RED Notice 20-35: Indiana COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program

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20-35: Indiana COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program

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RED Notice 20-35Indiana COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program

IHCDA is pleased to share the announcement made by Governor Holcomb on June 24, 2020, of the creation of the Indiana COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program.  This Program was made possible by the allocation of $25,000,000 of Indiana’s CARES Act discretionary funding with the goal of reducing evictions and increasing housing stability for Indiana’s renter households.  Individual households who have experienced a loss of income due to the pandemic may receive rental assistance up to $500 per month for four months, for a total maximum benefit of $2000 per household.

We encourage you to share this information with landlords and their tenants who may benefit from this type of assistance.  The following links provide more details of the program eligibility and requirements.  Applications will be accepted through beginning July 13, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

Governor Holcomb’s June 24, 2020 Press Release

Renter Flyer in EnglishRenter Flyer in Spanish

Landlord Flyer in EnglishLandlord Flyer in Spanish

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