IHCDA COVID-19 update: A message from Jake

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IHCDA COVID-19 update: A message from Jake

Rapid Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented our state with unprecedented challenges. To help get Indiana residents back on their feet, Governor Eric Holcomb’s Workforce Cabinet worked alongside Indiana employers, policymakers, state and local partners to develop the Rapid Recovery for a Better Future Plan.

This people-focused initiative is aimed at providing resources and support for Hoosiers to secure education and training, skill and career coaching and access to quality jobs.

The plan instructs Hoosiers to:

  • Learn About Options – Connects Hoosiers with relevant career, skill and educational resources.
  • Connect to Opportunities – Engaging career coaching resources and empowering Hoosiers to assess their skills enables them to earn credit for previous experiences to meet personal economic and education goals.
  • Take the Next Step – Hoosiers advance their careers with convenient access to accelerated programs and credentials that value prior learning experiences.

Whether you know someone that is ready to start a new career, looking to advance their education and skills or seeking basic financial help and support, they should visit YourNextStepIn.org.

A key component to developing the Rapid Recovery for a Better Future Plan, and ensuring effective implementation, is partnerships. Much like the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet, we have worked very closely with a variety of partners like you since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that our program and policy changes best support the work you do to help support Hoosier families.

In addition to our traditional partners and sub-grantees, through a series of weekly listening sessions, we have reached out to new organizations. One I want to highlight is our weekly session for the faith-based community.

Each week beginning in April we have encouraged Indiana faith leaders to participate in a weekly call. During these sessions we have had the opportunity not only to hear what challenges they are facing as a result of COVID-19, but to provide them with information on a variety of resources that they can share with their congregations.

What we have learned during these calls is that many faith-based groups have increased their efforts to support their local communities through offering food drives, emergency housing and other resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue to forge a path to recovery, faith leaders will continue to play an important role throughout our state.

I want to take a moment and acknowledge our Legal Team, led by David Stewart and Carmen Files, for their ongoing efforts to facilitate these weekly sessions. We plan to continue working with our faith-based communities in an effort to best serve our fellow Hoosiers.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership during this time of need. Please continue to reach out to any member of our team, or myself individually jsipe@ihcda.in.gov or (317) 233-1811, if we can do anything to help. We are #INthistogether.


J. Jacob Sipe
Executive Director

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