An Update From the Indiana Department of Education for April 3, 2020

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Dr. Mac

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) continues to respond to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Indiana schools and Hoosier families. This one-pager illustrates how IDOE is focusing its efforts.

COVID-19 Updates and Guidance

Important Information Regarding Continuous Learning Plan Development-Attention Required

Pursuant to Executive Order 20-16, issued on Thursday, April 2, all public school districts, charter schools, and eligible K-12 schools, as defined in I.C. 20-51-1p-47, shall submit a Continuous Learning Plan to the Indiana Department of Education. Explicit directions and the links for the template and submission can be found here. Continuous Learning Plans are due April 17.

FEMA Public Assistance Information

Due to the number of Requests for Public Assistance (RPA) nationwide, FEMA has revised their application procedures for the public assistance program. FEMA has now authorized entities to create their own profiles in the Grants Portal and complete the RPA within the Grants Portal. This form must be submitted by April 12, 2020. More information on the Grants Portal and the Request for Public Assistance can be found here.

Guidance on Work Permits

The Department of Labor has suspended the requirement for employers to have a work permit for minors they employ on file. Therefore, the Department of Labor and the Bureau of Child Labor inspectors will not hold employers responsible to have a work permit on file for minors employed between now and May 1.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Impact of COVID-19 on Schools

This document is a curation of frequently asked questions regarding the impact of COVID-19 on schools.

COVID-19 Weekly Webinar for District Leadership

IDOE hosts a weekly webinar for district leadership to provide consistent updates regarding COVID-19. Information regarding future events can be found here.

IDOE Curated COVID-19 Resources

IDOE has created this webpage dedicated to providing schools access to resources needed to address the impact of COVID-19. On this page, viewers have access to guidance documents, eLearning/remote learning resources, Dr. McCormick’s Weekly Webinars, and more.


Office of School Nutrition

Guidance on Serving Student Meals Provided

Do you have questions about serving student meals during COVID-19?  If so, please see this guidance from the Office of School Nutrition team.


Legislative Guidance and Updates

Legislative Impact on Education Shared

The 2020 legislative session ended on Wednesday, March 11, and IDOE is in the process of issuing official guidance. These memos will be released via Dr. McCormick’s weekly update as they are completed. A compilation of guidance memos can be found by visiting the IDOE Legislative Affairs Website

Guidance on Senate Enrolled Act 319 - Professional Growth Plan Changes

Please read this memo for information regarding changes to Professional Growth Plan (PGP) requirements.


Office of Assessment

ISTEP+ Spring 2020 Retest Final Results and ILEARN Winter 2020 Biology ECA Preliminary Results Available April 6

Final results for ISTEP+ Spring 2020 Retest and preliminary results for ILEARN Winter 2020 Biology ECA are available beginning April 6 in the Online Reporting System (ORS). Schools should prepare a plan to securely share results with students and families when possible. 


Office of Information Technology

Educator Evaluation (EE) Collection for 2019-2020 School Year Canceled

IDOE utilizes the DOE-EE collection to link the student achievement and growth data to educators for use by school corporations in educator evaluations. With the cancellation of spring statewide assessments for the 2019-2020 school year, the DOE-EE data collection is irrelevant, unnecessary, and is therefore canceled.

Cybersecurity Reminder—COVID-19 - Related Threats

Exercise caution regarding COVID-19-related phishing emails. There are a number of scams leveraging the pandemic making the rounds. The nature of the messages vary, including fake addresses appearing to come from an authoritative source (WHO, CDC, ISDH). These scams can also include fundraising, HR notifications, and sensational stories designed to lure workers to click on a link or open an attachment. These threats come in addition to new opportunities for attacks targeting remote workers. Be aware of a new threat where individual employees are targeted through USB drives mailed directly to them in an effort to exfiltrate data. Exercise extreme caution in the use of all removable storage as these can be an avenue of attack.


Office of School Building Physical Security and Safety

Student Safety Reporting

Indiana’s Student Safety Reporting Law (IC 20-34-6-1) requires school corporations to report student bullying and arrest data for each school to IDOE. The collection period will open April 9 and submissions must be made by June 19More information can be found here.


Office of Special Education

Expanded Medicaid Coverage for Teletherapy Services Available

For information and resources on temporary expanded use of “every day” telecommunications technologies to provide teletherapy and other medical services to students sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit IDOE's School-based Medicaid web page. This website also includes information on Indiana Medicaid’s temporary expansion of coverage for telemedicine services during the national public health emergency.

Special Education Excess Cost Funding and COVID-19 Related Issues 

Please refer to the link provided for a Q & A as it relates to Special Education Excess Cost. Contact Sarah Fields with any questions.

EdPlan Connect- New Feature in IIEP

With EdPlan Connect, parents/guardians can sign documents electronically and remain updated on student progress. For more information to share with school personnel, please click here. Guidance for parents on EdPlan connect is available here. Please note this feature will be live through the end of the school year.

Project SUCCESS Holding Virtual Office Hours April 15

Project SUCCESS will be holding virtual office hours on Wednesday, April 15 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. ET. Project SUCCESS Model Site teachers will discuss their experiences with Instructional Strategies for Students with Significant Disabilities, and how they have supported instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. Register to attend the virtual office hours here.

PATINS Project Offering Daily Virtual Office Hours for Distance Learning Support

With many Indiana schools using distance learning to prevent the spread of COVID-19, accessibility to curriculum content is critical for all students, with or without disabilities. In response, the PATINS Project created the webpage Distance Learning due to COVID-19, which has regularly updated resources. The PATINS Project is also offering assistance during daily support virtual office hours, at 10:00 a.m., and 2:00 p.m. ET.

Indiana Medicaid Administrative Claiming (IndianaMac) Time Study Responses Now Due

IndianaMac-participating school corporations should review the Office of Special Education Moodle announcement and Public Consulting Group (PCG) email concerning the January-March 2020 IndianaMAC time study. Failure to respond to at least 85 percent of sampled moments will invalidate the time study, making reimbursement unavailable for the entire quarter. Contact Patrick Rhodes or PCG with questions. 


Office of School Finance

Procurement/Bidding Process 

Please read the attached memo regarding the school procurement and bidding process used by school corporations. The memo builds on recent communications released by the State Board of Accounts as a result of COVID-19.

Summer School Estimates

Due to COVID-19 and its operational impact on school corporations and charter schools, IDOE is extending the window to submit the Estimated Instructional Costs Report and List of Courses for Summer School 2020 to June 1. Please see this memo for information regarding eligible courses, important dates, and financial provisions. Detailed information about the summer school program and how to report is included in Summer School 101. If you have questions, please contact Kathryn Roth or Melissa AmbreThe submission deadline is June 1.

FY 2021 Indirect Cost Rates 

The window to submit an application for FY 2021 Indirect Cost Rates has been extended to April 30. Local education agencies, including school corporations and charter schools, that provided Form 9 financial information for FY 2019 are eligible to receive a restricted and an unrestricted indirect cost rate for FY 2021. New charter schools are eligible to apply but will be subject to the median rate. Please email the application and required material hereThe application deadline is is April 30.

April Tuition Support Payment

The Office of School Finance has recalculated FY 2020 Basic Grant funding for school corporations and charter schools. The FY 2020 State Tuition Support Worksheet can be viewed and printed from the School Finance Application Center. The April 15, 2020, Basic Grant reflects actual February 2020 average daily membership (ADM) non-virtual and virtual student counts. Please read the April Tuition Support Payment memo which can be found in MOODLE Finance. The State Tuition Support Payment Distribution date is April 15. 

Fall 2020 ADM Estimate

The window for school corporations and charter schools to submit a September 2020 membership estimate has been extended to May 1. The membership estimate should reflect the count of virtual and non-virtual students anticipated to be enrolled and attending the school corporation or charter school in September. Officials will submit the ADM estimate in the School Finance Application Center (State Aid) at. Please contact Melissa Ambre with any questions. The deadline for submission is May 1.


Office of Academics / Curriculum and Instruction

Updated Graduation Requirements for the 2020 Cohort

Guidance pertaining to graduation requirements for the 2020 cohort have been finalized and can be found here. Please direct all questions to Robin Leclaire.

Advanced Placement (AP) Updates from the College Board

College Board has released the new spring 2020 exam dates and times including more detailed information regarding the changes to the exams, exam tasks and the rationale behind them, and additional testing information.

  • Click here for the exam and course updates from College Board. 

  • Click here for a quick reference guide on how to support student learning during school closures.


Office of Academics / School Improvement

Science of Happiness 101 Webinar

In response to educator requests for continued quality professional development related to personal self-care, IDOE’s Office of Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness is offing a live webinar to promote and support participation in The Science of Happiness Course. Please join IDOE staff on April 8 from 9:00-10:00 a.m. ET, as this webinar will cover how to enroll into the course, what you will learn during the course, and how to ensure you get your 45 PGP certificate for participation. Use this link to participate.

Social-Emotional Learning 101 Webinar

In response to educator requests for continued quality professional development related to social-emotional learning, IDOE’s Office of Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Wellness is offing a live webinar that will focus on social-emotional learning (SEL). Please join IDOE staff on April 6 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET, as this webinar will cover what SEL is, what the seven SEL competencies are, and how to use IDOE resources to support SEL. Use this link to participate.

Notice: “Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap” Conference Training with Anthony Muhammad Canceled

Due to the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, IDOE has postponed the June 2 and 3 “Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap” conference / training. Alternate dates and formats for providing this valuable professional development opportunity are being explored. Additional information will follow as it becomes available.


Office of Academics / Title Grants and Support

EL Leadership Virtual Meeting Set for April 8

The next EL Leadership meeting will take place via webinar on April 8, from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. ET. All English learner leaders from across Indiana are welcome to attend. During the meeting, IDOE’s EL team will provide updates on COVID-19 responses and guidance, share information on WIDA ACCESS reports and delivery, answer pertinent questions, and more. Access the webinar via the information below:

  • EL Leadership Meeting: April 8 - Webinar Link

  • Meeting number/Access code: 734 905 789

  • Meeting password: 7PSweu4CrD8

  • Audio connection: +1-415-655-0001

Title IV Innovation Grant Deadline Extended

Due to school closures and response efforts to COVID-19, the Title IV Innovation Grant deadline for submission will be extended to May 1, 2020. Additional information, including application and submission materials is available here.


2020 U.S. Census and Indiana Schools

April Highlights Census Importance of Public Participation

How exactly is school funding determined by the Census? Dwayne Marshall from IDOE’s Title Grants and Support explains in this short video. Please send any census questions to Laura Blaydes or Beatriz Pacheco. Check out IDOE's Census Website for school, educator, and family resources.


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