The Weekly Scoop on Creative Placemaking

The Weekly ScoopDetroit and Indianapolis beaches
Left: Detroit beach plaza, Right: Indianapolis rain garden


Somewhere on a beach...


The question “Where does my community like to gather?” is where creative placemaking begins. There are almost always places and spaces for gathering. A local park, waterway, church, school, or even a street corner counts. By figuring out those spaces first, you’ll have an easier time finding and then engaging with your community.

It’s also important to take note of all of the physical assets and the community events that contribute to local culture. Asset mapping helps to draw connection points between people, places, and events. Here are some tools to get you started.


Open Scene Creative Placemaking Consultancy Application is due July 30. Yes, you should apply.

Who benefits from the impacts your creative placemaking brings about? Would they be willing to pay for it? It’s very likely that an individual or business may contribute to the creative placemaking process. It’s all about matching their needs with yours. Storytelling is key. 

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