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Robin M. O'Connor Lake County Clerk

April 2019

League of Women Voters

League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages citizens to take an informed and active participation role in government. Their membership is made up of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. They are elected officials, homemakers, business people, teachers, students, professionals, parents, and grandparents. Anyone over the age of 16 is invited to join – men and women.

The League of Women Voters was organized in 1920, the year women's suffrage was incorporated into the Constitution. It grew out of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. As its first task, the League worked to inform the 29 million recently enfranchised women about their new voting rights and responsibilities.

Today, they have two separate and distinct roles – voter education and advocacy.

Voter Service and Citizen Education
By conducting voter service and citizen education activities such as debates, the league presents unbiased, nonpartisan information about elections, the voting process, and issues. They never support or oppose any political party or candidate.

Action and Advocacy
The league uses also uses its position to advocate for or against particular policies in the public interest and act after study and member agreement to achieve solutions in the public interest on key community issues at all government levels.

To find an upcoming debate or to learn more about The League of Women Voters, you can visit any of the social media pages for the local chapters.

Lake Forest/Lake Bluff

Highland Park/Highwood

Deerfield Area

Northwest Lake County

Lake County

The organizations listed below are groups certified by the Illinois State Board of Elections to conduct voter registration.

Campaign/Political Organizations

  • Avon Township Democratic Organization 
  • Ela Township Republican Central Committee
  • Grant Township Republican Club
  • Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs
  • Lake County Democratic Central Committee
  • Lake County Republican Central Committee
  • Libertyville Township Republican Central Committee
  • Moraine Township Democratic Organization
  • Shields Township Republican Club
  • Sixth District Democrats
  • Tenth Congressional District Democrats
  • Vernon Township Democrats
  • Vernon Township Republican Organization
  • Warren Township Republican Central Committee
  • Wauconda Township Democratic Organization
  • Waukegan Township Democratic Organization
  • West Deerfield Township Republican Committee
  • Women's Republican Club of Lake Forest & Lake Bluff

Civic Groups

  • A.A.U.W. Deerfield Area      
  • A.A.U.W. Lake Forest/Lake Bluff      
  • A.A.U.W. Waukegan      
  • Black Abolition Movement for the Mind, Inc.      
  • Chicago Chapter of Hadassah     
  • Committee of 34      
  • Construction & General Laborer's District Council      
  • Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago      
  • Equip for Equality      
  • Friends of the Lake Villa Library District      
  • GreenTOWN Waukegan, Inc.      
  • Illinois Choice Action Team      
  • Independence Center      
  • Lake County Center for Independent Living      
  • Lake County Women's Coalition      
  • Mano a Mano Family Resource Center      
  • N.A.U.W. North Shore Illinois Branch      
  • NAACP Lake County Branch      
  • National Alliance for the Empowerment of the Formerly Incarcerated      
  • North Suburban Peace Initiative of Lake County     
  • The Links, Inc., Harbor Lites Chapter     
  • William V. Banks Grand Lodge 


  • First Baptist Church      
  • Gideon Missionary Baptist Church      
  • House of Deliverance Center Church      
  • Mount Sinai Institutional Baptist Church      
  • Mt. Zion Baptist Church      
  • Quentin Road Bible Baptist Church    
  • Shiloh Baptist Church 

Fraternities & Sororities   

  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.      
  • Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.      
  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.      
  • Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.    
  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.

Park Districts   

  • Gurnee Park District 

Senior Facilities

  • Dickinson Hall     
  • Westmoreland Nursing Home 

There's still time to vote by mail and early!

Get out and vote Lake County

  • Vote by mail applications due by noon on Thursday, March 28

    Registered voters can vote from anywhere by requesting a ballot by mail. Your voted ballot must be returned with a postmark no later than Election Day. Log onto LakeVoterPower.info to track the Lake County Clerk’s receipt of your ballot. Online application.

  • Early voting at 16 locations until Saturday; then 4 remain open until Monday

    You can use any early voting site location regardless of where you live in Lake County. Dates, hours, and locations.

  • Election Day polls are open 6 AM to 7 PM

    You must use your assigned neighborhood voting site serving your address. Find your site.

For details or more information

Lake County’s Election Security

Voting Booths

A key issue prevalent in the news and of concern to voters is election integrity and cyber security. There is no question that hacking the election's infrastructure has become an industry of its own. The Lake County Clerk's Office (LCCO) takes this new reality seriously and is cooperating closely with the Lake County Information Technology (IT) Division to prevent any interference with the election process and results.

The Lake County's election system is continuously monitored through the Cyber Navigator Program that supports the efforts of local election officials to defend against cyber breaches along with the ability to detect any intrusions and then implement a recovery plan in the event of interference. The LCCO has completed an analysis of its potential vulnerabilities and has prepared back up strategies. In the event of a security compromise related to the county's election system, the Cyber Navigator Program will notify both the Lake County Clerk’s Office and the County’s IT department where recovery efforts will be put in place.

Protecting Lake County's election system is our highest priority. We are all working together to protect your vote.

Read the Public Act 100-0587 outlining this program's joint effort of Homeland Security, Illinois Department of Innovation Technology (DoIT), and the State of Illinois. http://ilga.gov/legislation/publicacts/100/pdf/100-0587.pdf

Question of the Month

Question of the Month

Lake County Clerk O'Connor is interested in hearing your opinion.

What three things does the League of Women Voters do for you?

Please take a moment to send us an email of 200 words or less describing the benefits of this nonpartisan organization.

Send your thoughts to Lake County Clerk O'Connor at countyclerk@lakecountyil.gov before Monday, April 22.  She wants to hear what you think.

Responses for March's Question of the Month

Last month's question was "Why do you think it's important for you to vote in our odd-year consolidated election?" Lake County Clerk O'Connor thanks everyone who responded and wanted to share some of her favorite replies.

  • It is the voter's opportunity to state their preference on each office. If you pass up voting do not complain about the outcome. – Forrest

  • It is always very important to vote in any election as I do. I inform myself by listening to the candidate and his or her agenda or vision for the office that they seek. Unfortunately, there are people who just want to hijack that office to do change that just takes away from our great country and the constitution. Ignorance is the most dangerous menace in our country. – Leslie

  • It comes down to what is best for your community. I'm getting ready to move to my Lake County Wauconda home. – Mark from Bensenville

  • Every election is important! We are selecting who we want to make decisions that will impact our lifestyle, finances, culture and community. If you don't vote you have no right to express an opinion about those who represent us or the decisions they make. – Dalea

  • My Dad who would have been 100 this month fought in WWII. The privilege of living in this country comes with the obligation to vote. – Sharon


The Lake County Clerk's Office reserves the right to edit comments. We request that all responses refrain from partisan or party agenda content. Be nice, and let's all converse respectfully.

A Visit to Lake County Center for Independent Living

Lake County Center for Independent Living

During her recent visit to the Lake County Center for Independent Living in Mundelein, Lake County Clerk O’Connor brought a double treat with her to share - some delicious cake and our ballot marking equipment compliant with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

While using this ADA compliant equipment, voters who are blind, have low vision, or experience limited dexterity can cast a ballot in private and without assistance using the same ballot and ballot counters as all other voters. Consumers at the center were able to practice marking a ballot using the equipment’s touch screen and braille key pad features. Some also listened through headphones to hear their ballot read to them via the audio processor. In this special election, consumers voted for their favorite ice cream flavor, favorite color, and best super power. The winners of the election were chocolate, purple, and reading minds.

Lake County Center for Independent Living is a not-for-profit, disability rights organization and offers a variety of programs to help Lake and McHenry County residents be independent.

Robin was on the Radio!

wrlr logo

“Voting is the right of every citizen and the heart of our democracy,” says Lake County Clerk Robin O’Connor.


Listen to the conversation between Lake County Clerk Robin O’Connor and Lou Bruno of WRLR 98.3 FM as they discuss the importance of voting and how voters can be assured that their voice is heard when selecting the leaders of our local units of government. Lake County Clerk O’Connor described how easy it is to vote now as any citizen can vote by mail, early, or on Election Day. She also explained how registered voters can visit LakeVoterPower.info to see personalized voting information. Lake County Clerk O’Connor dispelled the rumor that early voted ballots were not counted unless needed and assured listeners that all voted ballots are counted and tallied. Other topics covered include voting locations, election statistics, and the reason there are almost 1,000 ballot styles for the April election. 

Listen to the noteworthy exchange about how simple it is to let your vote and voice be heard. As Robin O’Connor says, “Get out and vote Lake County!”

About WRLR 98.3 FM

WRLR 98.3 FM recently moved it's showcase Studio B into the Round Lake Beach Metra train depot. The depot is located at 680 E Mallard Creek Drive and is a part of the village's campus which encompasses RLB Village Hall, the RLB Police Department, the RLB Cultural and Civic Center, the area’s U.S. Post Office, and the Round Lake Area Park District Sport Center.

On occasion, some commuters who have had their interest piqued by the activity in the studio, have even stepped up to the mic to talk with show hosts and their guests.

To introduce WRLR’s Studio B, the station will be holding an open house on Saturday, June 29th, giving tours of the station and providing refreshments. In addition, WRLR will be hosting various non-profit groups who will be there to represent their organizations. More specific details about the open house will be forthcoming as the event draws closer.

Visit wrlr.fm for more information.

Robin M. O'Connor, Lake County Clerk
18 N. County Street, Room 101
Waukegan, IL 60085



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