An Update From the Indiana Department of Education for July 10, 2020

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Dr. McCormick to Host Next Webinar on July 14

Dr. Mac

On July 14 at 10 a.m. (EDT), Dr. McCormick will host another interactive webinar sharing school re-entry information and providing Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) updates on other topics. Dr. McCormick will also answer email questions. The webinar link can be found here. Questions for Dr. McCormick can be sent here.  

COVID-19 Updates and Guidance

COVID-19 Communications Update

As a reminder, IDOE’s COVID-19 FAQ document is updated regularly and available here. Please contact Holly Stachler with questions.

Important IN-CLASS Update Information

IDOE is committed to continuously updating the IN-CLASS Considerations as the fluid nature of COVID-19 influences guidance. Updates are highlighted with a change log in the back of the document located here. Please contact Holly Stachler with questions.

Face Covering Guidance for Parents

IDOE has created this Face Coverings guidance for schools to share with families. Many schools and county health departments are recommending/requiring the use of face coverings for students and staff.  This two-sided sheet provides information on acclimating students to wearing face coverings and guidance regarding face covering maintenance.


Offie of School Building Physical Security and Safety

COVID-19 Educational Video for Staff

IDOE has created a general informational presentation for school staff regarding the basics of COVID-19. The video presentation can be found here.

PPE Directory Established for Direct Purchases from Indiana Companies

The State has launched the Indiana PPE Directory to provide a long-term solution to ensure reliable and credible access to PPE. The directory features a listing of Hoosier companies that manufacture and/or distribute PPE items, such as face masks, face shields, gloves, eye protection, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant. From the directory, users may view each company’s available products and place orders for PPE directly with each provider. Additional information is available here.


Legislative Updates and Guidance

IDOE continues to provide clear and timely guidance related to bills passed during the 2020 legislative session. Find a curation of all 2020 legislative guidance here.


IDOE in the News

Project AWARE Expansion Announced

Expanded funding has allowed IDOE to further increase awareness for mental and emotional wellbeing. Learn more here.


Office of Accountability

Guidance on School Responsibilities for Adhering to Instructional Time and Student Attendance Requirements

As a result of the recent shifts to virtual, online, or remote learning options, and predictive increases in mobility in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, IDOE recognized the potential for miscommunication regarding expectations around instructional time and attendance requirements. This document aims to clearly translate legal requirements and general expectations for instructional programming and obligations related to reporting attendance across instructional environments for the 2020-2021 school year.

2020-2021 Policy for 180 Instructional Day Waiver Request

Please read this memo reminding schools about the process for requesting Instructional Day Waivers, and indicating how COVID-19- related school closures will be handled in light of this policy.

Submission of 2020-2021 School Calendars

Schools and corporations may now submit 2020-2021 school calendars to IDOE. Please read this guidance for information on submitting the calendar. Questions may be sent here.


Office of Student Assessment

IREAD-3 Spring 2020-2021 Window Update

IDOE is currently unable to move forward with implementing the 2020-2021 IREAD-3 window (May 10, 2021- May 21, 2021) based on policy concerns. State Board approved an earlier IREAD-3 window (March 8- March 19) following previous administration time frames. 

Lexile® and Quantile® Measures: Summer Professional Development for Classroom Teachers

The Office of Student Assessment is partnering with MetaMetrics to offer professional development sessions about Lexile® and Quantile® measures for classroom teachers beginning next week. The first three sessions will provide an overview of the measures and MetaMetrics’ new online hub. The last session (repeated twice) will explore how to use the estimated measures for students in grades three through eight. Please read this flyer for additional details. Contact OSA with any questions.


Office of Academics / Leadership and Innovation

Family Friendly Schools Program

To learn more about and apply for the Family Friendly Schools Program, please click here. Applications are due August 1. Please email Amy Beasley with questions.


Office of Academics / Special Education

Deadline Approaching for Leadership Development Opportunity

The Office of Special Education (OSA) is excited to announce the 2020-2021 Aspiring Special Education Leaders Institute (Institute). The one-year leadership development program was created to improve outcomes for all students by preparing a diverse group of educators for leadership roles in special education. The application deadline is July 17. Learn more and apply here.

Training for New Special Education Directors Set for July 15

Each year, in conjunction with the Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education (ICASE), IDOE’s Office of Special Education (OSE) provides training to new directors. This year the event will be presented virtually on Wednesday July 15 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (EDT). The training is open to anyone interested in attending, not just new directors and not limited to ICASE members. Please register here. On the day of the event, you may view the webinar live. The webinar will be recorded and posted to the OSE home page as well. Please direct any questions here.


Office of Academics / Teaching and Learning

Guidance on Indiana Tutoring Fellowship

IDOE has developed the Indiana Tutoring Fellowship, a unique opportunity for qualified high school juniors and seniors to support learning opportunities in math and ELA for children in kindergarten through eighth grade to help prevent or slow the academic regression caused by COVID-19. Additional details can be found here

Final Report of Expenditures for the Early Intervention Grant (EIG)

To close out the 2019-2020 Early Intervention Grant (EIG), all participating schools need to complete the Final Report of Expenditures (FER) here. Please note, any cash balances need to be sent back to IDOE. This form needs to be completed by March 31, 2021. For further questions, please contact Rose Tomishima.

Best Practice for Instructional Re-Entry Video

Please watch this short video which provides an overview of best practices for instructional re-entry in student assessment, curriculum, instruction, and student grouping/differentiation. The video outlines the need for schools to provide all students data-driven, grade-level instruction upon re-entry and supports teachers and administrators with action steps needed for effective implementation of best practices at each stage. 

Upcoming Webinar on How to Discuss Race in the Classroom

Join IDOE for an interactive webinar on how to facilitate classroom conversations on race. The webinar will be hosted by IDOE Secondary ELA and Literacy Specialist, Kelly Waller on July 23, from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (EDT). The webinar will provide a foundation and vocabulary which will allow for teachers and administrators to familiarize themselves with addressing topics involving race. Participants will be provided with specific teaching strategies to utilize in any classroom where reading and discussions of current events or literature take place. Please complete the jot form to participate.

Computer Science Education Guidance

Please click here to view guidance related to the requirements of IC 20-30-5-23. Direct any questions to Jake Koressel, Computer Science Specialist.

STEM School Certification

IDOE is pleased to announce the first cohort of schools to be recertified as STEM Schools. These schools completed the rigorous application process to establish their designation. IDOE is very proud of the hard work done by these schools to further STEM education and be a model for other schools across Indiana. A map and list of these STEM Certified Schools can be found here.


Office of Academics / Title Grants

Consolidated Application Open Calls

IDOE’s Title Grants team invites you to join us for Round 2 of Phase 3 for the INtelligrants Rollout. The first session of pre-application open calls went so well, we decided to offer a second round focusing on the Consolidated Application portion. Open calls will be held July 29 at 1:30 p.m., July 30 at 10 a.m., August 4 at 11 a.m., and August 6 at 1:30 p.m. Click here and scroll down to Phase 3 Consolidated-App open calls to access the links to join the calls.


Office of School Finance

Form 9 Financial Submission Deadline is July 31 

Form 9 financial data for the period of January to June 2020 is due on or before July 31. For the most recent Form 9 information, please review our OSF- Form 9 Special Edition of S’more. For assistance with Form 9 Steps 5-7, please see the summary at Supplemental Schedules. If you have any questions or are having issues with data submission, please include your school corporation number in the subject line and email the information here. The information submission deadline is July 31.

FY 2021 State Tuition Support

Please read this information regarding the July payment of State Tuition Support. If you have questions, please contact Amy Pattison or Melissa Ambre.

FY 2021 Appropriation Update

IDOE has worked with the State Budget Agency regarding FY 2021 state appropriations. Please read the attached memo for details.

Office of School Finance Annual Budget Workshop 

Office of School Finance and other updates can be found in Moodle Finance under Tuition Support - Budget Workshop Information. FY 2021 State Tuition Support Worksheets are available in State Aid. The FY 2021 State Tuition Support worksheet can be viewed and printed from the School Finance Application Center (State Aid). Reviewing the worksheet will afford you the opportunity to review the individual data variables in the calculation of the FY 2021 State Tuition Support grants. Please review your worksheet for accuracy. Questions can be sent to Melissa Ambre or Amy Pattison.

School Technology Advancement Applications

The Office of School Finance will accept School Technology Advancement Applications (STAA) through July 17. School officials interested in submitting a STAA application can complete an online application at the following link. Details and a sample application can be found in Moodle. If you have questions concerning this memo, please use this email. The submission deadline is July 17.

UPDATE: Excessive Education Fund Transfer List

Please read the updated memo regarding the Excessive Education Fund Transfer List based on Form 9 financial data filed by school corporations. Please send questions here. The submission deadline is July 31.

CARES Act Fund Numbers

The Office of School Finance has added new fund numbers for reporting CARES Act expenditures. Please read this memo for details. Please send any questions here.

Annual Financial Report 

I.C. 5-3-1-3 requires the secretary of each public school corporation to publish an Annual Financial Report (AFR). The report must be published one time annually, not earlier than August 1, or later than August 15 of each year. The statute also requires IDOE to develop guidelines for the preparation and formatting of the report. Guidelines are available here and can also be found in MOODLE Finance. The submission deadline is August 15.


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