in Hopkinsville (Capacity 40)

Feb. 27:
Owensboro Board of Education in Owensboro (Capacity 100)

Mar. 2:
Deadline for Selection of Alternate K-PREP Shipment Option

Mar. 3:
KDE, 300 Sower Blvd. Frankfort (Capacity 170)

Mar. 6-20:
ACCESS for ELLs/Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Data Validation in WIDA AMS

Mar. 10:
ACT Initial Test Administration

Apr. 20-May 1:
EOC Test Window 3

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