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November 2019, Issue 1



MCS IRP Modernization Initiative Underway!

The MCS IRP Modernization Initiative, scheduled for completion in 2021, includes major enhancements to cybersecurity, registrations, vehicle uploads, audit functionality, data validation and system processing capabilities. 

“We’re excited to offer new features to the IRP renewal process that will make doing business with DOR faster and easier,” said MCS Director Randal Boone. 

Improvements include:

  • Renewal reminders on the account dashboard. 
  • Ability to access renewal uploads online.
  • Ability to refresh data to a current date to bring forward changes in a previous registration period.
  • Ability to generate a detailed exception report that allows users to upload corrected files.
  • Direct download and upload of the renewal spreadsheet to the IRP application to allow for fleet changes, additions or deletions.

We will be highlighting specific enhancements and providing additional information in future issues of MCS Carrier Connect.

New System, Fleet-size Requirements for Online IRP &
Base-Plate Renewals

MCS successfully upgraded the IRP & BPR web-based applications on Oct. 20, 2019. This upgrade now requires all carriers to use a new and improved Microsoft Excel template to submit renewal information. Using old files and formats will result in rejected transactions.

  • Fleets with 300+ vehicles must upload their renewal spreadsheet to the new system for processing.
  • Fleets with 100-299 vehicles still have the option to submit renewals electronically. 
  • The process remains the same for fleets with less than 100 vehicles.

To assist customers with this enhancement, MCS created separate video tutorials for carriers with fewer than 100 vehicles who need to manually enter their renewal information and for carriers with more than 100+ vehicles who can now upload renewal information.

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New Payment System for OSW Coming December 1! 

For your safety, we have updated oversize/overweight permitting payment services to include the tokenization of payment information, which provides another layer of security beyond industry-standard encryption. Customers who previously saved credit card or electronic checking payment information will need to re-enter it during their first transaction on the enhanced payment system. 

Have your credit card or checking account information readily available when the new system goes live on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019.

New OSW Permitting System Coming Spring 2020!

As previously announced, DOR and INDOT partnered with an outside vendor to create a new, robust oversize/overweight permitting system. While excellent progress has been made, the size and complexity of the system is requiring additional time. DOR and INDOT staff are working diligently with the vendor to ensure the new system is high-quality and provides accurate information regarding Indiana’s bridges and roadways for the safety of all who travel within our state.

The current project timeline has the new system being launched in Spring 2020.

DOR and INDOT are committed to providing carriers with a quality permitting system that meets our customer’s needs and expectations, and we believe we are well on our way to meeting that commitment.

OSOWPS banner

Plan Ahead Before Applying

To reduce the chances of an OSW permit being delayed or rejected, applicants are encouraged to check their route on the INDOT Truckers’ Info website,, before applying for a permit.

Taking the extra time to ensure all permit data is entered correctly in the permit application also avoids rejects and manual reviews.


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