Busy week for construction and traffic on I-69 Section 5

Sec5 Construction

Busy week for construction and traffic on I-69 Section 5

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (May 3, 2018) – Work continues at a brisk pace throughout the I-69 Section 5 construction zone, but this week there will be an added element: a significant increase in traffic due to Indiana University commencement and end of semester student travel.

INDOT has one piece of advice for visitors coming into the Bloomington area and students leaving. If you want to control your travel times and ensure timely arrivals and departures, stay off of SR 37 and avoid the construction zone as much as possible.

There are three alternatives available for travel between Bloomington and Indianapolis:

  • In terms of avoiding potential congestion, the most effective route from Bloomington to the Indianapolis International Airport is SR 46 west to Spencer, then SR 67 north to Ameriplex Parkway, which is just south of I-465.  Ameriplex Parkway is clearly marked and is a direct entrance to the airport.

  • The bridge work that closed SR 135 south of Morgantown last year is finished, so it is another alternative available to motorists.  From Bloomington take SR 46 east to Nashville, then SR 135 north to Indianapolis.  Or, take SR 135 north to Morgantown and SR 252 west to reconnect with SR 37 north in Martinsville.

  • In addition, the route of SR 46 east to Columbus and I-65 north to Indianapolis is also available.  Bridge work just west of Columbus, where signals allow one lane of traffic to cross at a time, could add some travel time to this alternate route.

As work has progressed in the northern end of the construction zone, a number of access points east of SR 37 that were open last year have been closed to traffic, most notably Pine Blvd. and Old SR 37/Turkey Track east.  Motorists who choose to use county roads attempting to avoid construction (not recommended) are urged to follow roadway signage and not rely on mapping apps or memory.  Access back onto the highway from the county roads is limited.

Work continues on the 2nd Street and 3rd Street bridges, so cross town movements will be congested, especially during morning and afternoon peak travel periods.  Motorists are encouraged to use other east-west connections, such as Fullerton Pike, Vernal Pike and SR 46 whenever possible.  If using the 2nd and 3rd Street bridges, please allow additional travel time to ensure timely arrivals.

As the volume of construction activity and traffic increases this week, motorists are urged to reduce their speed, pay attention to changing traffic conditions, be patient and drive with no distractions.  Planning ahead and allowing additional travel time will ensure all motorists, whether guests, students or local residents, reach their destinations in a timely fashion.