A Message from Dr. McCormick 1/26/2018


Indiana Department of Education
Friday, January 26, 2018




Dear Educators:Dr. Jennifer McCormick

This week we launched our educator recruitment and retention campaign. You can find additional information below. Also, the Department announced a new division that aligns with our Career and Technical Education goals.

The Department is back on the road. Thank you to all who have joined us to learn more about Assessment, Accountability, and CTE. Sharing our vision and engaging with our stakeholders is another way we are working together for student success. 


Dr. Jennifer McCormick 


Office of Educator Effectiveness

IDOE Launches Teacher Recruitment and Retention Websites

As part of the Department’s ongoing commitment to attracting and retaining top teachers and administrators, two new online resources have been launched. Find additional information about this exciting campaign here. 

Increased Licensure Options

Please read this update on Department efforts to provide more licensure opportunities for educators and more flexibility in staffing for administrators.

Office of Workforce and STEM Alliances

Redesigned CTE Support Structure

Please read this important announcement for information regarding our redesigned Career and Technical Education support structure. IDOE specialist contact information is included.

CTE Workshop-Register Now

This February 15 workshop will focus on aligning CTE course offerings to workforce needs and harnessing sector partnerships to localize opportunities. Read about this workshop here.

Career and Technical Education 30A State Funding - DWD Request for Local Data Review

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) 2018-2019 Funding Memo and Chart have been updated by the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) and approved by the State Board of Education. Please see this memo for additional information.

Updates From the Office of School Finance

Indirect Costs - The Office of School Finance will accept FY 2019 Indirect Cost Rate Applications from February 1 through June 30. Please read the attached memo for details. If you have questions, please email Sarah Henry or Amy Pattison at icr@doe.in.gov

Curricular Material Reimbursement Estimates - The Office of School Finance has calculated the estimated 2017-2018 curricular material (TB) reimbursement to qualifying school corporations and charter schools. Amounts will be finalized on February 8 and funds distributed on February 15. If you have any questions regarding the reimbursement estimate, please contact Sarah Henry or David Ryan immediately at doetextbooks@doe.in.gov 

February ADM Count Information

This memorandum is a reminder that pursuant to I.C. 20-43-4, the second membership count date is February 1. Please be sure your building level personnel and technology area are aware of this deadline. Please note the February 1 membership count is for information only, and will not be used in the FY 2018 State Tuition Support Formula. 

2018 Summer School Program

This document provides information for the 2018 Summer School Program, including important dates, reimbursable programs, financial provisions, and other helpful guidance for school corporations. 

Guidance for Local Education Agency (LEA) School Building Data
Reporting Under the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Please read the following information regarding ESSA Form 9 guidance on the timing and process for coding Form 9 financial data beginning July 1. This resource is meant to provide Indiana Local Education Agencies with an overview of state and federal reporting requirements for school building level data.   

Office of Assessment

ISTEP+ Winter Retest Preliminary Results Available in PearsonAccessnext

Students’ preliminary results are available in PearsonAccessnext and the Parent Portal. Use these instructions for accessing the Parent Portal and to assist parents with rescore requests. The rescore window closes February 2. 

Office of Special Education

New Short Share Video Released

The Office of Special Education has released another video in the Short Share TIPS series. In partnership with the Indiana IEP Resource Center, the latest video discusses a Goals Development Checklist. In addition, the checklist can be accessed here 

Diploma Seal Orders

Schools wanting to order diploma seals should read the following memo for directions on how to complete this process.

Assessment, Accountability and CTE Roadshow Final Presentations

There is still time to sign up for one of our final Assessment, Accountability, and CTE Roadshows. Please read the attached flyer for more information. 

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