WorkINdiana Newsletter - October 2016

WorkINdiana Newsletter


October 2016     Issue 16    Vol 1

Occupational Spotlight: Computer Numerically Controlled Machine Operator


Many materials and parts in today’s consumer products are produced by numerical control machines. Abbreviated CNC, these machines cut, shape, or otherwise modify metal, plastic or wood parts. Computer programming determines which tools are to be used and how to use them, but machine operators are responsible for setting up, tending, and maintaining CNC machines.

Operators load the CNC machines with instructions or programs. They then determine the speed and feed ratios as well as the size and position of cuts. They select, measure, install, and secure the tools and attachments the machines will use, reading blueprints and using their knowledge of the job to select the proper tools.

While the machines are operating, operators may enter commands or adjust machine controls to correct errors. When the process is completed, they remove the finished products, taking measurements to ensure they meet requirements. 

Most CNC workers are employed full time during regular business hours. Overtime is common and evening and weekend work is also common.

Preparation Pays with WorkINdiana


This past spring the Rockville Correctional Facility (RCF) offered a WorkINdiana course to 36 students that focused on providing customer service-based training and workplace skills. Students earned certifications through the International Business Training Association (IBTA) in Customer Service and Business Etiquette as well as Microsoft Word Specialist certifications from Certiport. As described by the IBTA, these courses were chosen to provide students with a “foundation-level, industry-neutral, certification that would differentiate participants in the eyes of potential employees as competent business professionals instead of ‘ordinary employment seekers.’”...[read more] 

Former Off-Shore Driller Finds Satisfaction in Business Ownership


U.S. Air Force veteran Guy Davies spent 8 years in the service then, after leaving service, moved on to a position as an offshore driller – a job that eventually paid him nearly a hundred dollars an hour and sent him to job sites all over the world.   Sadly, that job ended in April, and he returned home to Ripley County to seek new job opportunities. 

After reviewing available positions in the area, Davies decided to embark on a career in truck driving and met with an admissions counselor at Ivy Tech Community College in Lawrenceburg, who directed him to Adult Education classes at the Dearborn County WorkOne for testing, possible remediation, and WorkINdiana-funded training...[read more]

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Q.  Can a youth who is under the age of 18 be enrolled in training funded by WorkINdiana?

A. Yes.  The WorkINdiana program can be an effective tool to help 16 and 17 year olds begin to prepare for a career pathway.  Often these students have not completed high school and also need to work on earning their HSE.  WorkINdiana provides an opportunity for them to begin occupational training while preparing for the HSE test.

Since some training programs and occupational licenses have age restrictions, assessment and career counseling should be provided to youth under 18 to make sure they select a training program that is allowable and appropriate for their age.  WorkOne staff should also provide information about which local businesses are willing to hire workers under 18 in the student’s chosen career and any requirements or restrictions that apply.  More information about age restrictions can be found in the WorkINdiana Learning Outcomes.

Since youth under the age of 18 are often subject to Child Labor Laws, information available from the Indiana Department of Labor’s Bureau of Child Labor should also be consulted when helping youth under 18 to develop a training and employment plan. More information about Indiana’s Child Labor Laws can be found here.

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New WorkINdiana Awareness Videos

The new WorkINdiana awareness videos are here! These three to five minute videos are designed to help our partners and clients understand the WorkINdiana training program and process better and hear first-hand from WorkINdiana students about selected occupations.

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The WorkINdiana program offers short-term occupational training to adult education students spanning 6 business sectors and 32 industry-recognized certifications. Click here to find out more.

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