Primary Source: Special Edition - Applying for a State Historical Marker

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Thank you again for your interest in the Indiana State Historical Marker Program.  This special edition of Primary Source was put together to help you get started with the Indiana State Historical Marker application process. 

This email is being sent to all subscribers who have expressed interest in applying for a marker by contacting us directly or signing up for updates on our website.  If you know someone who is thinking of applying for a marker, please Bookmark and Share this email with them.

Is your Topic Significant?

This year's pool of applications promises to be very competitive, so it's vital that you clearly convey your topic's significance. What does it really mean to be historically significant? 

We love this quick guide from The Historical Thinking Project.  If you're having trouble framing your argument for the Intent to Apply form, or you want to tighten up your application, spend 5-10 minutes considering the questions posed in the worksheet. 

We're Here to Help!

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any point during the process.  See the directory at right for contact information, and mark your calendars for our Live Q&A.

Join us on our Facebook Page at 12:30pm on April 9th, where we'll answer all of your questions about the marker application process.

If you can't make it on April 9th, post your questions to the event wall here.  We'll answer your questions during the Q&A.  If you don't use Facebook, email questions in advance to with "Marker Q&A" in the subject line.  After the Q&A has concluded, we'll send you a transcript so you don't miss out!



For questions about the Indiana State Historical Marker Program guidelines and application process, contact:

Dani Pfaff, Marker Program Manager, 317-232-6276,


If you're having trouble downloading or accessing the resources on our website or blog, contact:

Aimee Formo, Website Manager, 317-232-2989,


General Indiana History questions? 

Contact us at 317-232-2535 or and we'll connect you with the staff member who specializes in your area of interest.


Other Resources

If you need help getting started with research, don't overlook these resources:

Your historical society, public library, and county historian are sure to be of assistance as you explore local resources for your topic.

Also consider the Indiana State Library.  State librarians can help you determine what resources are available and how to access them.  For reference help via email, phone, or chat, use Ask-a-Librarian.  If you are unable to travel to the Indiana State Library to access their collection, a researcher for hire may be available to assist.