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Friday, May 25, 2018





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Dear Educators,

Commencement exercises and awards ceremonies are signs another school year is coming to a close. Congratulations to the Class of 2018 and all of you who helped guide these students throughout their time with us.

As we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, let us always remember and hold gratitude for all who have given their lives so that we may live, learn, and prosper as free people. Enjoy a safe and relaxing holiday weekend, and thank you for all you continue to do on behalf of our students. 


Dr. Jennifer McCormick 



Office of School Transportation

Annual Stop Arm Survey Yields Alarming Results

On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, the Indiana Department of Education conducted a one-day snapshot survey of stop arm violations across the state. The survey was part of the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) annual count. This year, 201 Indiana districts, non-public schools, head starts, and contractors participated. With 7,671 buses represented in the survey, a record setting 3,082 stop arm violations were reported. There was an almost even split between morning and afternoon violations. A majority (80 percent) occurred in front of the bus. Nearly all violations involved the driver’s side of the bus. Even more disturbing was that 59 violations occurred on the right side of the bus where children were loading and unloading. Additional survey results are available here


NEW! ISTEP+ Grade 10 Spring: Parent Portal Claim Codes Now Available

Parent Portal claim codes are now available from PearsonAccessnext. Please download and distribute the following files to parents before the Parent Portal opens June 11. CTCs can use these directions when downloading claim code files and generating parent letters. Schools may edit this grades 3-8 parent letter or this grade 10 parent letter and include these instructions for accessing the Parent Portal. Claim codes provide access to FERPA-protected student data, so please handle with care.

NEW! Updated Guidance About the Use of the PSAT 

In the Budget Bill passed by the Indiana General Assembly, lawmakers appropriated enough PSAT funding to include the exams taken by grade 11 students. For grade 11 students, PSAT will replace Accuplacer as the method for identifying a student’s remediation needs. The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) will no longer cover the cost of Accuplacer for any student.

NEW! “What’s New for ILEARN?” Video Posted – Share with Educators!

We posted the recording and PowerPoint for our first ILEARN webinar on the ILEARN website and will post additional recordings as they become available. Our office also compiled a collection of extra updates in response to educator feedback received this week. Please share all of these resources with educators throughout your school or corporation.

NEW! Headphones Needed for ILEARN ELA and IREAD-3 Assessments

Students in grades 3-8 will need headphones or earbuds when interacting with ELA items that assess Listening, Media Literacy, and Content Area Literacy standards on ILEARN and foundational sound items on IREAD-3. Schools may choose to purchase these items for students or add them to their back-to-school materials list for next school year. Most generic models will be compatible with AIR’s online testing system.

Educators Needed for Upcoming Assessment Committees

Please share this survey with educators in your school or corporation who may be interested in participating on future assessment committees. Once our office receives administrator approval, applicants are added to our educator pool and may be invited to assist with assessment committee work.

Summer IREAD-3 Onsite Monitoring

The Office of Student Assessment will be conducting unannounced onsite monitoring visits during the summer IREAD-3 testing window beginning the week of May 29. Please ensure that school administrators and staff are aware that these onsite visits will be conducted. Click here for more details. 

Office of Finance

FY 2019 Indirect Cost Rate

The Office of School Finance is accepting FY 2019 Indirect Cost Rate Applications through June 30. Please read the attached memo for details. If applicable, email a request for the Excel version of the Schedules to icr@doe.in.gov. Please email questions to either Sarah Henry or Amy Pattison.

2018 Annual Budget Workshop 

Please read the attached memo regarding the School Budget Workshop to be held on June 27, 2018, beginning at 8:30 a.m. (local time) at the Pike Performing Arts Center. More details will follow as the event nears.

Form 9 ESSA Guidance

Attached find guidance related to the Department and Indiana local education agencies federal reporting requirement under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and Indiana state law. This resource, updated in April 2018, provides Indiana LEAs with an overview of state and federal reporting requirements for school building level data beginning July 1, 2018. The January 1, 2019 submission of July through December 2018 Form 9 financial data must reflect expenditures at the school building level. Also attached is a flowchart providing additional documentation of the method for coding expenditures to the school building level. Also see the updated copy of the Form 9 file format. Please direct any questions to Form9@doe.in.gov. 

Legislative Updates and Guidance

Guidance on School Safety and Barricading Doors

Please read the attached information relating to school safety and barricading doors during unplanned fire alarms. Contact David Woodward with any questions. 

Guidance on Graduation Requirements

Please see this updated legislative guidance regarding graduation requirements. Contact Dr. Jennifer Jensen with any questions.

Guidance on Indiana's State Insect the Say's Firely

Please read the following related to the Say's Firefly. Contact Nick Flowers with any questions.

Office of  School Technology

Matching Grants of $25,000 for Cybersecurity Now Available

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is making available a matching grant opportunity for schools interested in improving their cybersecurity posture. IDOE match funds come from an appropriation by the Indiana General Assembly in the 2017-2019 budget. In order to offer more grants with the available funds and to incentivize local budgeting for cybersecurity in the long term, a dollar -to- dollar match is available for up to $25,000 from IDOE. This grant application is online and open until June 15. Funding for this grant cycle is available for approximately 40 grants at full match potential. In the event IDOE receives more qualified requests than it has the ability to fund, a lottery system will be implemented to select grantees. If such a process is used, IDOE, at its discretion, may structure the lottery to ensure a range of projects are funded. Additional information is available here.

Office of School Accountability

Training Modules for School Personnel Now Available

The Office of Accountability is pleased to announce the availability of new Moodle training resources on the following topics:

Cohort:  This training consists of three sections that provide an in-depth overview of the cohort process in Indiana, a summary of graduates in the cohort, and a breakdown of how students may exit a cohort and what documentation is needed to support such exit codes.

ESSA Accountability:  This training reviews all components of the federal accountability system outlined in Indiana’s ESSA plan that will be implemented for the first time beginning with 2017-2018 accountability.

State versus Federal Accountability:  This training provides a step-by-step comparison and contrast of the state and federal accountability systems to provide context regarding the similarities and differences that schools will see between the two accountability determinations that will be released for 2017-2018 accountability.

Each course includes a video presentation and quiz to ensure understanding of content. These training resources are accessible via the Department’s Moodle page under “Accountability” courses. Participants will need to create a Moodle account and enroll in the courses by using the enrollment key of “accountability2018." Please contact the Office of School Accountability with any questions.

Office of School Accountability Announces Availability of Legal Standards Submission for Schools to Maintain State Accreditation

Legal Standards are those statutory or regulatory requirements for public and non-public state accredited schools that are part of the Indiana school accreditation process. Freeway accredited schools and charter schools do not complete the assurances.

Building principals are required to complete Standards 1-6, and superintendents will complete Standards 7-12.

Legal Standards Assurances are submitted through DOE-Online. The link for DOE-Online can be found here. Once logged in to DOE-Online, please go to the Accreditation tab and select the Legal Assurances. From there the appropriate role will have to complete the standards that are assigned to either the building principal or corporation superintendent.

Please note the following information on Legal Standards 1 and 12:

  • Legal Standard 1:
  • Legal Standard 12:
    • Educator Evaluation Plan guidance will be released by the Office of Educator Effectiveness early this summer. If you have questions, please email eel@doe.in.gov.

The attached guidance has additional information on the legal standards and the submission process.

Office of School Improvement

Reading Plan Will Open June 1

All State Board accredited schools with a section of kindergarten, grade 1, grade 2, or grade 3 are required to annually submit an Elementary Reading Plan, which supports scientifically-based reading research, instruction, and intervention. The 2018 submission window opens June 1 with a submission deadline of June 30. Submissions must be made through Indiana Department of Education Online.

Principals will use their username/password logins for access. Contact Amy Heath with any questions.

Office of Workforce and STEM Alliances

Robotics Start-Up Grants Available for Indiana Elementary and Middle Schools!

TechPoint Foundation for Youth has Robotics Grants available to any Indiana elementary school, middle school, or 501(c)3 organization that does not already have a VEX IQ Robotics team. The Robotics Grant includes*:

  • VEX IQ Robotics Kit 
  • Project Lead the Way classroom activities
  • Teacher training and ongoing support
  • Team registration fees

*Additional opportunities may exist for new and returning teams serving all girls.

TechPoint Foundation for Youth has already awarded more than 500 grants to Indiana schools and 501(c)3 organizations and more grants available! This grant application is easy to complete and includes a 2-year commitment to host a team for your students. This is an amazing and unique opportunity for Indiana schools. Don't let your students miss out!

Learn more and apply here today! Inquiries may be directed to RobotGrant@TechPointYouth.org. 

Openings Still Available for "Beta Release" Cybersecurity Course 

The Indiana Department of Education has a limited number of mini-grants available to support the implementation of Project Lead The Way’s “Beta Release” cybersecurity course for the 2018-2019 school year. Public high schools serving tenth grade students are eligible to apply. (Even though the application indicates that the opportunity is past, eligible Indiana schools may still apply). Details of the program include:

  • The cybersecurity course is a “Beta Release”- Course description, outline, and resume.
  • This mini-grant of $7,500 will cover:
    • A participating school must have an active PLTW Computer Science Program ($2,000 annually, per school) The grant pays this cost for two years.
    • A participating school must host a Network Security Lab specifically for the cybersecurity course ($500 annually, per school)  The grant will pay this cost for two years.
    • A participating school must have at least one teacher successfully complete the Professional Development requirement. this includes some online course work and a five-day onsite training to be held in July. ($2,400, per teacher). The grant will this one-time cost.
  • Schools will be required to cover all other costs such as travel, accommodations for training, and classroom supplies beyond those noted above.

All schools participating in the Cybersecurity Beta Release will be notified by June 15 of their acceptance into the release. After being accepted, schools will receive more information about the Network Security Lab Hosting and the schedule for professional development. Questions about this opportunity should be directed to Theresa Hall (Mobile: 574.855.7199) at Project Lead The Way. 

Office of Special Education

Spread the Word-SHAPE Stories-Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation 

The School Health Assessment and Performance Evaluation System (SHAPE) offers a virtual work space for a school mental health team to document, track, and advance quality and sustainable improvement goals. The system also can assess trauma responsiveness. School districts across the country are using the SHAPE System, in varying degrees, to obtain customized school and district level progress reports and useful resources to improve system quality and sustainability. Districts can work in local teams to complete the assessments without assistance from the Indiana Department of Education. This month, the Office of Special Education highlights the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation and their work with the SHAPE System.

Office of Title Grants and Support

Title III Grants

2018-2019 Title III grant applications are now available. Additional supporting documents, including those for the Title III immigrant influx grant, and a technical assistance video, have been posted. Note that allocations and the application for the state-funded Non-English Speaking Program (NESP) grant will be available mid-June. Title III grant applications are due August 31.

Title Allocations and Materials for 2018-2019 School Year

The Title I planning allocations were provided to all LEAs on May 21, and the application will be available at titlei.doe.in.gov no later than June 1, and will be due no later than July 1. The Title IIA, Title III, and Title IV application materials are available. Allocation notices will be sent to LEAs soon, with a due date of August 31. All LEAs who receive Title I will also receive the formula Title IV grant this year, at a minimum of $10,000. Questions may be sent to your federal grants specialist.  

Office of Educator Effectiveness

Reminder - IDOE Teacher Survey: Your Voice Matters 

Thank you for supporting your teachers in completing the 2018 IDOE Teacher Survey: Your Voice Matters.

At this point, your teachers should have received four reminders about the survey since the original launch on May 14. There will be four more reminders prior to the window closing on June 15. We are well over 15,000 teachers who have completed the survey. We have districts that have 100 percent of their surveys completed and almost every other district is seeing growth in participation each day. It is exciting and we are thrilled to have so many teacher voices being heard. Keep the completion rates growing. Keep encouraging your teachers. Some helpful tips in case you are still experiencing troubles:

  • Download the survey link for your district and send it out to those in need.
  • Email all of the teachers in your district asking them to check for a survey fromsupport+idoe@panoramaed.comand to please complete it. 
  • If teachers indicate that they did not receive one, please share the appropriate school backup survey link with them. Alternatively, you might consider including the backup link with your email so that they can take the survey right there as needed. 

Sharing the backup links with those who didn’t receive a survey will ensure a stronger participation across your district. Please note that this survey is intended for K-12 teachers with a current teaching assignment.

If you have any questions about this or need help locating your backup link, please reach out to support+IDOE@panoramaed.com.

Teacher Appreciation Grant

The SY 2018- 2019 Teacher Appreciation Grant (TAG) will be coordinated by the Office of Educator Effectiveness. Policy submission information is forthcoming.

Visiting Teacher Program

If interested in a school partnership with the Academie of Strasbourg, you can learn more here. Please contact Chris Kates.

Office of School Nutrition Programs

Important Information Concerning the Hiring of Nutrition Directors

Please ensure that any School Nutrition Director candidate meets the USDA professional standards. Requirements for Director candidates may be found on page six of the Hiring a New School Nutrition Programs Director Manual. New Directors that do not meet USDA professional standards cannot be paid out of the non-for-profit food service account. Please complete the Indiana Department of Education's online New School Nutrition Programs Director Hiring Form before hiring a candidate.

Important Information on Bullying

Bullying data for each school must be reported by July 1 of each year and subsequently posted online by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) (per IC 20-34-6-1). New legislation (HEA 1356) allows IDOE to conduct an audit of a school corporation to make certain all bullying incidents are being accurately reported. In an effort to ensure accurate data collection, please review this data prior to submission. In order to streamline data submission for schools, submission of this data must be completed on the DOE-ES report (discipline report). This is accessible via the STN application center data transfer function. Questions related to the process for submission of this data should be directed to the STN site administrator for your school corporation.

Education Innovation and Research Grant Opportunity

Competitive Funding Opportunity Available From the U.S. Department of Education

The Education Innovation and Research (EIR) grant provides funding for recipients to create or scale entrepreneurial, evidence-based, field-initiated innovations to improve achievement and attainment of high-need K-12 students. 

If your district has more than 350 students in Average Daily Attendance and would like more information about the EIR grant, please visit the EIR 2018 Competition Page. All EIR applications are due by June 5.  

Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) in the News

IDOE Conducting Inaugural Statewide Teacher Survey

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