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IHCDA's COVID-19 web page provides a list of our actions to date, and other important information during this critical time. 

Program Updates


  • 2021 Funding update: IHCDA cannot move forward with 2021 agreements until we receive an award letter from HHS, which has not been received at this time.
  • IHCDA is hosting a “CSBG Claims 101” webinar on Tuesday, December 8th at 10am ET. Register here to be sent login information.
  • 2019 Annual Report update: updates to Modules 2 & 4 have been submitted to OCS. No comments have been received on Module 3 forms at this time. IHCDA has been told to expect 2020 forms in January.


  • Please return budgets as soon as possible to the LIHEAP inbox so we can open the new awards.
  • Awards will not be available to link in EAPConnect until we have received, processed, and approved the agency's budget and the claims team has created the award in DMS.


  • WAP LIHEAP closeouts are being processed; if they have yet not been received by IHCDA they will be considered late.
  • 2020 WAP LIHEAP funding has been received we are processing it now. New contracts will go out to the network soon.
  • The Wx SAMM is scheduled for Dec 3, 2020.


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