Special DAC Email for January 17, 2020

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Special DAC Email


January 17, 2020

PAN Updated for Field Test

PearsonAccessnext (PAN) is now open with updated student assignments for the upcoming field test. Students should have one content area assigned (i.e. reading, mathematics, on-demand writing, or editing/mechanics). District and Building Assessment Coordinators (DACs and BACs) may print lists of student test assignments. Any reports created prior to today should be destroyed.

First Year ELs Participation in Field Test and Quality of School Climate and Safety Survey Not Required

The Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) has reviewed the inclusion of first year English Learner (EL) students in the upcoming field test and Quality of School Climate and Safety survey.  First year EL students are not required to be included in the administration of the field test or Quality of School Climate and Safety survey. As announced on the online training, Jan. 14, first year EL students will be included in the PearsonAccessnext system. However, they are not required to participate. Specifically:

  • First Year EL students do not have to take the field test for any subject area, including mathematics.
  • First Year EL students do not have to take the Quality of School Climate and Safety Survey due to their exemption from accountability.

Any questions around this policy can be directed to dacinfo@education.ky.gov or by calling (502) 564-4394.

Jan. 14 Training Recording Now Available

The Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) and Pearson held a joint Skype training session Jan. 14 concerning the Online Field Test. The training focused on activities completed by the District and Building Assessment Coordinators (DACs and BACs), such as how to print student test assignments, test session setup details, student transfers, seal codes, testing tickets and much more.

The PowerPoint and the Recording are available from the K-PREP page, which includes other online testing resources, such as the Online Testing Toolbox. The PowerPoint is also available from this Google Drive.  

Online Field Test Tutorials and Practice Tests Now Available

Tutorials and practice tests are available from the PearsonAccessnext landing page or by clicking on the Practice Test and Tutorials direct link.

The tutorials are available for two levels – Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-HS. Please choose the appropriate level for the students to learn to use the online tools and navigate the site. These tutorials run in a browser environment. TestNav does not have to be installed to run the tutorial. OAA encourages all students to use the tutorial to gain a better understanding of how to take an online test in TestNav.

Mathematics, reading and science practice tests are also available. Although, science for grade 11 is not a part of the field test, a practice test is available for grade 11 students to practice using the tools for the online operational test. Writing and editing & mechanics practice tests will be available soon. The Desmos calculator, the equation editor and other tools are available for students to become more comfortable with the system as they take a practice test. The same practice tests will be available in a secure format through TestNav soon. The largest difference between the browser version and the TestNav version is that the TestNav version more closely resembles test day, since seal codes and student logins are used.

PAN Open for Spring 2020 Operational Assessment Tasks

PearsonAccessnext is now available for completion of important tasks for the Spring 2020 Operational Assessment. PAN is available for districts and schools to:

Select a shipment option
Choose a shipment option by Feb. 12 in PAN for K-PREP district test materials delivery. When choosing a shipment option, please refer to the district calendar to choose a date that will not interfere with spring break.

To complete this task, please use the directions beginning on slide 22 of the 2020 PearsonAccessnext Navigational Instructions.

View student enrollment counts for K-PREP (grades 3-8, 10 and 11)
Please contact the Office of Assessment and Accountability (OAA) if there is a discrepancy greater than 15-20% in the enrollment counts; otherwise, no action is needed.

Order accommodated testing materials (Braille, large-print, audio CD/flash drive and text reader)
Deadlines for accommodated materials orders are based on the shipping option selected.

Before beginning this work, make certain that K-PREP Spring 2020 Administration is selected from the drop-down menu on the top right. Please utilize the PearsonAccessnext Navigational Instructions (Support/Documentation tab) for accessing the system and completing these tasks.

All District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) should have a User ID and password; if not, please contact KDE at dacinfo@education.ky.gov. When KDE informs Pearson of a DAC update, an account is created, and an email is sent from pearsonaccessnext@pearson.com. If a new DAC did not receive the email, please contact the Pearson Customer Service Center at 888-437-1430 or KYHelp@support.pearson.com.


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