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Partner Highlights

Central Indiana Realtist Association...5

Stockton Mortgage Helping Hoosiers Through H20...6

More than you know: Indiana CCAP Program...12

ICAP receives first Ramp Up Indiana grant...20

Program Updates

Ribbon Cuttings and Groundbreakings...7

A simple understanding of NIMBYism...14

Midwest Housing Summit...14

HUD releases New Guidance under the Fair Housing Act...16

IHCDA Co-Employees of the Year...16

2016 IHCDA Golf Outing...17

Customers once again tell us how we are doing...18

The most repeated Pre-8609 Non-Compliance issues for 2016...21

IHCDA...On Location Travels to the Moving Forward 2.0 Workshop...22

Andy Place, Sr. Receives IBA's Highest Honor...23


ON THE COVER: Deborah McCarty

Many people know Deborah McCarty as the co-founder and long-time Executive Director of the Back Home in Indiana Alliance. However, few people know the reasons why she has dedicated her life to advocating for individuals with disabilities...more

FROM JAKE'S DESK: The Top-10 of 2016

What has become somewhat of an annual tradition is for me to do my best David Letterman impression by examining IHCDA’s “Top Ten”. However, instead of using humor as my fellow Hoosier and former Late Night Host famously did for decades, I will focus on listening to you...more

GARY, INDIANA: From Blight to Light

Gary, Indiana was one of more than 50 communities that was awarded funding through Indiana's Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) Blight Elimination Program (BEP). Since being awarded $6.6 million in 2014, Gary has demolished more than 260 homes...more


Through support from Kimberly Elliott at the Southeastern Indiana Economic Opportunity Corporation (SIEOC), and approval from IHCDA, Bryan McDaniel became the first Individual Development Account (IDA) recipient in the state to use his savings towards the purchase of a vehicle...more

How to Properly Use the IHCDA Logo

Congratulations! You received notification that the funding request you made from IHCDA has been approved. This is an exciting time and we understand that a lot goes into your project and you want to include everyone. To help ensure you have access to, and use of the IHCDA logo we developed a short guide that we've placed here.