IHCDA RED Compliance Monthly January 2018

RED Compliance

RED Notices

19-02: Housing Choice Voucher Local Subcontractor Agency RFQ Posted

19-01: 2019 Ramp Up Indiana Application Documents

18-54: UrbanPlan: An Interactive Workshop About the Development Process

18-53: Updates to ERR and Historic Review Documents

18-52: 2018 HOME Rental Application Round Open

18-51: Housing Choice Voucher Fiscal and File Monitoring RFQ Posted

18-50: 2020-2021 Qualified Allocation Plan Drafts and Public Hearings

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Ready to be monitored?

In order to closeout a federal project, please submit completion documents to the new Funds Management & Reporting Specialist, Debra Swinson at dswinson@ihcda.in.gov. Completion documents can be found within the Funds Management Exhibits on our Compliance Partner page. Once the documents are reviewed for completion and accuracy, they are submitted to Compliance to schedule the closeout monitoring.  Prepare for the audit by viewing the ‘Partner Workbook’ located within the Monitoring Chapter Exhibits.

Compliance Team Spotlight

Meet Devyn Smith


Devyn started her career at IHCDA on August 8, 2008. She has served in many capacities including Community Development Coordinator, Compliance Auditor, Federal Programs Compliance Manager, and currently as the Director of Real Estate Compliance.  She has been directly involved in many aspects of the CDBG, HOME, HTF, NSP, LIHTC, and Lead Hazard Reduction programs.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and entertaining friends. She is an avid traveler and diligently works on her makeup artistry.

Stay tuned next month for another spot light of the Compliance Team!


The Compliance Newsletter is a new initiative to create a newsletter which is separate from the RED Newsletter.  The newsletter will cover topics that are pertinent to compliance with all of Real Estate Development programs. Working group members are welcome to submit topics to be discussed in the newsletter.

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2018 Owner Certifications

The 2018 Owner Certification report is due January 31, 2019. All Owner Certifications must be submitted online. Paper submissions are no longer accepted. Any Owner or owner approved OC Editor can now submit the Annual Owner Certification by visiting www.ihcdaonline.com. Individuals must submit a request to the Owner thru the website to receive the OC Editor role.

Complete submission includes finalization of the owner certification online, finalization of tenant events in the online reporting system, and payment of annual monitoring fees (if applicable) on or before January 31, 2019.  If you have any issues with registration within the online reporting system, please contact our Data and System Specialist, Meagan Simpson, at (317) 232-3561.  All other questions, please feel free to contact a Regional Compliance Auditor.

Click here to get a brief overview of how to submit the Annual Owner Certification report.

Shelter Projects:

All domestic violence, migrant farmworker, and shelter projects do not have to finalize tenant events online. Please complete and mail in the shelter/migrant beneficiary report to 30 S Meridian Street Suite 900 Indianapolis, IN 46204 ATTN: Compliance.

Click here to access the Shelter and Migrant Farmworker Housing Annual Beneficiary Report

Please Note: transitional housing projects must finalize tenant events online. The shelter/migrant farmworker beneficiary report will not be accepted.

Need training with online reporting? Please visit our Compliance Partner page under Compliance Resources.

Common System Errors and Tips

Utility Allowance (UA) Errors:

  1. Unable to select a UA in the tenant event screen.

Fix: When adding a new Utility Allowance, ensure the applicable BINs are selected.  

  1. The selected utility allowance is outdated.

Fix: Ensure the Effective Date within the UA screen is not more than a year old. A new utility allowance must be created in the utility allowance screen even if the amount has not changed from year to year. Select the correct UA in the tenant event screen.

Special Needs Code Error:

  1. The special needs code has not been selected.

Fix: When selecting “Special Needs Code” in the Event Details, make sure to identify special needs code when adding household member.

Carryover Agreement Error: All federal awards should upload a blank document to bypass the error. Our system administrator is working diligently to fix this issue.

How To:

View errors prior to finalization: Select property from property list. Under “Property Details’, click the link below that states “There are errors for this property. Click to display.” Fix system errors by clicking on the event on the ‘Property Errors’ screen. If there are errors, provide an explanation of the resolution in the notes section of the ‘Tenant Event’ screen.

Snapshot of all tenant events: Select ‘Export’ button on ‘Property Details’ screen à Export Events button. Excel Spreadsheet will be generated

Delete Tenant Event: The “Delete This Event’ button is located at the bottom of each tenant event screen.