Special DAC Email for January 14, 2020

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Special DAC Email


January 14, 2020

Online Field Test Training with PearsonAccessnext

The Office of Standards, Assessment and Accountability (OSAA) and Pearson will hold a joint Skype training session today, Tuesday, Jan. 14 at 3 p.m. ET for the Online Field Test. This training focuses on activities completed by the District and Building Assessment Coordinators (DACs and BACs), such as how to print student test assignments, test session setup details, student transfers, seal codes, testing tickets and much more. Questions may be asked during the session using the Chat feature.

Please join OSAA and Pearson by clicking on the Join Skype Meeting link. Due to the limited number of connections available, OSAA recommends that groups watch together, when possible. Joining a few minutes early will allow audio testing of speakers for the group. If there are audio difficulties, please try a different browser, such as Chrome, and if the issues persist, please contact the KETS Service Desk or the local technical staff for assistance.

The PowerPoint is available from the K-PREP page and from this Google Drive. This session will be recorded and shared on the K-PREP page for those unable to attend in person.


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