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Commissioner's Monday Message

June 10, 2019

FY2020 Federal Cash Request Statement of Assurance 

The fiscal year 2020 Federal Cash Request Statement of Assurance is available in the Grants Management Application and Planning System (GMAP) in the District Document Library. Instructions for uploading the statement of assurance in GMAP is available on the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) website. The deadline to submit the assurance is Sept. 30.

Ken Greene will email the FY2020 Federal Cash Request Form (FCR) to the district finance officer contact by July 1. Local education agencies (LEAs) should begin using the new FCR spreadsheet July 1. Requests made with the old form after this date will be rejected.

The instructions for the Federal Cash Request process are located on the form. Please be aware, the release of FY 2020 federal funds is contingent upon the following:

  1. District Funding Assurances completed and statement uploaded in GMAP
  2. Federal Cash Request Statement of Assurance uploaded in GMAP
  3. KDE-approved GMAP Application
  • Consolidated Application (310F, 314F, 345F, 345FI, 350F, 401F and 552F)
  • IDEA B Application (337F and 343F)
  • Perkins Application (348F)

If you have any questions about an application, email the following people:

All FCRs must be submitted to the FCR inbox.

If you have questions about the FCR Statement of Assurance, email Ken Greene in the Division of Budgets and Financial Management or call him at (502) 564-1979, ext. 4335.

KDE Offering Summer SBDM Training for Experienced Council Members

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) will be hosting annual school-based decision making (SBDM) council trainings for any elected experienced council member.

Use this Google form to register. A maximum of 40 participants will be allowed at each session and the trainings are free.

Here are the dates, topics and locations (all sessions are 9 a.m.-noon local time):

  • July 8 – “Bylaws and Policies,” Cold Spring, Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services, 5516 E. Alexandria Pike
  • July 11 – “Bylaws and Policies,” Hazard, Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative, 412 Roy Campbell Drive
  • July 12 – “Council’s Role with Continuous Improvement,” Owensboro, Logsdon Community Center, 2400 Friendship Drive, Suite B
  • July 16 – “Roles and Responsibilities,” – Campbellsville, Taylor County High School, 2705 Old Hodgenville Road
  • July 18 – “Roles and Responsibilities,” Frankfort, Kentucky Department of Education, 300 Sower Blvd.
  • July 22 – “Council’s Role with Continuous Improvement,” Murray, Murray Middle School, 801 Main St.

Sign up Now for ‘Get to Know Your Standards Learning Lab’

If you are wondering how standards revisions will affect your school, your classroom or your preparation of future educators, the “Get to Know Your Standards Learning Lab: Revised Kentucky Academic Standards for 2019-2020” is for you.

Come away with a stronger understanding of the instructional implications of building standards-based instruction and assignments that align with revised standards. The day will include numerous 60-minute breakout session options geared towards teachers, administrators and post-secondary faculty.

Three dates and locations are available. Register using the appropriate link for the date and location you wish to attend.

  • June 11: Louisville, Ballard High School, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. ET
  • June 12: Grayson, East Carter Middle School, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. ET
  • June 14: Lexington, Lexington Convention Center, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. ET

Share this opportunity by forwarding this email or sharing this flyer.  

Contact the standards team with any questions regarding the newly adopted standards or the standards revision process.

Trainings for New Title I, Part A Coordinators

Trainings for new Title I, Part A coordinators have been scheduled. The sessions will focus on providing an overview of the program’s basics to district staff with three years of experience or less. Topics will include requirements of the Title I program, an overview of monitoring processes and the review of helpful resources.

New Title I coordinators, district superintendents and finance officers are encouraged to attend. EILA credit will be awarded to attendees. Register through this Google document. For questions, email Tonia Hickman or call her at (502) 564-3791, ext. 4062.

The date and location of each meeting are listed below. All meetings are 9 a.m.-4 p.m. local time.

  • June 13 – Eddyville, West Kentucky Educational Cooperative Conference Center, 435 Outlet Ave.
  • June 18 – Bowling Green, Green River Regional Educational Cooperative, 230 Technology Way
  • June 21 – Shelbyville, Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative, 100 Alpine Drive
  • June 27 – Ashland, Kentucky Educational Development Corporation, 904 Rose Road
  • June 28 – London, Southeast/South-Central Educational Cooperative, London Training Center, 55 Waco Drive
  • July 16 – Lexington, Kentucky Educational Development Corporation, 118 James Court, Suite 60

English Learner/Title III Beginning of the Year Training

Regional trainings for English Learner (EL) and Title III coordinators have been scheduled. The sessions will focus on providing guidance to district coordinators of all levels. Topics covered during training will include changes under the Every Student Succeeds Act for ELs, the civil rights requirements that must be met by all districts regardless of its EL population or funding received, and requirements under federal programs such as Title I, Part A and Title III.  

English Learner, Title III and Title I coordinators are strongly encouraged to attend. However, at least one person from each district should attend one of the six training locations regardless of whether the district receives a Title III subgrant or the number of ELs currently enrolled in the district.

Each training will be 9 a.m.-4 p.m. local time. Sessions may be canceled if registration is low. If your training location is canceled due to low registration, you will be contacted in order to select another training location. Register early to help ensure you get the location of your choice.

The dates and locations of each training are listed below along with the registration links.

  • July 26 – Shelbyville, Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative, 100 Alpine Drive
  • July 30 – Bowling Green, Green River Regional Educational Cooperative, 230 Technology Way
  • July 31 – Lexington, Kentucky Educational Development Corporation, 118 James Court, Suite 60
  • Aug. 1 – Ashland, Kentucky Educational Development Corporation, 904 Rose Road
  • Aug. 2 – Richmond, Eastern Kentucky University, Perkins Building, 4436 Kit Carson Drive
  • Aug. 5 – Eddyville, West Kentucky Educational Cooperative, 435 Outlet Ave.

For questions, email Jessica Sanderson or call her at (502) 564-3791, ext. 4004.

KDE Offering Evaluation Training for Administrators

The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is the official provider for the 2019-2020 Initial Certified Evaluation Training for administrators newly assigned to the role of evaluator of certified personnel. The two-day training, including the assessment, is required per KRS 156.557 and 704 KAR 3:370.

All new evaluators of certified personnel are required to attend. Visit the Principal Partnership Project website for information about dates and locations, and to register.

KDE also will provide a separate, one-day, six-hour update training for experienced administrators. Districts may choose to fulfill the requirement by applying for their own EILA certificates and providing the training in their district, but KDE is providing regional options for districts that choose not to do their own in-house training. Six hours of update training is required annually for all experienced administrators per KRS 156.557 and 704 KAR 3:370.

Any experienced evaluator of certified personnel who has completed the two-day Initial Certified Evaluation Training is qualified to attend. Visit the Update Evaluation Training webpage for more information about dates, locations and to register.

There is no fee to participate in either training and the appropriate number of EILA credit hours – six for the update or 12 for the initial – will be awarded. Multiple training sites are located across the state. Advance registration is required.

All trainings are 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. local time.

Kentucky’s Accountability Regulation Finalized

On May 31, the regulation governing Kentucky’s Accountability System, 703 KAR 5:270, became effective.  The final regulation and resources that reflect the changes are attached including the Accountability at a Glance and Transition Readiness.

Changes to the regulation include,

Growth: Elimination of the projection of student data to a categorical growth model, new value tables based on principles and recommendations from the Growth Work Group, and edits to the calculation to use previous year to current student performance.

Transition Readiness: Change of grade for students receiving credit for dual credit from a B to a C, inclusion of college placement exam into academic readiness, and removed transition readiness from the elementary and middle school levels.

Achievement Gap: Removed achievement gap closure as an indicator; simplified the measure to focus on gap to group, and retained as a limit on the star rating.

Quality of School Climate and Safety: Included as an indicator of perception data from surveys that measure insight to the school environment beginning 2019-2020 school year, and Removed Opportunity and Access as an indicator.

Weights and Star Rating: Included specific weights for each indicator and removed the star charts.

Note: The new definitions of Targeted Support and Improvement and Additional Targeted Support and Improvement are not included in this regulation. These definitions are in 703 KAR 5:280, School Improvement Procedures.


App Available for Persistence to Graduation Summit July 9-10

The app for the 2019 Persistence to Graduation Summit: Safe and Supportive Learning is now available. The summit, scheduled for July 9-10 at the Lexington Convention Center, will include topics such as well-rounded educational opportunities, safe and supportive learning environments, effective use of education technology, student transition and re-engagement strategies, and alternative education.

Attendees will need the Guidebook app to view the schedule, which is available either by searching for Guidebook in your phone’s app store (the app logo is a lowercase “g” in a blue square) or by visiting, which will text you information on how to download the app. Once in Guidebook, search for “persistence to graduation” and download the guide to see all related information. Remember that the app is still being updated.

EILA credit and CEUs for social workers will be available. Registration for the summit is free on a first-come, first-served basis. All attendees are responsible for registering themselves. Use the discount code PTG2019 when registering on the AdvancEd website to attend at no charge.


Registration Is Open for Continuous Improvement Summit

Join AdvancED|Measured Progress and the Kentucky Department of Education at the Continuous Improvement Summit Sept. 16-17 for practical information and inspiring stories to drive improvement.

Learn how Kentucky educators and administrators apply research-driven insights to their unique educational environment. Connect school quality to better outcomes for learners. The featured keynote speaker will be education author Anthony Muhammed.

The conference will be 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Sept. 16, and 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Sept. 17 at the Lexington Convention Center. Visit the AdvancEd website to register. For additional information, see this flyer.


Kentucky Association for Assessment Coordinators Accepting Proposals

The Kentucky Association for Assessment Coordinators is accepting proposals for the Scott Trimble Workshop on Assessment and Instruction Oct. 28-29 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville. The conference theme is “Building Bridges.”

The submission deadline is June 30. Notifications of acceptance will be sent in early August. Use this Google document to submit a proposal.


Principals Can Apply Now for the Coach Approach Pilot Scholarship

The Coach Approach Pilot (CAP) is a program facilitated by the Kentucky Department of Education’s Principal Partnership Project (P3) team designed to support principals in enhancing reflective leadership practices. The program is an opportunity for Kentucky principals to collaborate and learn together to move beyond the compliance factor of teacher evaluation to true growth and professional enhancement that supports school improvement.  

From authentic peer-to-peer conversations, innovative learning lab experiences and intensive coaching training, the pilot will serve as a statewide catalyst for principals to be lead learners and robust champions of professional reflection and growth.

Eight principals will be selected for the scholarship. The deadline to apply is June 30.


Elevating Evidence – Meeting ESSA’s Evidence-Based Requirements

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) calls on education leaders to deepen their understanding and expand their use of evidence-based decision making. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) staff will host several workshops throughout Kentucky in July to introduce attendees to ESSA’s evidence-based provisions and facilitate conversations about common issues in educational research.

As part of this training, participants will evaluate a study that is relevant to their local setting and will leave with a completed study analysis that meets KDE compliance expectations. While all school and district leaders are welcome, this workshop is designed for principals and teacher leaders who want a deeper understanding of ESSA’s evidence-based practice provisions.

Three-hour morning and afternoon sessions will be offered at each location. To register, select the link below or visit KDE’s Evidence-based Practices website. Space is limited. EILA credit is available for this workshop.

Registration Link

The training sessions are:

  • July 9: Elizabethtown, Regional Postsecondary Education Center, Elizabethtown Community and Technical College
  • July 11: Hazard, Hazard Community and Technical College
  • July 23: Madisonville, The Brown Badget Sr. Energy and Advanced Technology Center, Madisonville Community and Technical College
  • July 25: Florence, Gateway Community and Technical College
  • July 30: Grayson, Rocky Adkins Pavilion, Ashland Community and Technical College
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