An Update From the Indiana Department of Education for January 14, 2022

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A Message from Dr. Katie Jenner

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Last week, to kick off 2022 I shared a bit about my personal goal focus areas for the new year. In order to best help our students learn and grow into successful adults, it is important that we are also taking care of ourselves, as educators. As the semester progresses, I encourage you to continue to make self-care a regular part of your routine…for yourself and for your students!

Together, we have been able to accomplish a great deal over the past year, and today, that same opportunity awaits in the new year. As we work to employ new tactics for achieving our shared goals, at its core, our shared vision in Indiana remains focused on cultivating a learner-centered, future-focused environment for all K-12 students. In 2022, we will continue to prioritize our three pillars:

  • Student Learning and Opportunity,
  • Educator Talent, Quality, and Value, and
  • System Alignment and Capacity. 

This includes supporting you, our educators, because we know that the most effective solutions will be locally-driven and tailored to meet the needs of individual students. With students as our North Star, here’s a look at what is in store for 2022.

  • Studies have shown that pre-K provides a strong foundation that gives students a leg up in future grades. Together, we will work with leaders at all levels to increase quality pre-K/early learning opportunities so more students are better prepared for kindergarten.
  • When it comes to the fundamentals, data shows that the roadmap of opportunity is endless for students who are literate by third grade. Together, we will emphasize and expand our state’s literacy focus and initiatives for students in kindergarten through grade three. This includes creating a collaborative and sustainable model of preparing, educating, and supporting Indiana educators on the Science of Reading framework. More information on Indiana’s priorities for literacy is available here.
  • Through a focus on STEM disciplines, Indiana schools are preparing our future leaders to tackle tomorrow’s greatest challenges, both in life and in the workplace. Together, we will also emphasize and expand our state’s STEM focus and initiatives. This includes using a collaborative process of professional development through a coaching model based on inquiry- and problem-based learning and STEM integration practices. You can read more about our STEM priorities here.
  • In order to best maximize each student’s trajectory for lifelong success, we must continue to work together to establish meaningful K-12 pathways and opportunities for all. To support the development of local pathways leading to employment, enrollment, and enlistment leading to service, we will implement a competitive grant program aimed at increasing the number of students earning work-based learning and postsecondary credentials.
  • To further support student success in today’s competitive workforce, we will work with partners in higher education, industry, and local communities to build a framework to better support intentional skill development, including the development of micro-credentials that students can earn while still in high school, focused on skills such as collaboration, communication, and work ethic.
  • As the development and implementation of the Indiana Graduates Prepared to Succeed (Indiana GPS) dashboard continues throughout 2022, we know that some of the proposed dashboard measures already exist and are reported by IDOE, yet some are aspirational and will need to be built through a multi-year research and development process. We will continue to engage a variety of stakeholders across Indiana (including YOU!) in establishing innovative methods for collecting or accessing new data to measure key indicators of success.
  • There’s no doubt that our students, families, and educators have experienced unique challenges over the last several school years. We know that there’s a direct link between a student’s wellbeing and their academic success. This year, we will continue our work to support student wellbeing, lifting up our students, families, and educators with a network of support and engagement.
  • As a variety of sectors work to develop innovative ways to attract and retain top talent, Indiana will continue progress towards the creation of a comprehensive teacher supply and demand marketplace that connects educators and preparation programs with school openings in real-time. This includes racially and ethnically diverse teachers and teachers in high-need areas (special education and STEM).
  • To better identify and address student learning needs in real-time, we will continue to work with local schools to advance data modernization efforts, including automating the collection of data from source systems at the school level and building a universal data management system within IDOE that allows the state to run analyses and reports quickly and efficiently.
  • To continue elevating the teaching profession and supporting Indiana’s educators, we will continue to expand our resources on the Indiana Learning Lab, and we will continue with our monthly video series Teachers Who Shaped Us, which celebrates educators by inviting prominent individuals to tell stories about how teachers impacted them throughout their lives.
  • As schools utilize historic funding opportunities to respond to and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the continuation of the collaborative, strategic planning consortia will provide schools expert guidance on effectively and efficiently leveraging ESSER II and ESSER III funds to transform educational opportunities.

While this list is not exhaustive, it provides an important look at the opportunity that lies ahead through continued collaboration and innovation – especially through working together and keeping our focus on students!

As we reflect on our work together, may we also take the time this weekend to reflect on the influential work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The legacy of Dr. King’s life impacts us all, providing meaningful lessons on how to build a brighter future for our communities, state, and nation through education–including working together to improve the lives of others. Dr. King shared immense wisdom with us all throughout his life. This is one of my favorites below:




Thank you, as always, for the opportunity to work together, to learn from and grow with one another, and most importantly, for the work you lead for Indiana students!

Office of Student Assessment

NEW: 2022-2023 Indiana Assessment Windows Now Available

The 2022-2023 Indiana Assessment Windows are posted on the IDOE Assessment webpage. Administrators should review and account for these dates when coordinating next year’s schedule. Please contact the Indiana Department of Education’s (IDOE’s) Office of Student Assessment with questions.


REMINDER: Fall 2021 ILEARN Biology End-of-Course Assessment (ECA): Rescore Request Process Opens Monday, January 24 

The ILEARN Biology ECA rescore request process will occur from Monday, January 24 to Friday, February 4. Schools are responsible for communicating the rescore process to all parents of students who tested this fall. Indiana law requires that parents have the opportunity to review their child’s responses and request rescores for any eligible, open-ended ILEARN items in the Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE). Review IDOE’s formal guidance as you prepare for the ILEARN rescore process to begin at your school in late January. Contact IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment with questions.

Office of Information Technology

UPDATE: Verifying Virtual Status for Period 1 Membership 

This memo outlines the process for possible adjustments to Average Daily Membership (ADM) funding for the 2021-2022 school year in anticipation of potential action by the Indiana General Assembly, wherein IDOE may be directed to adjust the virtual status of students reported in Period 1 on Membership Counts for the 2021-2022 school year. In order to ensure the virtual status of students appropriately reflects the complete ratio of virtual attendance to all attendance for students certified for ADM in September 2021, IDOE will use all of the available attendance data for the 2021-2022 school year through December 31, 2021 to revise the calculation of the virtual attendance ratio. These new calculations are available in Data Exchange as of Wednesday, January 12 (see the Certification Tab). All attendance changes for the first semester will be considered final at midnight on Tuesday, January 18. Questions about how potential funding changes will be handled can be directed to


REMINDER: E-Rate Match for Fiber Construction Now Available

IDOE is participating in the E-Rate Match Program for special construction projects. This is available to any Indiana public school for fiscal year 2022 (July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023). This program will increase an applicant's discount rate for special construction charges for high-speed broadband that meets the FCC's long-term connectivity targets up to an additional 10 percent to match the state funding on a one-to-one dollar basis. Full application details are available here. Contact Brad Hagg with any questions.

Office of School Efficiency

REMINDER: Request for Information (RFI) on Efficiency Opportunities for Noninstructional School Building and Transportation Services

The Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA) has released RFI 22-68275, soliciting existing or potential opportunities to improve the efficiency of noninstructional school services associated with school buildings and transportation. This RFI has been issued pursuant to HEA 1266-2021. Due to technical issues with the supplier portal, the deadline for responding to the RFI has been extended to Tuesday, January 18. All questions pertaining to the RFI should be directed to IDOA’s Emily Cranfill.

Office of School Finance

NEW: February Membership Count Date

Please read this memo regarding the Tuesday, February 1, membership count date. If you have questions, please email us at


NEW: Summer School Estimates

The window to submit the Estimated Cost Report for Summer School 2022 will open on Wednesday, February 2. Please read this memo and FAQ for information regarding eligible courses, important dates, and financial provisions. Detailed information about the summer school program and how to report is included in the presentation Summer School 101. If you have questions, please contact Teresa Hemmerle or Joe Engelstad.  


REMINDER: Financial Transparency Portal

Remember to submit financial transparency data for the period of July to December 2021 through the financial transparency portal. The portal may be accessed from the Form 9 dashboard. Please visit Moodle Finance for additional guidance. If you have questions regarding Form 9, please email


REMINDER: July to December 2021 Form 9 Financial Data

The window to submit Form 9 financial data for the period of July to December 2021 is open through Monday, January 31. Please visit Moodle Finance for additional guidance. If you have questions regarding Form 9, please email   

Office of Student Pathways and Opportunties

NEW: Graduation Pathways Eligible Certifications

Some questions have been received regarding the Graduation Pathways Eligible Industry Certifications list released in August 2021. This list was intended to combine the list from 2019-2020 with the addendum that was released for 2020-2021. The second tab of the document contains certifications that were approved for Indiana’s promoted certification list but have not been vetted for eligibility toward Graduation Pathways, and as such, are not available for the 2021-2022 school year. Due to confusion regarding this second tab’s eligibility, the certifications on this list will be honored for seniors and adults who have already earned, or are currently in pursuit of, one of these credentials in the 2021-2022 school year. If you have questions regarding this list, please contact

Office of Student Supports and Accessibility

NEW: Data Analysis Office Hours

Please join the IDOE Office of Special Education from 11 a.m. to noon ET on Tuesday, January 25, or from 4 to 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, January 27, to discuss data as it relates to Results Driven Accountability (RDA). Please RSVP via your district’s assigned special education director to confirm your attendance. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Special Education with any questions.


NEW: RDA Data Retreat Recording Now Available

During the week of November 29, 2021, IDOE’s Office of Special Education conducted a series of data retreats virtually and across the state. The two virtual retreats are combined into one recording for those who may have missed it and can be viewed here. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Special Education with questions regarding RDA.


NEW: Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency Information Session on Wednesday, January 19

Join IDOE’s Office of English Learners and Migrant Students for an informational session on the Certificate of Multilingual Proficiency (CoMP) on Wednesday, January 19, from 3 to 4 p.m. ET. This meeting is intended for local educational agencies (LEAs) that have completed the CoMP Participation Form for this school year; however, it is open to all to learn about the opportunity for multilingual secondary students to earn a CoMP. Visit the Indiana English Learner PD Opportunities Calendar for more information. Please contact Adam Pitt with any questions.

Office of Teaching and Learning/Digital Learning

NEW: Applications Now Open for Governor’s 2022 STEM Team

Gov. Eric. J. Holcomb, Secretary of Education Dr. Katie Jenner, and Treasurer of State Kelly Mitchell invite Indiana high school students to apply for the 2022 Governor’s STEM Team. This program honors four outstanding high school students for their exceptional efforts and accomplishments in one of the STEM disciplines. Winning students each receive a $1,000 deposit into an Indiana CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings plan and letterman jackets identifying them as members of the Governor’s STEM Team. The submission period for the program opens today and applications may be submitted via this JotForm. The deadline for applications is Friday, February 4. Please contact the Office of Teaching and Learning with questions.


NEW: Digital Learning Day on Tuesday, February 22

Join IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning for a panel discussion regarding the current digital learning landscape and what educators can do to continue moving student learning forward. Panelists will include:

  • Melanie Hackett - Assistant Principal, Navarre Middle School
  • Nadine Gilkison - District Technology Integration Supervisor K-12, Franklin Township Schools
  • Steven Dull - Math Teacher, Morton High School
  • Tiffany Reyes - Former First Grade Teacher, Theodore Potter Spanish Immersion Academy

This panel will take place at 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, February 22. To attend, register here. Contact IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning with questions.


REMINDER: STEM Acceleration Grant (Cohort 6) Application Available

Applications are open for Cohort 6 of the STEM Acceleration Grant. Through this grant, IDOE aims to help schools advance timelines for offering opportunities in STEM disciplines to Indiana students in kindergarten through grade 12 during the 2022-2023 school year and beyond. The Indiana General Assembly appropriated funding to IDOE in fiscal year 2022 for STEM program alignment, designating a portion for grant distribution to high-need schools. Applications close on Friday, February 4. Additional details on this grant can be found here. Please contact IDOE’s Office of Teaching and Learning with questions.


REMINDER: January Professional Development (PD) - STEM Plan Integration with IDOE

Join IDOE’s Assistant Director of STEM and Computer Science, Jake Koressel, at 4 p.m. ET on Wednesday, January 19, for his session It All Starts with a Plan: Priorities and Best Practices for STEM Integration. Information on this session and more can be found here. To register for upcoming workshops, create a free Learning Lab account by visiting the LINK Portal or the Indiana Learning Lab website directly and using your school email to log in. You may also suggest a topic for future PD with IDOE sessions by completing this form. Please contact the Office of Digital Learning with questions.


REMINDER: January PD Playbook

IDOE’s Office of Digital Learning will be releasing a monthly PD Playbook through the Indiana Learning Lab, with the first focusing on blended learning. The PD Playbook - Blended Learning provides articles and videos to support professional development and growth. These resources can be used in staff sessions, as a resource to teachers interested in this topic, or to further individual learning. Be sure to check back in February to explore our next PD Playbook on high-quality feedback! Please contact the Office of Digital Learning with questions.

News From Our Partners


The Indiana Department of Health has depleted its inventory of rapid antigen COVID-19 tests and does not expect any additional deliveries for the foreseeable future due to a national shortage. Please see this memo for additional information. For questions, please contact


NEW FROM SCHOOLHOUSE.WORLD: Free Tutoring Now Includes 1:1 Math Support recently expanded its free, online tutoring to include 1:1 math homework support for middle and high school students. This peer tutoring is available through Zoom in 20-minute sessions from 8 to 10 p.m. ET on weekdays. This is in addition to free, small-group tutoring currently available in SAT reading, writing, and math, with a math focus on pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, and statistics. Support is also available for AP courses including AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics, and AP Computer Science. More information on free tutoring services through is available here.



The PATINS Project is collaborating with IN*SOURCE for the PATINS Tech Expo 2022 with IN*SOURCE on Thursday, April 14. Participants will have the opportunity to review assistive and accessible technologies and services, meet with vendors and experts of resources designed to promote inclusion and comply with federal and state mandates, and learn about accessibility and technology support for all students and families. The expo is open to all interested Indiana administrators, teachers, family members, students, and pre-service/grad students. Register at no-cost by Wednesday, April 6. Please contact Jen Conti, events manager for the PATINS Project, with any questions.



To help schools determine the best options for teaching computer science courses for AP credit, the Office of Career and Technical Education has developed the following guidance. For questions, please contact



Innovate WithIN’s annual statewide pitch competition allows Indiana high schoolers to pitch their entrepreneurial idea for a chance at $25,000 and the opportunity to collaborate with world-class innovators to help turn their business from a dream into a reality. The Innovate WithIN Pitch Competition is open to everyone ages 14 through 18 who lives (or attends school) in Indiana. To apply, click here. Submissions are due Friday, February 4. Contact with questions.

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