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Joe Palus
Director of Research and Innovation
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IHCDA Customer Service Survey

In 2014 we determined that while the word “business” may seem out of place in government, it was still important for us to work under the aphorism “good customer service is good business.” Unlike for-profit businesses where success is often predicated on the bottom line of dollars and cents, we measure our efforts in terms of providing housing opportunities, promoting self-sufficiency and strengthening communities.

We also measure our success based on our interactions and the level of customer service we provide to you—our partners. Which is why each October we ask for you to tell us how we are performing by completing our Customer Service Survey.

The Customer Service Survey has allowed us to make a number of improvements we hope that you see when working with us. A few of them include:

  • One-on-one meetings with developers regarding the QAP
  • Improvements in the ways in which we communicate program policies and expectations
  • Using IHCDA Info and Special Info e-mails to inform you of updates in a timely manner

Click here to take the IHCDA Customer Service Survey.