Deadline approaching to apply for Arts Commission PACE grants

IAC-Press Release

September 11, 2017


Rex Van Zant

Director of Marketing and Communications


Deadline approaching to apply for Arts Commission PACE grants

(Indianapolis, Indiana) The Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) announced today that potential applicants for the Partnering Arts, Community, and Education (PACE) grant program have until November 1, 2017 to complete the application process.

The IAC seeks up to five new partnerships for the PACE program, which aims to assist lower performing schools with significant numbers of at-risk students through arts residency activities.

Proposed programs should be appropriate for grades 2 - 5, should occur regularly through out the entire school year, and should use arts integration techniques to connect arts learning with literacy learning.

Applicants must either be a 501(c)3 arts organization or eligible school. Preference will be given to programs located in one of the following IAC service regions: 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, or 12.

Applicants may request a maximum grant amount of $10,000.

Potential applicants must review their eligibility by phone with the IAC Arts Education manager before completing the application process, Contact Stephanie Haines at 317-232-1274.

Program eligibility requirements can be found at

The Indiana Arts Commission is dedicated to the vision of the arts everywhere, every day, for everyone in Indiana.


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