Fishers woodworker to create Governor's Arts Awards

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October 10, 2017



Rex Van Zant

Director of Marketing and Communications


Fishers woodworker to create Indiana Governor's Arts Awards

(Indianapolis, Indiana) The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) announced today that Tim Kennedy, a woodworking artist from Fishers, Indiana, has been selected to create the 2018 Indiana Governor's Arts Awards.

"I'm so honored to represent the woodworking community in Indiana by being selected to create the next Governor's Arts Awards, and have my work symbolize the outstanding achievements or contributions of others in the arts in Indiana," Kennedy said.

Kennedy is best known for using a lathe to achieve graceful, curving lines in his wood art. With rustic and classic elements incorporated into simplistic, contemporary design, his work ranges from small spinning tops to large wall hangings. Every piece focuses on the natural beauty of wood, which is often enhanced through weathering, burning, or sandblasting.

"Whether as craft or fine art, Indiana has a significant history in wood being used as an artistic medium," IAC Executive Director Lewis C. Ricci said. "While wood had been a component of previous Governor's Arts Awards, this is only the second time where it will be the only element used."

Kennedy said he picked up his interest in wood turning from his father, who taught industrial arts and had a woodshop of his own. Although describing himself as a "generalist" in wood turning, he strives to incorporate a wide range of techniques in his work. His creative design is to come up with novel ways to use those techniques to create something new or different from expected. One example is multi-axis turning which allowed him to develop a new form for a wooden vase. Kennedy says he is also careful about the wood he selects for his work, preferring to seek out the unique character found in distressed or damaged wood.

As a member of the American Association of Woodturners, and an Indiana Artisan, Kennedy's work is frequently shown locally at the annual Indiana Artisan Marketplace, Indianapolis; Penrod Art Fair, Indianapolis; and the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival, Rockville, Indiana.

"Indiana hardwoods, and the exceptional work Hoosier furniture makers and woodworkers have made from it for a couple of centuries, have earned the state a deserved reputation in high-quality, beautiful art and fine craft made from wood," said Indiana Artisan Executive Director Eric Freeman. "Indiana Artisan identifies and promotes Indiana's highest quality work in all media, and Tim's unique and eye-catching wood turning ability puts him at the top of the wood artisans recognized by the state with the honor."

Kennedy was among a half dozen wood artists who submitted samples of previous work for consideration by the Governor's Arts Award Selection Committee. Although not yet ready to reveal the plans for his award design, Kennedy said he does plan to only incorporate wood native to Indiana in the work he creates for the awards.

The Indiana Governor's Arts Awards will be presented in the fall of 2018 at Sweetwater Sound, Inc., in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Indiana Arts Commission is dedicated to the vision of the arts everywhere, every day, for everyone in Indiana.


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