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FSSA launches ‘Know the O Facts’ website

Know the O facts

The Indiana Family & Social Services Administration has launched Know the O Facts to help build awareness and understanding about opioid use disorder. 

The Know the O Facts website went live in January and presents information for Hoosiers to help better understand opioid use disorder and learn key messages and to take the pledge to help reduce stigma.

Opioid use has been a problem, not only in the U.S., but in Indiana, and some of our goals of Know the O Facts would be to raise awareness of opioid use disorder and treatment, change the way Hoosiers think, promote effectiveness of medication assisted treatment and recovery and to know the physical signs of opioid use disorder.

Addressing the opioid epidemic is not only a top priority for public health, it will also help build stronger communities and allow those with substance use disorders to lead healthier, more productive lives. We will accomplish these goals through education, awareness and grass roots outreach. As each community understands more, we hope to decrease the stigma associated with opioid use disorder.

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Alexa skill

Earlier this month, released an update to the State of Indiana’s Amazon Alexa skill allowing citizens to check on county-level travel statuses. The Indiana Department of Homeland Security compiles travel statuses through each county’s emergency management agency. The first weekend, the skill was used more than 4,000 times.

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Revenue outsteps Personnel in head-to-head challenge


In February, the Indiana State Personnel Department (INSPD) challenged the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) to a 12-day steps challenge within the Go365 wellness portal. It all started with a little trash talk between department leaders, INSPD Director Britni Saunders and DOR Commissioner Adam Krupp.

“I always love a good challenge, especially one that promotes health and friendly competition between state agencies,” Krupp said. “I wanted this one badly, mainly because Director Saunders threw down the gauntlet with some serious trash talk. I’m joking, mostly.”

After over 27.2 million steps were taken by 266 employees across the agencies, DOR emerged victorious when the challenge ended at midnight Feb. 23. Commissioner Krupp led by example logging more than 258,000 steps and helped DOR fend off INSPD.

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  • “Bison-tennial” Project,’ book now available for pre-order (page 3)
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  • Historic Preservation Month photo contest (page 8)
  • Are your dependents eligible to be on your health insurance? (page 8)
  • IN Free File (page 9)
  • 2018 EAP wellness webinar calendar (page 10)
  • Lose the Habit with Go365 (page 11)

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