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Jill Robertson
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Be sure to check your HMIS/DV news for upcoming trainings.

Development Day is May 3rd. Registrations will be going out soon. Topic is around Coordinated Entry.

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ESG & HOPWA RFP to be released in early April.

New APR to roll out in early April.

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Partner Spotlight

This month our Partner Spotlight features Ray Lay, Continuum of Care Board Member. Read more about Ray's journey and his passion for helping others transitioning out of homelessness.

Diggin' Data

Data Quality reviews begin in early April.  This year reviews will include analysis of client entry and exits. And how your projects impact system performance measures in the region and at the Continuum level.

Candid, Open Conversation

This monthly newsletter provides information and updates from the Community Services Department at the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA). If you have a specific interest or subject area that you would like to read more about please contact us.

2017 PIT Count

The 2017 Point-in-Time Count took place on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.  This annual state-wide project would not be possible without the dedication and support of Regional Coordinators, community volunteers and dedicated program staff throughout the Balance of State.  Thank you for your contribution! More information on the Point-in-Time Count may be found here.

What is HOME TBRA?

Tenant-based rental assistance (“TBRA”) is a rental subsidy that can be used to help individual households afford housing costs such as rent and security deposits.  TBRA may also be used to assist tenants with utility deposits but only when HOME is also used for rental assistance or security deposits.

For additional information please contact Nastacia’ Moore at Namoore@ihcda.in.gov

Re-entry/HOME TBRA

In preparation and to gain interest and build capacity across the state of Indiana; IHCDA held a Re-entry Learning Collaborative last year. We invited a myriad of professionals from around the state who work directly with the re-entry population in providing mental health treatment, housing placement, supportive services and employment coaching for a day of learning. Our presenters came from organizations such as PACE, Centerstone, Recovery Works, Aurora and the City of Indianapolis. 

The Community Services department has been working diligently on developing an RFP (Request for Proposal) for Re-entry. We encourage organizations interested or currently working with the Department of Justice and the re-entry population prior to release to apply for a two year funding award (GY 2017-2019) by submitting a proposal once the RFP is issued by IHCDA. IHCDA had planned to release its RFP to the public late June 2017 however due to Federal budget concerns, the RFP for Re-Entry has been delayed until later in 2017.

Ray Lay

Ray Lay – Continuum of Care Board Member

My name is Ray Lay and I am a formerly homeless, honorably discharged, US Marine. I live with and I am recovering with a dual diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder and poly substance abuse issues. By the grace of God, and effort on my part, it has been about 12 years since my last mental health hospitalization. I am almost 10 years clean and sober.

Regardless of the multiple factors that led to me becoming homeless for over ten years, there is one factor that has become a catalyst and springboard for my Recovery; becoming HOUSED. I have been housed for almost 6 years now and during these 6 years I have had the honor to talk about my long journey of mental health and substance abuse, homelessness and incarceration and I have found that my sorrows can help lead to joys for others. I am an Indiana Certified Recovery Specialist/Veteran Peer Support Specialist and I perform my duties as a volunteer with the pleasure of helping many navigate systems and their own personal attitudes and prejudices in the pursuit of Recovery.

My own apartment has been both a sanctuary and base where I can contemplate my yesterdays and tomorrows; store my meds and take them as prescribed and work on the person I desire to become to the best of my ability. I am more than sure that there are many others out there like me. That is why I am proud to serve as a member of the Indiana Balance of State (BOS) Continuum of Care (CoC). I am more than sure that my life experiences can help both the homeless and the homeless service providers see that Recovery is possible with the main foundation of stable housing. I wholeheartedly embrace the fact that a place to call home can help propel others to become productive citizens despite past mistakes. 

As a Veteran Peer Support Specialist I collaborate with a special team of people dedicated to engaging veterans with severe mental illness. I am honored! As a member of the BOS CoC I am equally honored to work with such a dedicated group of persons to end homelessness in Indiana. I am not only honored, but highly blessed.

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