IHCDA RED Monthly May 2016

RED Monthly

Important Dates

May 2: 2016 CDBG OOR final policy and application posted online. Application round begins.

May 16: 2016 HOME rental and homebuyer final policies and applications posted online. Application round begins.

May 26: HOME Supplemental Round - tentative Board Approval

June 8: CHDO 401 virtual class

June 17: Course 120: Building Local Capacity for Planning and Action

July 1: 2016 CDBG OOR applications due by 5pm.

July 7: Course 130: Coalition Building/Building Partnerships

July 12: CHDO 501 virtual class

August 5: 2016 HOME rental and homebuyer applications due by 5pm.

August 5: Course 140: How to Seek and Implement Public Feedback

September 6: Course 150: Strategies for Leveraging Public and Private Funds

October 20: Course 160: Fundamentals of Project Management

RED Notices

RED 16-20: Updated IACED Trainings

RED 16-21: Updates to HOME Policy

RED 16-22: 2016 Capacity Building Courses

RED 16-23: 2016 CDBG OOR Application Open

RED 16-24: 2016 RHTC Containment Data


May is Preservation Month!

Established in 1973 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the event is co-sponsored by local preservation groups, state historical societies, business and civic organizations across the country. During Preservation Month, many events are planned to promote historic places for the purpose of instilling national and community pride, promoting heritage tourism, and showing the social and economic benefits of historic preservation. Thousands of people participate annually in Preservation Month celebrations. Visit the National Park Service's Preservation Month Feature, your State Historic Preservation Office Web site, or the National Trust's calendar for a list of activities in your area.


Matt Rayburn, Deputy Director and Chief Real Estate Officer, IHCDA , spoke at the grand opening of Penn Place Apartments, a permanent supportive housing development. Indianapolis Housing Agency together with the architect firm of Cripe Architects & Engineers, and developer BWI, LLC are credited with the success of this project.

If your agency has a new staff member who wishes to receive this newsletter, please e-mail Leesa Norton, Real Estate Development Coordinator at lnorton@ihcda.in.gov  

This monthly newsletter provides information and updates from the Real Estate Department (RED) at the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA). If you have a specific interest or subject area that you would like to read more about please contact us.

Required HOME & CDBG third party inspections


The required inspections must be completed by a licensed residential housing inspector, engineer, or architect. The inspector must have a current license with the State of Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA). For information on who is licensed, how to become licensed, or how to renew/update your license, please see their website at http://www.in.gov/pla/hi.htm.

 For Owner Occupied Rehabilitation projects, IHCDA will allow for agencies to request IHCDA approval for a person who is not a licensed home inspector/architect/engineer to perform the inspections on Owner Occupied Repair projects. Requests should be sent to the IHCDA Design and Construction Review Analyst, and should include the applicant’s resume listing experience, certifications, etc. If the applicant’s qualifications meet IHCDA standards they will be added to a list of approved inspectors. This status will be granted only for OOR projects and may be revoked at any time by IHCDA based upon performance.

After the inspection and once any issues are resolved, the inspector should complete the IHCDA Inspection Certification form.  This document will be submitted along with the scope of work (rehab projects), and Lead form for review.  Once reviewed, an IHCDA inspection can be scheduled.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dave Pugh at davidp.ihcda.in.gov or 317-233-4611.

Placemaking Updates

Placemaking is an ongoing, collaborative process that fosters a greater sense of place within a community.  It capitalizes on the strengths of the built environment to create worthwhile places where people of all ages and abilities can live, work and play. 

If this sounds like something that’s taking place in your community, please let us know! IHCDA wants to help spread the word about the great placemaking that is happening in communities across Indiana. Email Veronica Watson your contact information and a description of the placemaking project at vwatson@ihcda.in.gov.


Jerri Bain is the new Director of Real Estate Lending.

The Director of Real Estate Lending contributes to fulfilling IHCDA’s mission and meeting strategic and annual IHCDA operational and program goals by running the Underwriting and Closing division of IHCDA's Real Estate Department.


Stephanie Montgomery is the new Compliance Auditor.

The Compliance Auditor contributes to fulfilling IHCDA’s mission and strategic operational and program goals by ensuring that projects receiving federal and state funds through IHCDA remain in program compliance throughout the compliance/affordability period.


AJ Bytnar is the new Real Estate Production Analyst for the NE region.

The Real Estate Production Analyst contributes to fulfilling the IHCDA mission and meeting strategic and annual IHCDA operational and program goals by allocating and overseeing the implementation of federal and state funds that consist of a wide range of moderately complex established procedures and guidelines, leading special initiatives within the department, and training and developing other production division staff. 


Leesa Norton is the new Real Estate Development Coordinator.

The RED Coordinator contributes to fulfilling the IHCDA mission and meeting strategic and annual IHCDA operational and program goals by providing support to IHCDA’s Real Estate Development (RED) Department, specifically the RED management team. 

Sign up for the June 8th CHDO 401 Capacity Training

Beginning in 2017, IHCDA will amend its policies for the HOME program in a way that will give a significant funding advantage to certified Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs). This capacity building program provides special assistance to private, nonprofit, community based entities with staff capacity to carry out affordable housing activities. This program is open to existing (certified) CHDOs as well as those nonprofits seeking to become CHDOs.

Did you miss CHDO 101-301 sessions? You can view the presentation PowerPoints online here. Make sure you sign up for CHDO 401 on June 8th at 9am or 1:30pm.