An Update From the Indiana Department of Education for March 10, 2023

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A Message from Dr. Katie Jenner

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Last week we reached the halfway point in the 2023 legislative session. Amongst several priorities, one that is top of mind includes rethinking high school. Throughout the past two months, and in multiple months prior, we have heard from many of you about the creative ways you are working to transform the high school experience and make it as valuable as possible for Indiana students.

In order to support this work locally we will continue to prioritize…

  • removing barriers and providing support for local, strategic partnerships; 
  • working diligently to help get to “yes” when solutions are identified; 
  • pushing to innovate assessment and accountability (starting point examples include, Indiana GPS and streamlining standards, which are now available for public comment); and
  • ultimately, driving towards increased flexibility so we can support students on their unique pathway. 

Two questions in particular we must consider:

  • How might we continue to build partnerships that strengthen connections to pathways and opportunities leading to employment, enrollment, or enlistment leading to service? 
  • And, how might we maximize the four years we have students in high school to allow students access to credentials of value, quality work-based learning opportunities, and increased diploma flexibility?

Indiana has a proven track record of collaboration amongst key statewide and local stakeholders and continues to seek new ways to be responsive to current and future learner and workforce needs. Though we are always thinking about innovative, new ways to increase flexibility, there is an option available right now that allows schools to work with community partners to develop pathways to graduation for students while also helping meet local needs. 

When it comes to opening as many doors as we can for students, the best ideas occur when K-12, higher education, and workforce come together to determine local solutions – in this case, developing locally created college and career-focused pathways.

Locally created pathways (LCPs) were adopted by the State Board of Education (SBOE) in 2017 to support school and community partners as they develop innovative opportunities to prepare students for success after high school. A collaborative application and review process between IDOE, the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet, the Commission for Higher Education, and Department of Workforce Development helps ensure each approved LCP provides an intentional and strategic pathway for students.

In December, SBOE approved three brand new LCPs…read further to learn about each! 

Yorktown Community Schools
At Yorktown High School, students who have expressed a desire to be workforce ready after high school are identified as candidates for the LCP. Counselors meet one-on-one with students beginning in ninth grade. Support from Ivy Tech and regular mentoring sessions with college connection coaches help students understand and identify future educational opportunities needed to pursue their desired career. Key partnerships with local industry helps ensure that through completion of the pathway, students will:

  • Develop and activate both employability and technical skills
  • Have access to additional mentorship and guidance from Ivy Tech to explore trainings, degrees, and/or employment opportunities
  • Receive preferential interviews and hiring from local employer partners, including Yorktown Community Schools

School City of Hammond
We often talk about the path to employment and enrollment, but in this case, School City of Hammond has developed a creative solution when considering how they might best support students interested in enlistment. Through this LCP, established in alignment with JROTC courses, students develop a strong understanding of the components of leadership and civics, which will allow for enlistment leading to service, enrollment, or employment. Students earn 30 college credits as a part of the Indiana College Core and also have the opportunity to earn an associates degree, if desired. 

Excel Center Gary
Catapult is a manufacturing and logistics training program, which helps students get their foot in the door in a key sector of Indiana’s economy. For many adult students, Catapult provides robust, flexible training so they are able to finish their remaining high school credits and become workforce ready at the same time. Through Catapult, students can access career assistance and employment specialists from Ivy Tech and Goodwill for up to one year following graduation, supporting their ongoing success through additional support and training. Completion of this LCP provides students with the skills necessary to join the local workforce, and students also have the option to apply credit hours at Ivy Tech, should they choose a path to enrollment.

As educators, we share no greater mission than to light the fire of purpose in our students and to help them understand (and achieve!) the possibilities for their life’s path. That creates a lifelong impact...sparking a positive reaction that spans well beyond the graduation stage. Thank you to the leadership in the above communities, and so many others, for creating pathways that allow students to develop skills and have hands-on experiences while in high school. And as always, thank you to each of you for your ongoing innovation and collaboration–let’s keep it going! 

Office of Student Assessment

NEW: IREAD-3 Testing Window Now Open

The IREAD-3 Spring 2023 assessment window is open through Friday, March 17. Schools must ensure that the following students participate in the assessment:

  • Grade three students who participate in ILEARN and did not pass the assessment in grade two;
  • Grade two students whose school opted in to administer IREAD-3 in grade two;
  • Grade four and five students who have not passed IREAD-3 and have not received a Good Cause Exemption (GCE).

Test Administrators (TAs) must ensure that they have all necessary materials prior to testing, including the IREAD-3 Test Administrator’s Manual (TAM), Secure Segment 1 Script, and accommodated read aloud scripts, as needed. Refer to the IREAD-3 Test Window Checklist and frequently asked questions for additional information. Preliminary IREAD-3 scores are now populating on a rolling basis within the Centralized Reporting System (CRS); results will be available for students within 24 hours of test completion. Contact the Indiana Department of Education's (IDOE’s) Office of Student Assessment with policy and participation questions and the Indiana Assessment Help Desk with technical inquiries. 


NEW: SAT Accommodated Testing Window Closes Tuesday, March 14

The SAT School Day accommodated testing window continues through Tuesday, March 14, for eligible students. The Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR) found in Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Online provides information for which students are eligible for this window. Refer to page 94 of the Digital SAT School Day Accommodated Testing Manual for guidance on which test administration script should be used depending on the student’s accommodations. Additional SAT School Day resources can be found in the College Board Google Drive. Contact IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment with policy and participation questions and College Board with technical inquiries. 


NEW: ILEARN Spring Testing Resources Now Available

Various assessment resources to prepare for ILEARN 3-8, the ILEARN Biology End-of-Course Assessment (ECA), and the ILEARN U.S. Government ECA are available on the Indiana Assessment Portal

Contact the Indiana Assessment Help Desk for assistance with locating additional resources. 

Office of Communications and External Affairs

NEW: Moodle Maintenance - Thursday, March 30

IDOE's Moodle server will be down Thursday, March 30, from midnight to 6 a.m. ET for routine maintenance. Courses providing a Group View should not schedule events during the maintenance window. All Moodle users will not have access at that time. Contact Don Gilroy with any questions.

Office of Educator Talent

NEW: Register to Attend Indiana’s Educator Pipeline Collaboratives

Indiana’s Education Pipeline Collaboratives are interactive events that bring together PK-12 and higher education stakeholders for presentations and discussions focused on expanding and diversifying the PK-12 educator pipeline through Grow Your Own Programs and Registered Teacher Apprenticeships. Register now for one of three collaboratives taking place this May. Contact Rebecca Estes with any questions.


NEW: Nominate an Educator for Teacher of the Year

The Indiana Teacher of the Year Program works to inspire, rejuvenate, and celebrate the teaching profession by recognizing outstanding teachers from across the state. Schools are encouraged to participate in an annual selection process and local Teacher(s) of the Year are encouraged to complete the state application process. Applications are open until Saturday, July 1. More Information on the 2024 Indiana Teacher of the Year selection process can be found here. Contact Rebecca Estes with any questions.


NEW: Promotion from Indeed for Districts Utilizing the Full Nimble Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Indeed has partnered with Nimble to sponsor all jobs posted on the platform through the end of March for free. No action is needed as all Nimble users that have opted in to the full ATS will automatically receive free Indeed sponsorship on all active, open jobs this month. Districts interested in opting in to the full ATS can reach out via JotForm. Contact Rebecca Estes with any questions.


REMINDER: Applications for Spanish Visiting Teacher Program

Details for the 2023-2024 school year (SY) Spanish Visiting Teacher Program can be found here, or districts can express interest by completing the application form here. The application deadline is Friday, March 17. Contact Rebecca Estes with any questions.


REMINDER: Spotlight on Educator Pipeline Strategies

The Office of Educator Talent is collecting information about existing Grow Your Own, Teacher Residency, and Registered Teacher Apprenticeship partnerships across the state. If your school has an established program or would like to learn more about how to get started, please complete the following survey. Contact with any questions.

Office of Information Technology

NEW: Graduation Report Now Released in EdData

An updated Graduation Report can now be found in the LINK Portal via IDOE’s EdData platform. This report contains the Four- and Five-Year Cohort Status reports as well as a Historical Graduation Report. The Graduation Report is available to key staff including superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, assistant principals, counselors, and data administrators. Each organization should only have one designated superintendent or principal. Security coordinators may designate the following additional roles to provide access: “School Administrator,” “LEA Administrator” (for public/charters), or “Data Viewer.” Contact your LINK Security Coordinators with questions regarding roles to access EdData reports. Security coordinators may contact for assistance. Contact IDOE's Office of Accountability with any data questions regarding the Graduation Cohort report.


REMINDER: Annual Performance Reports (APRs) Now Available

The 2021-2022 APRs are available now for schools to review in DOE Online. The new report is currently only available for download through DOE Online. The report is accessible to corporation administrators under the "Annual Performance Report" menu item. The report will be released publicly through INview on Wednesday, March 15. For more information on the report, including publication requirements, click here. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Cybersecurity Resources Available

New cybersecurity education guides and resources available below are designed to help school leaders direct discussions and provide next steps to improve cybersecurity at their school(s):

Contact Brad Hagg with any questions.


REMINDER: E-Rate Match for Fiber Construction Now Available

IDOE is participating in the E-Rate Match Program for special construction projects. Available to any Indiana public school for fiscal year (FY) 2023 (July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024), the program increases the discount rate for special construction charges for high-speed broadband that meets the FCC's long-term connectivity targets up to an additional 10% to match the state funding on a one-to-one dollar basis. Full application details are available here. Contact Brad Hagg with any questions.


REMINDER: Important Data Reporting Change - Student Academic Record Collection to Replace Course Completion Collection 

These changes being implemented for reporting course enrollments and outcomes will impact all schools that report course level data to IDOE. These updates are occurring to improve the completeness of academic records for each student, to support metrics on the Graduates Prepared to Succeed dashboard, and to monitor progress on Graduation Pathways. The full memo is available here and the related frequently asked questions (FAQ) document is available here. Contact IDOE's Data Exchange Team with any questions.

Office of School Finance

REMINDER: FY 2024 Funding Formula Count Estimates

Between Monday, March 6, and Monday, March 27, school officials have the opportunity to review and/or update Legislative Services Agency (LSA) FY 2024 and FY 2025 formula data. Please read this memo for details. Contact IDOE's Office of School Finance with any questions. 


REMINDER: Indirect Cost Rate Training

In partnership with Crowe, IDOE will host a virtual Indirect Cost Rate Training seminar at 1:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, March 29. To attend this seminar, please register here by Tuesday, March 28. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Common School Loan Applications

School corporations have the opportunity to apply for a common school construction and/or technology loan through Friday, April 14. Please read this memo for more details. Additional information can be found in Moodle Finance in the Common School folder. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Application for FY 2024 Indirect Cost Rates

The window to submit an application for FY 2024 Indirect Cost Rates opens Wednesday, March 1, and closes Monday, May 1. School corporations and charter schools that provided Form 9 financial information for FY 2022 are eligible to apply for a restricted and an unrestricted rate for FY 2024. New charter schools are eligible to apply but will be subject to the median rate. The following memo includes the application instructions. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Summer School Estimates

The window to submit the Estimated Cost Report for Summer School 2023 will open on Wednesday, February 1. Please read this memo and FAQ document for information regarding eligible courses, important dates, and financial provisions. Detailed information about the summer school program and how to report is included in this presentation. Contact Teresa Hemmerle or Joe Engelstad

Office of School Support and Transformation

REMINDER: Formulaic School Improvement Planning/Implementation Grants

IDOE’s School Support and Transformation team is now accepting applications for Formulaic School Improvement Planning/Implementation Grants (SIG). A list of eligible schools can be found here. Schools must submit the SIG application and budget template to IDOE's Office of School Support and Transformation. All applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the application closes on Friday, March 31, and the rolling review process will last approximately 10 business days. Project periods are listed below:

  • Newly identified schools: Date of notification through Saturday, September 30
  • Schools in year two and beyond: October 7, 2022, through Saturday, September 30

For information from the webinar, click here. Contact IDOE's Office of School Support and Transformation with any questions.


REMINDER: Annual 1003 Flexibility Waivers

IDOE’s Office of School Support and Transformation is now accepting applications for 1003 flexibility waivers. Flexibility through waivers is offered to help support schools in their design efforts to improve student performance and outcomes, help to improve efficiency of school operations, and to help promote innovative educational approaches to student learning. Interested officials can read more about the opportunity in this memo and in the Flexibility Guide for Indiana's K-12 Schools document. Applications are now open and will be accepted on a rolling basis through Friday, June 2. 

Applications will be reviewed in three rounds:


Review period

Request for information timeline

Recommendation sent to the State Board of Education

Round One

Friday, February 10 through Friday, March 17

Monday, March 13, through Wednesday, March 29


Round Two

Monday, March 20, through Friday, April 28

Monday, April 24, through Wednesday, May 10


Round Three

Monday, May 1, through Friday, June 2

Tuesday, May 30, through Wednesday, June 14


Contact Georgia Watson with any questions.

Office of Student Pathways and Opportunities

NEW: LCP Application Now Open

The 2023-2024 application to create a new LCP is now live. The deadline to submit applications is Sunday, April 30. Final recommendations will be sent to applicants and SBOE by Saturday, September 30. Schools that wish to adopt an already approved LCP should use this form. Schools can find guidance for adopting already approved LCPs here. Contact with any questions.


NEW: March McKinney-Vento Liaison Webinar

IDOE’s Student Pathways and Opportunities team will host the March McKinney-Vento webinar on Tuesday, March 14, from 11 a.m. to noon ET via Microsoft Teams. Please use this link to join. Contact with any questions.

Office of Student, School, and Family Engagement

NEW: PREPaRE Workshop 2 Training from Project AWARE

IDOE is offering the PREPaRE: Workshop 2 training in Mishawaka on Thursday, April 20, and Friday, April 21. Attendance both days is required. The National Association of School Psychologists's PREPaRE model provides school personnel with comprehensive training on how to establish and serve on school crisis response teams. Click here for more information. Registration will close on Monday, March 20. Contact Terri Miller or with any questions.


REMINDER: Diploma Seals Order Form

The online form to order diploma seals for the 2023 Cohort is open until Friday, March 17. Please see this memo for additional information. Contact Rebekah Frazer with any questions.

Office of Student Support and Accessibility/Special Education

NEW: Register for Get Your Teach On Educator Celebration

IDOE’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility and Get Your Teach On are hosting a free Indiana Educator Celebration on Saturday, May 20. This experience is offered in-person at the Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre hotel and virtually via the Indiana Learning Lab. The in-person experience has a maximum capacity of 500 educators and leaders. Register for the celebration here. Contact IDOE’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility with any questions.


NEW: PATINS Project Opportunities and Resources for Indiana Educators

The PATINS Project offers the below opportunities and resources for educators across the state and you can find opportunities and resources listed here. Contact the PATINS Project or IDOE’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility with questions.


NEW: IEP Technical Assistance (TA) Center Upcoming Live Workshops

The IEP TA Center, formerly known as the Indiana IEP Resource Center, provides monthly in-person training opportunities. April workshops are now available via the training catalog. Register here for upcoming workshops. Contact Felicia Houston from the IEP TA Center or the IDOE’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility with any questions.


NEW: Special Education Excess Cost (SEEC) Funding Updates

IDOE will be unable to submit new requests for SEEC funding contracts between Monday, April 3, and the start of the 2024 fiscal year on Friday, June 30. Applications submitted during this period will not be processed until after Friday, July 1. Local educational agencies (LEAs) should continue to pay all vendor invoices. Expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the approved contract following execution. LEAs will be notified of contract execution and may then submit invoices for reimbursement. Specific guidance for the 2023-2024 school year is forthcoming. Contact IDOE’s Office of Special Education with any questions. 


REMINDER: Indiana Alternate Diploma Now Available in Indiana IEP (IIEP)

The Indiana Alternate Diploma is available to students with the most-significant cognitive disabilities who participate in alternate assessments and satisfy graduation requirements. Eligible students in cohort 2023 may earn the Indiana Alternate Diploma beginning this spring, and options are now listed in IIEP. IDOE has provided answers to frequently asked questions regarding this new diploma. Refer to the Alternate Assessment Participation Guidance and Flowchart for additional support in determining eligibility for the Indiana Alternate Diploma. Contact IDOE’s Office of Special Education with any questions. 


REMINDER: English Learner (EL) Office Hours - EL Teacher of Record (ToR)

Join IDOE’s Office of English Learning and Migrant Education for another edition of EL Office Hours on Wednesday, March 15, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. ET. This interactive session will explore best practices for the many facets of the EL ToR role. For more information and to access the meeting, visit the EL PD Opportunities Calendar. Contact IDOE’s Office of English Learning and Migrant Education with any questions.


REMINDER: Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency (CoMP) Participation Deadline Extended Through Friday, March 17

Corporations or non-public schools that intend to participate in Indiana’s CoMP must renew their registration annually. Participants must complete this form by Friday, March 17, for the 2022-2023 school year. The current list of participants can be found here. Additional information is available on IDOE’s Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency webpage, as well as this webinar. Contact IDOE’s Office of English Learning and Migrant Education with any questions.

Offices of Teaching and Learning, Digital Learning, and Kindergarten Readiness

NEW: #INLovesReading Through Purposeful Play

Join IDOE in the Indiana Learning Lab for #INLovesReading Through Purposeful Play, a kindergarten readiness series continuing through March. The next session is Monday, March 13, from 4 to 5 p.m. ET. Matt Glover will present on supporting language development through book making. A full schedule can be found in the Indiana Learning Lab. All sessions will be recorded for later viewing. Contact IDOE’s Office of Kindergarten Readiness with any questions.


UPDATE: Register Now for Coach Edcamp on Friday, May 5

Digital learning coaches are invited to join IDOE for Coach Edcamp on Friday, May 5, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. ET at the Center Grove Innovation Center. This professional learning opportunity, specifically for those in educational technology coaching and leadership roles, is a round-table style, one-day conference. This event is free, and participants will be released for a break at lunch. Register for this opportunity here. Contact IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning with any questions.


REMINDER: March Professional Development (PD) with IDOE

PD Request Live returns throughout March! All PD with IDOE topics were curated from viewer feedback forms submitted in the Indiana Learning Lab. The next session will be A Quick Dip Into Vocabulary and Comprehension. View upcoming March sessions here. To register for workshops, or to view on demand sessions, create a free Learning Lab account by visiting the LINK Portal or the Indiana Learning Lab website directly and use your school email to log in. Contact IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning with any questions.


REMINDER: Standards Prioritization Public Comment Now Open for English/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies Standards

Pursuant to Indiana Code 20-31-3-1, IDOE convened a variety of stakeholder committees (e.g., educators, parents, community members) to review recommended prioritizations of the Indiana Academic Standards for kindergarten through grade 12 with the goal of defining no more than 75% of these standards. Committees also defined recommendations for no more than 33% of the standards as “essential” for mastery by the end of each grade level or course. Public comment is open through Wednesday, March 22, for English/language arts, mathematics, world history and civilization, and geography and history of the world. Access this Jotform for more details and links to view the prioritized standards. The full public comment schedule reflects all content areas and courses for which prioritized standards will become available for review over the next few weeks. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning with any questions.


REMINDER: 2023 Digital Learning Grant Application Now Open 

The 2023 Digital Learning Grant offers school corporations the opportunity to support initiatives related to blended and virtual learning, Universal Design for Learning, assistive technologies, and digital literacy. The application closes on Friday, March 24, at 5 p.m. ET. Join the grant information session on Wednesday, March 8, at 1 p.m. ET for more information. Please see this memo for additional information and to apply. Contact IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning with any questions. 


REMINDER: Legislative Considerations - Standards Prioritization and Curriculum Adoption

IDOE has recently received questions from superintendents regarding recommendations on local curriculum adoption. To help you make the most informed decisions locally, this memo provides an update on newly-enacted legislation regarding standards prioritization, as well as ongoing legislative discussions regarding curricular materials. Contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning with any questions.


REMINDER: Roundtable with Indiana’s PRIME Math Teachers

Join current Indiana PRIME Math teachers and Jason Adair from Southern Regional Education Board for a roundtable discussion on Thursday, March 16, from 4 to 4:30 p.m. ET. The roundtable will focus on successes, lessons learned, and other takeaways from four years of implementing PRIME Math. Register for the session here. To learn more about offering PRIME Math in the 2023-2024 school year, please contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning.


REMINDER: Kindergarten Readiness Community in the Learning Lab

The Kindergarten Readiness Community is now available in the Indiana Learning Lab. This group will support educators and administrators in preparing children birth to age five in all domains of early learning. Contact IDOE’s Office of Kindergarten Readiness with any questions.

Office of Title Grants and Support

NEW: Year Three ESSER Data Collection Window Update

The upcoming Year Three ESSER Data Collection window covering July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 will close on Friday, April 7. IDOE will provide LEAs with the U.S. Department of Education's data collection template in mid-March. The format remains the same as the Year Two data collection tool. More information to be provided via email to all superintendents, ESSER program administrators, and treasurers soon. Contact with any questions.


NEW: Title Con 2023 Second Keynote Speaker Announced

Title Con welcomes Natalie Wexler as the second keynote speaker for Title Con 2023. Natalie Wexler is an education writer and the author of The Knowledge Gap: The Hidden Cause of America’s Broken Education System—and How to Fix It. She is also the co-author, with Judith C. Hochman, of The Writing Revolution: A Guide to Advancing Thinking Through Writing in All Subjects and Grades, and a senior contributor at Check the Title Con website or the conference app for updates and additional information. Contact with any questions.


NEW: Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Definition of High Needs LEAs Open for Public Comment

IDOE has established the definition of a high needs LEA as it relates to Bipartisan Safer Community Act - Stronger Connection funds based on guidance from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Elementary and Secondary Education (OESE) and established needs from the field. The definition will be open for public comment until Friday, March 31. To review the newly released definition and comment, please visit this JotForm. Contact Lacey Bohlen with any questions


REMINDER: Equitable Services Consultation and Agreement

IDOE's Title Grants and Support team has a new consultation and agreement form for the 2023-2024 school year. The changes to this form reflect federal requirements to submit records of meetings to the state's ombudsman (ESSA Sec. 1117(B)). The consultation form, like in year's past, will be uploaded with your pre-application. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Waiver of Services Protocol

IDOE's Title Grants and Support team released new guidance regarding waiver of services protocol. Replacing the previous practice known as release of funds, the waiver of services aligns state practices with federal guidance in the event a non-public school decides to waive some equitable services and funding. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Title Con 2023 Registration Now Open

Registration for Title Con 2023 is now open. To register, please click here. Contact with any questions. 

News From Our Partners


As many as 500,000 Hoosiers could be impacted by upcoming Medicaid eligibility changes required by federal law, which ends pandemic-related eligibility provisions on Friday, March 31. This means regular determinations for coverage will begin again, and actions to adjust, reduce, or eliminate coverage will be allowed beginning in April. FSSA sent communications to Medicaid-covered individuals explaining the actions they need to take to maintain their eligibility. Flyers, social media toolkits, and other resources to explain the change and next steps here. A poster with a QR code that can help individuals quickly update their contact information can be found here and is available in multiple languages. Contact FSSA with any questions.



Every year, ISCA awards school counselors, administrators, and support staff for their hard work and dedication to their students, staff, and community. Awards are given for Elementary, Middle, High School Counselor of the Year, Indiana Trailblazer Award, Administrator of the Year, and Supportive Staff of the Year. If you would like to nominate someone, you can find more information here. The window for nominations closes on Friday, June 2. Contact ISCA with any questions.



The Digital Equity Task Force needs help creating a map of digital inclusion assets in Indiana from any organization or institution that offers digital inclusion programs or resources. Resources include public or free WiFi, computers for public use, hotspot lending programs, device lending programs, device giveaway program, digital skills training programs, meeting space, or similar program opportunities. The short survey can be found here. Contact Cheyanne Geideman with any questions.



NCS3, a Category II Center of the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), invites school districts to apply to participate in a two-year national learning collaborative that accelerates and spreads innovation and improvement in the advancement of trauma-informed school mental health systems. Participating districts and schools will receive training, technical assistance, implementation support, and guidance to effectively create the conditions needed for safe supportive schools. District leaders will be invited to attend an in-person, pre-conference session of the national Annual Conference on Advancing School Mental Health. Additional information can be found here, and applications are due by 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, March 31. Contact NCS3 with any questions.


NEW FROM TEACH PLUS INDIANA: Policy Fellowship Application

Teach Plus Indiana is currently accepting applications for the 2023-2024 Indiana Policy Fellowship. Application deadline is Sunday, April 16. This highly selective leadership opportunity is a paid fellowship for outstanding Indiana teachers looking to expand their influence without leaving the classroom. It spans the 2023-2024 school year and offers selected teachers a generous stipend for their time and effort. Teach Plus Indiana will host three virtual information sessions prior to the application deadline:

Contact Kimberly Nguyen with any questions.


REMINDER FROM THE DIGITAL LEARNING COLLABORATIVE (DLC): Indianapolis Meeting for Digital Learning Leaders

The first annual DLC Indianapolis meeting in partnership with Indiana Online, the DLC state affiliate, will take place on Thursday, May 4, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET at the Central Indiana Educational Service Center (CIESC). Complete the DLC Indy form to receive additional information on this exciting day of learning. Contact Kim Hendrick, Executive Director for Indiana Online, with any questions.



Join the INLearning Partnership for the March event Spring Forward: Future-Ready Student Support Series, which will include daily live streams from Tuesday, March 14, through Thursday, March 16, at 11 a.m. ET on the Keep Indiana Learning YouTube channel. This series will focus on progressive student support while celebrating the individuals who lift students in unique ways. Contact Lena Darnay, Director of Professional Development at Keep Indiana Learning, with any questions.


REMINDER FROM PURDUE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Preparing for the Solar Eclipse in the Elementary Classroom - Summer 2023 Elementary PD

In anticipation of the annular solar eclipse (October 2023) and total solar eclipse (April 2024) events, Purdue University College of Science will be offering an in-person professional development for elementary teachers Thursday, June 15, and Friday, June 16. Lessons and hands-on activities designed around the eclipse will help teach science content for the elementary school curriculum. This opportunity will be presented by Purdue staff and faculty, in collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center and MyNASA data. Participants will leave with ready-to-go lessons and materials to teach some lessons. Certificates for Professional Growth Plan (PGP) points will be provided based on participation. There are 25 openings for this in-person opportunity. Click here to register. Contact Steven Smith or Sarah Nern with any questions.


REMINDER FROM ASVAB: Career Readiness and Literacy with Career and Technical Education (CTE)

ASVAB Career Exploration Program February Newsletter provides resources and information for educators, counselors, parents, and students. Educators will find definitions, resources, funding, and information about CTE’s relationship to the labor market, student outcomes, and achievement. Articles include High-Paying Careers Without a College Degree, Resource Roundup: Explore Postsecondary Options, and The Impact of High School Counselors. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER FROM TEEN WORKS: SUMMER PROGRAM OPPORTUNITIES provides work-based learning opportunities to Indiana teens in Indianapolis, Muncie, Anderson, and Fort Wayne. Interested teens can apply for a six-week entry program here. To gain employment with the TeenWorks Pro Program (year-round job placements) may apply here. Contact with any questions.



AP-TIP's annual Mock Exam training will be held on the campus of IUPUI on Thursday, March 9, Friday, March 10, or Friday, April 14. The event provides mock exams (using previously-released AP exams from the College Board) to implement training on scoring in a format similar to the College Board AP Scoring. AP teachers can read about event procedures and view their subject's Mock Exam training date online here. Registration remains open for AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science A, and AP Statistics until Monday, March 20, or until all available seats have been filled. Contact AP-TIP with any questions.

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