Amended Notice Regarding COVID-19 Related Overlay Change



Carla Bruce
Homeownership Underwriter and Recovery Specialist
Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority

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Updated April 8, 2020
HOD 2020.5A

Dear Participating Lenders,

The IHCDA Homeownership Department (HOD) is announcing the following change (amended) effective Monday, April 6, 2020:

  • On all Ginnie mortgage loans with a FICO between 640 – 659, the following are required:
    • One month PITIA reserves,
    • The borrower(s) must be on their current job / employer a minimum of six (6) months,
    • Note: USB will review for these conditions.

Ginnie loans reserved on or before April 3, 2020, will not be subject to the changes stated above.

For a current overview of the Master Servicer overlays go to: /Lender & Realtors/Servicer Overlays or click on this direct link:

If you have questions, please contact either Account Manager: Brienn White at or 463-203-7108 or Mark Doud at or 317-447-8156.


IHCDA Homeownership Department

*This bulletin is an updated version of a bulletin posted internally within the DMS Online system titled: “HOB Bulletin 2020.5”