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November 27, 2018

Here are your weekly opioid epidemic updates from the Indiana State Department of Health:

Indiana attorney general files suit against opioid maker

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Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill has filed a lawsuit against Purdue Pharma alleging its misrepresentation of the risks and benefits of opioids played a role in the state's opioid crisis. Hill's lawsuit was filed in Marion County, allowing his office to claim Purdue Pharma violated Indiana's Deceptive Consumer Sales Act; Prescription Drug Discount and Benefit Cards statute; False Claims Act; and Medicaid False Claims Act. The lawsuit seeks a compensatory award, as allowed by state law, for payments made on behalf of the state for opioid prescriptions covered by Indiana Health Coverage Programs, state employee health plans, and state workers' compensation programs.

New report highlights the changing landscape of the opioid epidemic in Marion County

Researchers from the Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI recently published an update of a 2016 report describing the landscape of the evolving opioid epidemic in Marion County, Indiana, and across the state. It describes the scope of the opioid crisis in terms of lives impacted and mounting costs to society, assesses the national evidence regarding strategies used to tackle the epidemic, considers perspectives of key informants and people living with opioid use disorder in Marion County, and offers recommendations to guide action among various sectors of the community to most effectively mitigate this crisis and stabilize our communities. The report was accompanied by a data-filled infographic, which can be accessed here.

The importance of training pharmacists to use naloxone


In the midst of the opioid crisis, increasing naloxone availability is a critical step in saving lives. Pharmacists need to be knowledgeable about the administration of naloxone so that they can train pharmacy customers seeking the medication. Pharmacists have also been called on in a variety of other ways to address the opioid crisis, including counseling patients who have been prescribed high-dose opioids, participating in drug-monitoring programs, and more carefully vetting patients being prescribed risky combinations of anti-anxiety medications and the powerful pain drugs. To find a naloxone carrying entity near you, visit optIN.in.gov.

Parents struggle to financially support children with substance use disorder

Financial struggles are a common theme among families with children who grapple with substance abuse. Many parents find themselves covering the costs of their children’s bills, as well as paying for recovery services including rehab, outpatient counseling and therapy. Guilt and sorrow are often driving forces for paying parents who want to see their kids enter long-term recovery, but cutting off financial support might just be the necessary step in encouraging children to seek sobriety. Read more in this Money magazine article, which includes an Indiana mother’s story.

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Webcast: Expanding Access to OUD Treatment in Indiana: Pew’s Policy Recommendations

November 28, 11:00am
Over the last 12 months, The Pew Charitable Trusts provided technical assistance to support the State of Indiana in increasing access to opioid use disorder treatment. This webinar will highlight Pew’s policy recommendations to the state that are intended to address treatment access barriers. At the appropriate time, click here.  

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Webcast: Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center Strategy (BRSS TACS)

November 29, 2:00pm
BRSS TACS invites you to join national experts in a conversation about the assistance that treatment and support providers, including peer-run and recovery community organizations, can provide to individuals in recovery from serious mental illness or substance use disorders to help identify and pursue their educational goals. Register HERE.

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Register for the MIPA conference!


November 29-30, 2018
This year’s conference will focus on a variety of injury and violence prevention topics, including prescription drug overdose, older adult falls, emerging hazards in child injury, and other primary injury prevention topics. Additionally, it will include presentations focusing on pediatric and adult injury prevention. Registration is now open.
Location: Indianapolis, IN

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2018 Indiana Primary Care and Behavioral Health Integration Conference

December 7, 8:00am-3:45pm
The Indiana Primary Care and Behavioral Health Integration Conference aims to bring together a variety of stakeholders across Indiana to work together collaboratively and build the state's capacity for integrated care. Speakers will share innovations, concepts, and outcomes of integrated care. Registration is now open. Location: Indianapolis, IN

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Webcast: Dreamland - America’s Opiate Epidemic And How We Got Here

December 7, 2:00pm
Purdue Extension will be hosting journalist and author Sam Quinones to discuss his most recent book Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic.There is no registration or fee for attending this webinar.To join the webinar go to http://ncrcrd.adobeconnect.com/ncrcrd1 at the appropriate date and time.

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