Monday DAC Email for January 6, 2020

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Monday DAC Email


January 6, 2020

Question of the Week

Q: When does PearsonAccessnext (PAN) open for Spring 2020 operational assessment administrative tasks?

A: PearsonAccessnext (PAN) opens Wednesday, Jan. 8 for the 2020 K-PREP spring testing window. PAN is available for districts and schools to:

  • Select a shipment option. Choose a shipment option by 12 in PAN for K-PREP district test materials delivery. When choosing a shipment option, please refer to the district calendar to choose a date that will not interfere with spring break.
  • View student enrollment counts for K-PREP (grades 3-8, 10 and 11). Please contact the Office of Standards, Assessment and Accountability (OSAA) if there is a discrepancy greater than 15-20% in the enrollment counts; otherwise, no action is needed.
  • Order accommodated testing materials (Braille, large-print, audio CD/flash drive and text reader). Deadlines for accommodated materials orders are based on the shipping option selected.

Update district and school profiles (i.e., addresses, Building Assessment Coordinators).

Please utilize the PearsonAccessnext Navigational Instructions (Support Tab) for accessing the system and completing these tasks.

All District Assessment Coordinators (DACs) should have a User ID and password; if not, please contact KDE at When KDE informs Pearson of a DAC update, an account is created, and an email is sent from If a new DAC did not receive the email, please contact the Pearson Customer Service Center at 1-888-437-1430 or

Note: Administrative tasks for the Spring 2020 field test will be announced soon.

ACCESS for ELLs/Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Rosters Open in SDRR

ACCESS for ELLs/Alternate ACCESS for ELLs rosters are open in the Student Data Review and Rosters (SDRR) application and will close on March 2. It is important to note that students will not be pre-loaded in SDRR. Districts will only need to add students if requesting approval for non-participation; it is not necessary to add students who are taking the assessments. There is a PowerPoint and video training from the December DAC Monthly Webcast to assist on the Meeting and Trainings page, as well as the Help button in SDRR.

ACT Test Administration Q & A Sessions – Reminder

ACT is hosting a test administration Q&A webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 8, at 10 a.m. ET. School Test Coordinators and Test Accommodations Coordinators are encouraged to attend. DACs are also welcomed to attend. If testing staff are unable to attend, the session will be recorded and posted to the ACT hosted state testing website. Additionally, the session will be repeated at 2 p.m. ET. on Feb. 5. Registration links are embedded in the Schedule of Events and can be found below.

Jan. 8 Registration Link

Feb. 5 Registration Link

KDE and ACT Training Webinar

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and ACT delivered policy and test administration information via in-person training sessions in November. The content from those sessions has been recorded and posted to the ACT hosted State Testing website. Find the recorded content under the preparation section labeled as KY DAC Test Administration Training. In order to launch video, testing staff will be required to complete the registration information.

Career and Technical Education Updates

REMINDER: Feb. 1 is the deadline to identify students as a concentrator in a career pathway for Career and Technical Education (CTE) End-of-Program (EOP) Assessment and Skilled Trades TRACK Carpentry and TRACK Electrical assessments.

Testing Window: Feb. 24 – Mar. 31

Reminders for the CTE EOP Assessment

  • Confirm students are properly identified as concentrator in in the Technical Education Database System (TEDS) by Feb. 1. Only those students identified as a concentrator in TEDS by Feb. 1 in the current school year will be eligible to test.
  • Concentrator is defined as a student that has completed 2 courses in a single program of study (career pathway). In Kentucky, a course is defined as 1 credit on the student’s official transcript.
  • CTE EOP Assessment Coordinators should work with their TEDS Coordinator to verify each student’s concentrator status is correctly identified in all applicable pathway(s) and the correct CTE EOP assessment(s) are indicated. Run the CTE EOP Assessment Test Ticket Report in TEDS prior to Feb. 1 to verify student data is accurate before the deadline.

For more information regarding CTE EOP Assessments, refer to the link CTE EOP Assessment web page including CTE EOP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Critical Deadlines.

TRACK Skilled Trades--Carpentry and Electrical Assessments

For a student to be eligible to test in Skilled Trades, Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky (TRACK) Carpentry or TRACK Electrical assessments and a test ticket to be generated, the following is required:

  • The student must be enrolled and identified as concentrator in the specific TRACK pathway (Skilled Trades Commercial Carpentry TRACK (CIP CODE: 46.0201.99) or Skilled Trades Construction Electrical TRACK (CIP CODE: 46.0302.99)) in TEDS; and
  • The student must have earned 4 credits or be scheduled to complete the 4th credit in the specific Skilled Trades TRACK pathway sequence of courses in the same year the assessment is taken.

For information regarding Skilled Trades TRACK assessments, refer to the link TRACK: Tech Ready Apprentices for Careers in Kentucky web page.

Refer to the TEDS Monthly Notes found on the TEDS website for more information regarding TEDS data.

For assistance with CTE EOP Assessment and Skilled Trades TRACK Assessment, contact Sherri Craig at (502) 564-4286 ext. 4226.

Jeff Stamper, Wolfe County District Assessment Coordinator

DAC Spotlight

Jeff Stamper

Wolfe County

The Wolfe County School District is a small rural district located near the Red River Gorge in Campton. The school district is composed of three elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and one alternative school. The mission of the Wolfe County School District is “To Care, To Teach, To Learn.”

The school district has a county-wide focus on promoting literacy from birth through grade 12. Through the LINK and Striving Readers grants, the district has been able to provide countless reading materials to students and families, enroll almost 60% of children under the age of 5 into the Imagination Library, provide quality professional learning experiences, and ensure each student K through grade 12 has access to a Google Chromebook through becoming 1:1. The district has also designed and created a “Book Bus” that can deliver books to children, provide counseling care, and meals for students who need them when school is not in session.

Wolfe County Schools has been using the concept of Teacher Institutes to foster continuous professional learning. Through monthly teacher institutes, common content area teachers from all schools work collaboratively to revise new standards, discuss and develop a vertically aligned curriculum, and develop common assessments.

Staff provide students with many opportunities. The Early College Academy (ECA) allows students to receive their associate degree (up to 64 college hours) through partnerships with Morehead State University and Lees College. Students can also attend the Lee County Vocational School to receive industry certificates.

Wolfe County Schools consistently strive to provide students with a quality education that allows them to compete for jobs and opportunities upon graduation.

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions presented in the article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

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PAN Opens for K-PREP Tasks

ACCESS for ELLs/Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Rosters Open in SDRR

ACT Q&A Sessions

KDE/ACT Training Webinar

CTE Updates

DAC Spotlight

Important Dates

Jan. 2-Feb. 7:
ACCESS for ELLs Test Window

Jan. 6-Mar. 2:
ACCESS for ELLs/Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Rosters Open in SDRR

Jan. 8:
ACT Test Administration Q & A Webinar (10 a.m. ET)

Jan. 8:
PearsonAccessnext Opens for 2020 K-PREP Tasks

Jan. 9:
Monthly DAC Webcast

Jan. 14:
Online Field Test Administration Training (3 p.m. ET)

Jan. 20:
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday Observance; State Government Offices Closed

Jan. 23:
Administration Code/Inclusion of Special Populations Training for Allegations in Frankfort

Jan. 24:
ACT Site Readiness Deadline

Feb. 5:
ACT Test Administration Q & A Webinar (2 p.m. ET)

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