CARES Act CSBG Funding Documents + Guidance



Veronica Watson
Community Programs Manager - CSBG, IDA, NAP
Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority


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Required Documents for CARES Act CSBG Funds

All Community Action Agencies should have received their award contract for CARES Act CSBG funds on Friday. Once IHCDA receives completed contracts and corresponding budgets, the funds will be made available through IHCDAOnline.

As a requirement for that funding, agencies must complete amendments to their Community Needs Assessments and Community Action Plans, using templates provided by IHCDA on the CSBG webpage. Completed documents are due on Monday, June 29, 2020 at 5pm Eastern Time.

Agencies will be able to access their funds prior to submitting these documents; however if the deadline is missed, a hold may be placed on the funding until the documents are submitted. Any questions, as well as the completed forms, should be sent to

CARES Act Funding Guidance

On April 20, IHCDA posted guidance on new rules affecting CSBG funding, including CARES Act Funding. That guidance has been updated to clarify that the income eligibility increase to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level applies to services supported with 2019 Carryover Funds.

That guidance also included clarification about income qualification procedures for CSBG-supported services. Any agency that has questions about qualifying individuals based on the new income limits should review the guidance, and then contact IHCDA for any remaining questions.