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Online Virtual Training

NEW 2022 ArcGIS Virtual Training Classes for State and Local Partners

The Geographic Information Office (GIO) is offering virtual training classes for state and local partners.  Hard copy training materials are shipped to your preferred location.  Students will access a virtual machine, loaded with the software, that will allow you to work through the hands-on labs.   Space is limited, register todayRegistration


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Ortho 2022

2022 Orthoimagry Planning

Planning for the spring flight of the eastern 1/3 of the state of Indiana is underway. Please contact Shaun Scholer at or review the latest presentation and slides for more details:

Download 2021 Orthoimagery
The 2021 spring orthoimagery of the center 1/3 of the state is available for download. Click here for instructions on how to download.




ArcGIS and Apache Log4j Vulnerabilities

Esri's statement regarding Log4j vulnerabilities (Log4Shell) and ArcGIS products. The Joint Cybersecurity Advisory, representing cybersecurity organizations around the globe, provides a useful summary of Log4j vulnerability mitigation guidance that customers may want to reference in addition to their product specific recommendations.  Blog



Arc Pro

GIO Modernizing GIS Desktop and Enterprise Applications

As seasons change so does the technology in which we do our jobs. Ever changing goals, projects, and deadlines keep us moving forward with the tools we choose to complete our jobs. The core tool within the ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcMap has been a reliable and a go to tool for many. However ESRI has announced that ArcMap will be retired and all desktop development will be focused on ArcGIS Pro and other future technologies. This change presents challenges to organizations in regards to migrating existing workflows, custom tools, and user training. As part of the GIO GIS training options we have several beginner ArcGIS Pro options available for users looking to begin their transition to ArcGIS Pro. Below are links to ESRI's blog post updating users on ArcMap support as well as training options to get you started.




OpenTopography Fundraiser for new Indiana QL2 3DEP LiDAR Data Hosting

In 2020, new 2016-20 statewide Quality-Level-2 (QL2) LiDAR was completed for Indiana. This new statewide LiDAR data is twice as accurate, twice as detailed, and up to eight-years newer than Indiana’s original 2011-13 LiDAR.  IGIC is now conducting a fundraiser to raise a one-time investment of $50,000 to add this new 2016-20 statewide LiDAR dataset to our existing IndianaMap OpenTopography site.  DONATE


Megan Compton

Megan R.L. Compton
Indiana Geographic Information Officer (GIO)

IN Office of Technology
100 North Senate Ave.
Government Center North
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Office: (317) 234-5889


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Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps | Esri Training MOOC Course

Anyone can build apps with ArcGIS. You don't have to be a software developer to build valuable geo-enabled apps that make your communities smarter and businesses more successful. Learn how to combine location and narrative in one application to better communicate and broadcast your story, create custom web applications that solve problems in your community, and build powerful native applications for iOS and Android devices without touching a piece of code. MOOC



ArcGIS Connectors in Power Automate

You can now leverage ArcGIS to perform some central functions within your Microsoft Power Automate flows. These new ArcGIS for Power Automate connectors will allow you to use your ArcGIS Identity or an ArcGIS Platform API Key to geocode addresses, enrich data with demographic variables, perform point-to-point routing, or get data and geometry from feature layers, plus a little bit more. More



Esri User Conference 
July 11-15, 2021
San Diego, CA

Learn, reconnect, and discover the latest advances in GIS technology when the Esri User Conference returns to San Diego. Join thousands of users from around the globe and get a front-row seat for a look at the future of GIS capabilities.  More


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