Special DAC Email for November 19, 2019

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Special DAC Email


November 19, 2019

Updated Accountability Data in SRC and Open House

The School Report Card (SRC) is now open with the updated accountability data. Open House has also been updated with the Long-Term Goals, ACCESS for ELLs summary data, and demographic reporting research data files by the performance of students, which are required to be reported by the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

The SRC shows any star rating and federal classification changes that occurred following the 10-day regulatory data review:

  • Two schools increased a star rating;
  • Two districts increased a star rating;
  • One school decreased a star rating;
  • One district decreased a star rating; and
  • One school was removed from the Additional Targeted Support and Improvement classification.

The Long-Term Goals (proficiency for all subjects, graduation rate and English learner) in Open House provide concrete, measurable indicators of aspirations and benchmarks against which to measure progress. The goals are based on improvement of performance for a class of students starting in kindergarten and graduating in 2030. Intermediate goals were established in three-year intervals from a 2018-2019 baseline to 2030.

To enhance reporting for English learners, summary data for each school and district will be available. Based on assessed students, data can be analyzed by grade level (grades K-12), domain and composite scores.

Online Training with PearsonAccessnext

The Office of Standards, Assessment and Accountability (OSAA) and Pearson will hold a joint Skype training session, Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 3 p.m. ET to demonstrate the administration and setup for the K-PREP Field Test for grades 3-8 and high school online testing. Participants will need to join the audio portion of the session through the computer. Chat will be available to ask questions of the presenters throughout the training.

This session is intended for teachers, building assessment coordinators and district assessment coordinators to better understand the online system and how to prepare their students for the new format. Please join OSAA and Pearson by clicking on the Join Skype Meeting link. Please join a few minutes early in case any updates need to be completed on the computer. A copy of the PowerPoint is available on the K-PREP page. This session will be recorded and shared for those unable to attend in person.

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SRC and Open House Updated Accountability Data

K-PREP Online Testing Training for Grades 3-8 Field Test and High School


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