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Learn how Decay Devils has been able to get a Rust Belt city interested in historical preservation for the first time in 40 years at the Indiana Arts Homecoming conference this October in Indianapolis.

A few years ago, the City of Gary sold the Union Station building for $10 to Decay Devils "who have cleaned the outside and have plans to haul away the garbage and put windows back in. Perhaps it could become a restaurant. Or a museum. Most of all, they say, it could serve as a sign that this city, which has lost more than half its population and struggles with violence and blight, is heading toward a long-awaited rebound." (Mitch SmithNew York Times)

Andrea Ledbetter

Presenting will be one of the organization's founding members, Andrea Ledbetter. In addition to her work with Decay Devils, Andrea is a photographer, writer, researcher, and registered nurse.

Space is limited so grab your ticket for the Indiana Arts Homecoming (October 24-25, 2019) and secure your spot to get connected with this incredible group!

Members of Ohio-based band Mo’ Mojo perform at The Purple Fiddle. Photo from The Purple Fiddle.

Ohio-based band Mo’ Mojo perform at The Purple Fiddle in West Virginia. Photo from The Purple Fiddle.

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