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A Message from Dr. Katie Jenner

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Welcome to March! The first two months of the semester are officially behind us, and spring is right around the corner…which means warmer temperatures, more sunlight, and as I’m sure we are all looking forward to…spring break!

March also kicks off our spring assessments. With WIDA ACCESS testing (EL students) ending last week, our high schools are now wrapping up the SAT Primary Testing Window today, and on Monday, our elementary schools will begin IREAD-3 testing. As you know, our statewide goal is to have 95% of third grade students demonstrating reading proficiency skills and passing IREAD-3 by 2027. We know that students who pass the IREAD-3 assessment by third grade are roughly 35% more likely to graduate high school. Yet, currently, one in five Indiana third grade students is not proficient in key literacy skills. By continuing to work together, we can do this! Here are some examples of how you can continue to lean-in and be part of the solution–

Beginning in 2022, we offered a proactive opportunity for schools to administer the IREAD-3 assessment to second graders. The benefits of this include…

  • Early indicator of proficiency = earlier intervention and support for students (i.e., new On-Track Indicator).
  • Early intervention and support = higher rates of reading success at third grade.
  • Higher rates of reading success at third grade = fewer Good Cause Exemptions.
  • Fewer Good Cause Exemptions = more students’ have the ability to read…now allowing them to maximize future learning.

In our first year, 372 elementary schools statewide opted in to have their second grade students take IREAD-3 (thank you to those who decided to take this leap with us!)...and this year, 777 elementary schools will test their second graders – more than doubling the number of schools participating! This means that about 75% of all elementary schools are taking an increasingly proactive approach to ensure their students can read by the end of third grade!

A quick reminder about 2022 data - about 44% of second grade students who took IREAD-3 passed. And, we've heard loud and clear from our Indiana teachers that this new, early On-Track Indicator has allowed them to continue supporting all of their students, while doubling down on support for the students who were not “on track.”  When we analyzed this data statewide, we also saw that the performance gaps between student populations were already present at second grade. This further emphasizes why early intervention is KEY– thank you to so many who are seizing these opportunities, not because you “have to” but because it’s what’s best to serve our students!

Equipped with this new data, educators and administrators from across the state continue to sign up for additional support through the Indiana Literacy Cadre, a partnership between IDOE and the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) at the University of Indianapolis (if you recall, this is funded by the record-setting public-private investment towards improving literacy in Indiana, including an incredible contribution from Lilly Endowment).

The Indiana Literacy Cadre offers collaborative professional development opportunities for K-3 educators and administrators based on the science of reading, a compilation of evidence-based research on reading, reading development, and reading instruction. Next month, we will share a bit more on the numbers…sneak peak, we surpassed our Indiana year two goal for the number of schools signing up to receive this key coaching and support in the science of reading! 

Thank you to all of the teachers and school leaders who have signed up to administer IREAD-3 at second grade…to our educators who have put in countless hours of work leading up to the IREAD-3 testing window this year…and to all who have been and will be a part of the literacy cadre. Together, let’s continue to move the needle for Indiana students, ensuring they receive the foundational reading skills that make all other learning possible.

Office of Student Assessment

NEW: IREAD-3 Spring 2023 Assessment Window Opens Monday, March 6

The IREAD-3 Spring 2023 assessment window occurs Monday, March 6, through Friday, March 17. The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) provides the following reminders:

  • Ensure that all students have participated in the practice test prior to operational testing.
  • Additional orders for paper testing materials close today, Friday, March 3, for new or updated student accommodations. 
  • Schools should ensure that all applicable testers are correctly indicated within TIDE, including the Tested Grade setting for grade four and five students. Schools should also review the attribute for grade two students who participated in IREAD-3 last spring. 
  • Ensure that test administration materials are prepared, including the IREAD-3 Test Administrator’s Manual (TAM), Secure Segment 1 Script, and any accommodated read aloud scripts, as applicable. 

Detailed reminders can be found in the IREAD-3 Test Window Checklist. Contact IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment with any questions. 


NEW: SAT School Day Primary Testing Window Closes Today, Friday, March 3

The final day of the SAT School Day primary testing window is today, Friday, March 3. Schools must ensure that applicable materials are returned to College Board immediately after testing. The accommodated testing window for eligible students found on the Nonstandard Administration Report (NAR) remains open through Tuesday, March 14. Detailed frequently asked questions regarding the SAT School Day can be found here and within College Board’s Indiana SAT Google Drive. Contact IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment with participation and policy questions and College Board with any technical questions. 


NEW: Apply for the Spring 2023 ILEARN Content and Fairness Committee

IDOE invites general educators, special populations educators, and administrators serving grades three through eight in mathematics and English/language arts, grade five social studies, and high school U.S. government to apply for the ILEARN Content and Fairness Committee. This committee will meet virtually from 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 4, and Wednesday, April 5. The deadline to apply is Friday, March 24, and IDOE will contact selected committee members with additional details. Attendees will receive a stipend and Professional Growth Plan (PGP) points for their involvement. Contact IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment with any questions regarding this opportunity.


REMINDER: Good Cause Exemption (GCE) Intervention Plans for IREAD-3 Spring and Summer Retest 2022 Due Monday, March 6

Schools must submit IREAD-3 Spring and Summer Retest 2022 GCEs by Monday, March 6, via the GCE Intervention Plan form. This form allows single student entry or a template to upload multiple students’ plans. Review the Process and Considerations for Issuing a GCE for guidance on the GCE process and contact IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment with any questions. 


REMINDER: Upcoming Assessment Monitoring

IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment will conduct onsite monitoring visits during spring assessment windows to ensure fidelity of test administration and test security requirements. 

Review the Assessment Monitoring Checklist (Appendix B of the 2022-2023 Indiana Assessments Policy Manual) for additional details. Contact IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment with any questions.

Office of Educator Talent

REMINDER: Applications for Spanish Visiting Teacher Program

Details for the 2023-2024 school year (SY) Spanish Visiting Teacher Program can be found here, or districts can express interest by completing the application form here. The application deadline is Friday, March 17. Contact Rebecca Estes with any questions.


REMINDER: Spotlight on Educator Pipeline Strategies

The Office of Educator Talent is collecting information about existing Grow Your Own, Teacher Residency, and Registered Teacher Apprenticeship partnerships across the state. If your school has an established program or would like to learn more about how to get started, please complete the following survey. Contact with any questions.

Office of Information Technology

NEW: Annual Performance Reports (APRs) Now Available

The 2021-2022 APRs are available now for schools to review in DOE Online. The new report is currently only available for download through DOE Online. The report is accessible to corporation administrators under the "Annual Performance Report" menu item. The report will be released publicly through INview on Wednesday, March 15. For more information on the report, including publication requirements, click here. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Cybersecurity Resources Available

New cybersecurity education guides and resources available below are designed to help school leaders direct discussions and provide next steps to improve cybersecurity at their school(s):

Contact Brad Hagg with any questions.


REMINDER: School Health Report

The new School Health Report application can be accessed via the LINK portal. Once in the portal, navigate to the School Health Report tile. Note that beginning Monday, February 6, in order to have access to the School Health Report tile, a School Health role is required. Please work with your Security Coordinator to make sure that this role is configured for the nurses who will need access to the School Health Report. For more information on how to access the school health report via the LINK Portal, click here. Please note that the legacy School Health Report from DOE Online will be discontinued as of Monday, January 30. Contact with any questions regarding assigning necessary roles. Contact Jolene Bracale with any questions about the school health report.


REMINDER: E-Rate Match for Fiber Construction Now Available

IDOE is participating in the E-Rate Match Program for special construction projects. Available to any Indiana public school for fiscal year (FY) 2023 (July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024), the program increases the discount rate for special construction charges for high-speed broadband that meets the FCC's long-term connectivity targets up to an additional 10% to match the state funding on a one-to-one dollar basis. Full application details are available here. Contact Brad Hagg with any questions.


REMINDER: Important Data Reporting Change - Student Academic Record Collection to Replace Course Completion Collection 

These changes being implemented for reporting course enrollments and outcomes will impact all schools that report course level data to IDOE. These updates are occurring to improve the completeness of academic records for each student, to support metrics on the Graduates Prepared to Succeed dashboard, and to monitor progress on Graduation Pathways. The full memo is available here and the related frequently asked questions (FAQ) document is available here. Contact IDOE's Data Exchange Team with any questions.

Office of School Finance

NEW: Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 Funding Formula Count Estimates

Between Monday, March 6, and Monday, March 27, school officials have the opportunity to review and/or update Legislative Services Agency (LSA) FY 2024 and FY 2025 formula data. Please read this memo for details. Contact IDOE's Office of School Finance with any questions. 


NEW: Indirect Cost Rate Training

In partnership with Crowe, IDOE will host a virtual Indirect Cost Rate Training seminar at 1:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, March 29. To attend this seminar, please register here by Tuesday, March 28. Contact with any questions.


NEW: Common School Loan Applications

School corporations have the opportunity to apply for a common school construction and/or technology loan through Friday, April 14. Please read this memo for more details. Additional information can be found in Moodle Finance in the Common School folder. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Application for FY 2024 Indirect Cost Rates

The window to submit an application for FY 2024 Indirect Cost Rates opens Wednesday, March 1, and closes Monday, May 1. School corporations and charter schools that provided Form 9 financial information for FY 2022 are eligible to apply for a restricted and an unrestricted rate for FY 2024. New charter schools are eligible to apply but will be subject to the median rate. The following memo includes the application instructions. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Summer School Estimates

The window to submit the Estimated Cost Report for Summer School 2023 will open on Wednesday, February 1. Please read this memo and FAQ document for information regarding eligible courses, important dates, and financial provisions. Detailed information about the summer school program and how to report is included in this presentation. Contact Teresa Hemmerle or Joe Engelstad

Office of School Support and Transformation

REMINDER: Formulaic School Improvement Planning/Implementation Grants

IDOE’s School Support and Transformation team is now accepting applications for Formulaic School Improvement Planning/Implementation Grants (SIG). A list of eligible schools can be found here. Schools must submit the SIG application and budget template to IDOE's Office of School Support and Transformation. All applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the application closes on Friday, March 31, and the rolling review process will last approximately 10 business days. Project periods are listed below:

  • Newly identified schools: Date of notification through Saturday, September 30
  • Schools in year two and beyond: October 7, 2022, through Saturday, September 30

For information from the webinar, click here. Contact IDOE's Office of School Support and Transformation with any questions.


REMINDER: Annual 1003 Flexibility Waivers

IDOE’s Office of School Support and Transformation is now accepting applications for 1003 flexibility waivers. Flexibility through waivers is offered to help support schools in their design efforts to improve student performance and outcomes, help to improve efficiency of school operations, and to help promote innovative educational approaches to student learning. Interested officials can read more about the opportunity in this memo and in the Flexibility Guide for Indiana's K-12 Schools document. Applications are now open and will be accepted on a rolling basis through Friday, June 2. 

Applications will be reviewed in three rounds:


Review period

Request for information timeline

Recommendation sent to the State Board of Education

Round One

Friday, February 10 through Friday, March 17

Monday, March 13, through Wednesday, March 29


Round Two

Monday, March 20, through Friday, April 28

Monday, April 24, through Wednesday, May 10


Round Three

Monday, May 1, through Friday, June 2

Tuesday, May 30, through Wednesday, June 14


Contact Georgia Watson with any questions.

Office of Student Pathways and Opportunities

NEW: March McKinney-Vento Liaison Webinar

IDOE’s Student Pathways and Opportunities team will host the March McKinney-Vento webinar on Tuesday, March 14, from 11 a.m. to noon ET via Microsoft Teams. Please use this link to join. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: March High Ability Webinar

IDOE’s Student Pathways and Opportunities team will host the March High Ability webinar on Wednesday, March 8, from 3 to 4 p.m. ET via Microsoft Teams. Please use this link to join. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: March Alternative Education Webinar

IDOE’s Student Pathways and Opportunities team will host the March Alternative Education webinar on Thursday, March 9, from 10 to 11 a.m. ET via Microsoft Teams. Please use this link to join. Contact with any questions.

Office of Student Support and Accessibility/Special Education

NEW: Indiana IEP (IIEP) March Release Notes

IIEP releases monthly updates impacting navigation and use of the system. View the March Release Notes here, in the Office of Special Education Moodle community, as well as in IIEP Updates to accommodations, Individualized Learning Program (IEP) creation, and reevaluation referral are outlined. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Special Education with any questions regarding these changes.


UPDATE: PATINS Project Opportunities and Resources for Indiana Educators

The PATINS Project provides accessible educational materials (AEM) and assistive technology to support Universal Design for Learning. Review opportunities and resources for educators across the state here. Contact the PATINS Project or IDOE’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility with any questions.


REMINDER: Provide Input on Statewide Performance Plan (SPP)/APR for Indicator 3B High School Cohort

Indiana transitioned from ISTEP+ to SAT for the high school statewide assessment in spring of 2022, and IDOE’s Office of Special Education now seeks feedback on whether Indicator 3B baseline and targets should be subsequently revised. Individuals may apply for this opportunity via Jotform by Friday, March 10. Contact IDOE’s Office of Special Education with any questions.


REMINDER: Indiana Alternate Diploma Now Available in IIEP

The Indiana Alternate Diploma is available to students with the most-significant cognitive disabilities who participate in alternate assessments and satisfy graduation requirements. Eligible students in cohort 2023 may earn the Indiana Alternate Diploma beginning this spring, and options are now listed in IIEP. IDOE has provided answers to frequently asked questions regarding this new diploma. Refer to the Alternate Assessment Participation Guidance and Flowchart for additional support in determining eligibility for the Indiana Alternate Diploma. Contact IDOE’s Office of Special Education with any questions.


REMINDER: Monthly Technical Assistant Office Hours 

IDOE’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility hosts Technical Assistance (TA) Office Hours from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. ET on the first Thursday of each month for targeted support on a need or issue. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Student Support and Accessibility with any questions.

Offices of Teaching and Learning, Digital Learning, and Kindergarten Readiness

NEW: Roundtable with Indiana’s PRIME Math Teachers

Join current Indiana PRIME Math teachers and Jason Adair from Southern Regional Education Board for a roundtable discussion on Thursday, March 16, from 4 to 4:30 p.m. ET. The roundtable will focus on successes, lessons learned, and other takeaways from four years of implementing PRIME Math. Register for the session here. To learn more about offering PRIME Math in the 2023-2024 school year, please contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning.


NEW: Standards Prioritization Public Comment Now Open for English/Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies Standards

Pursuant to Indiana Code 20-31-3-1, IDOE convened a variety of stakeholder committees (e.g., educators, parents, community members) to review recommended prioritizations of the Indiana Academic Standards for kindergarten through grade 12 with the goal of defining no more than 75% of these standards. Committees also defined recommendations for no more than 33% of the standards as “essential” for mastery by the end of each grade level or course. Public comment is open through Wednesday, March 22, for English/language arts, mathematics, world history and civilization, and geography and history of the world. Access this Jotform for more details and links to view the prioritized standards. The full public comment schedule reflects all content areas and courses for which prioritized standards will become available for review over the next few weeks. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning with any questions.


NEW: 2023 Digital Learning Grant Application Now Open 

The 2023 Digital Learning Grant offers school corporations the opportunity to support initiatives related to blended and virtual learning, Universal Design for Learning, assistive technologies, and digital literacy. The application closes on Friday, March 24, at 5 p.m. ET. Join the grant information session on Wednesday, March 8, at 1 p.m. ET for more information. Please see this memo for additional information and to apply. Contact IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning with any questions. 


NEW: Live and On-Demand Professional Development (PD) with IDOE

IDOE hosts PD with IDOE every Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET in the Indiana Learning Lab on a variety of topics. View upcoming March sessions here. February’s workshops are all available on-demand:

Attend future live sessions and view other on-demand content in the Learning Lab. Contact IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning with any questions. 


NEW: #INLovesReading Through Purposeful Play

Join IDOE in the Indiana Learning Lab for #INLovesReading Through Purposeful Play, a kindergarten readiness series continuing through March. The next session is Tuesday, March 7, from 4 to 5 p.m. ET. Dr. Tanya Wright will present on clever communicators. A full schedule can be found in the Indiana Learning Lab. All sessions will be recorded for later viewing. Contact IDOE’s Office of Kindergarten Readiness with any questions.


REMINDER: Register Now for Coach Edcamp on Friday, May 5

Digital learning coaches are invited to join IDOE for Coach Edcamp on Friday, May 5, from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. ET at the Center Grove Innovation Center. This professional learning opportunity, specifically for those in educational technology coaching and leadership roles, is a round-table style, one-day conference. This event is free, and participants will be released for a break at lunch. Register for this opportunity here. Contact IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning with any questions.


REMINDER: Kindergarten Readiness Community in the Learning Lab

The Kindergarten Readiness Community is now available in the Indiana Learning Lab. This group will support educators and administrators in preparing children birth to age five in all domains of early learning. Contact IDOE’s Office of Kindergarten Readiness with any questions.

Office of Title Grants and Support

NEW: Title Con 2023 App

The Title Con 2023 App is now available for download and use at this link and conference ID of 4BMRY7. Session titles and descriptions, agenda, and soon, keynote speaker bios, are items found on the app to help you plan your Title Con 2023 experience. Contact with any questions.


NEW: Title Con 2023 First Keynote Speaker Announced

Title Con welcomes Dr. Catlin Tucker as one of the keynote speakers for Title Con 2023. Dr. Tucker is a bestselling author, international trainer, and keynote speaker. She was named Teacher of the Year in 2010 in Sonoma County, California, where she taught for 16 years. Dr. Tucker currently works as a blended learning coach, education consultant, and professor in the Masters of Arts in Teaching program at Pepperdine University. Check the Title Con website for updates or the conference app. Contact with any questions.


NEW: Equitable Services Consultation and Agreement

IDOE's Title Grants and Support team has a new consultation and agreement form for the 2023-2024 school year. The changes to this form reflect federal requirements to submit records of meetings to the state's ombudsman (ESSA Sec. 1117(B)). The consultation form, like in year's past, will be uploaded with your pre-application. Contact with any questions.


NEW: Waiver of Services Protocol

IDOE's Title Grants and Support team released new guidance regarding waiver of services protocol. Replacing the previous practice known as release of funds, the waiver of services aligns state practices with federal guidance in the event a non-public school decides to waive some equitable services and funding. Contact with any questions.


REMINDER: Title Con 2023 Registration Now Open

Registration for Title Con 2023 is now open. To register, please click here. Contact with any questions. 

News From Our Partners

NEW FROM THE INDIANA ARTS COMMISSION: Indiana Educator Fellowship for Creative Teaching

Looking to find new ways to engage students in learning? The Indiana Arts Commission and IDOE have partnered to provide robust training, funding, and a community of experts to inspire and implement creativity-centered innovation in the classroom through a new program, the Indiana Educator Fellowship for Creative Teaching. Selected Creative Teaching Fellows will gather with their like-minded educator peers who are also looking to grow their teaching practice in innovative ways. After exploring what creativity in education can be in theory, all Creative Teaching Fellows will be able to bring a professional, in-person artist residency in their classroom in the fall semester to see the work in a real classroom setting. The deadline to apply to be a part of the Creative Teaching Fellows Cohort is Monday, April 10. Learn more and apply here. Contact the Indiana Arts Commission with any questions.



The Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities has the following publications for Disability Awareness Month: 

  • It's My Life! Read about how people with disabilities are challenging assumptions to live life on their terms within their communities. 
  • Your Vote is Your Voice: View this resource for information on voting including key dates, access requirements for polling locations and voting machines, how to check your registration, how to view candidates, and more. 
  • Disable Disrespect: Review this brochure dedicated to thoughtful guidance on how words and actions can impact people with disabilities.
  • Livable Comes to Life: Learn about 10 communities making Indiana a great place to live.

Contact the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities with questions.


NEW FROM THE INLEARNING PARTNERSHIP: Future-Ready Student Support Series

Join the INLearning Partnership for the March event Spring Forward: Future-Ready Student Support Series, which will include daily live streams from Tuesday, March 14, through Thursday, March 16, at 11 a.m. ET on the Keep Indiana Learning YouTube channel. This series will focus on progressive student support while celebrating the individuals who lift students in unique ways. Contact Lena Darnay, Director of Professional Development at Keep Indiana Learning, with any questions.


NEW FROM THE NATIONAL YOUTH SCIENCE ACADEMY: Science Camp Application Deadline Extended to Tuesday, March 7

Applications are open for current high school juniors and seniors to represent Indiana at the 2023 National Youth Science Camp (NYSCamp) hosted by the National Youth Science Academy. Held in Monongahela National Forest in West Virginia since 1963, NYSCamp is a residential science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) program designed to provide the nation’s rising STEAM leaders with opportunities to engage with professionals and participate in exciting outdoor activities. 

NYSCamp will include five days of virtual programming beginning Monday, June 19, and two and a half weeks of in-person programming beginning Saturday, June 24. NYSCamp is offered to selected participants at no cost—including meals, housing, and transportation. Applications must be submitted online by 6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, March 7. Contact Indiana’s National Youth Science Academy coordinator and IDOE staff member Kate Blaske with questions on this opportunity. 


NEW FROM PURDUE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF SCIENCE: Preparing for the Solar Eclipse in the Elementary Classroom - Summer 2023 Elementary PD

In anticipation of the annular solar eclipse (October 2023) and total solar eclipse (April 2024) events, Purdue University College of Science will be offering an in-person professional development for elementary teachers Thursday, June 15, and Friday, June 16. Lessons and hands-on activities designed around the eclipse will help teach science content for the elementary school curriculum. This opportunity will be presented by Purdue staff and faculty, in collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center and MyNASA data. Participants will leave with ready-to-go lessons and materials to teach some lessons. Certificates for Professional Growth Plan (PGP) points will be provided based on participation. There are 25 openings for this in-person opportunity. Click here to register. Contact Steven Smith or Sarah Nern with any questions.


NEW FROM ASVAB: Career Readiness and Literacy with Career and Technical Education (CTE)

ASVAB Career Exploration Program February Newsletter provides resources and information for educators, counselors, parents, and students. Educators will find definitions, resources, funding, and information about CTE’s relationship to the labor market, student outcomes, and achievement. Articles include High-Paying Careers Without a College Degree, Resource Roundup: Explore Postsecondary Options, and The Impact of High School Counselors. Contact with any questions.


NEW FROM TEEN WORKS: SUMMER PROGRAM OPPORTUNITIES provides work-based learning opportunities to Indiana teens in Indianapolis, Muncie, Anderson, and Fort Wayne. Interested teens can apply for a six-week entry program here. To gain employment with the TeenWorks Pro Program (year-round job placements) may apply here. Contact with any questions.



AP-TIP's annual Mock Exam training will be held on the campus of IUPUI on Thursday, March 9, Friday, March 10, or Friday, April 14. The event provides mock exams (using previously-released AP exams from the College Board) to implement training on scoring in a format similar to the College Board AP Scoring. AP teachers can read about event procedures and view their subject's Mock Exam training date online here. Registration remains open for AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science A, and AP Statistics until Monday, March 20, or until all available seats have been filled. Contact AP-TIP with any questions.


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