Construction Season Begins, Speed Studies, Road Closures and more!

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Lake County Transportation Updates

Construction Season in Full Swing in Lake County

Spring has sprung, which means you've probably seen construction projects popping up along your commute as the County continues its commitment to investing in transportation. In this County update, County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor joins Lcdot - Lake County, IL Division of Transportation's new Director, Shane Schneider, as they talk about some of the projects such as Cedar Lake Road, Quentin Road and the Millburn Bypass. Watch Video.

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County Update Transportation 2018

Speed Studies

The Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) is responsible for setting the speed limit for county highways under our jurisdiction, and township roads. Safety on the roadways is always our top priority and guides everything we do, including the determination of speed limits. What is a speed study, and how does the process work?
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Road Closures

Did you know that you can have information about road closures delivered to your inbox? We have an email subscription specifically for people who wish to be notified when roads are closed due to construction. Most of the time the information is specific to county highways, but when we receive news releases from IDOT or the IL Tollway we forward them along as a courtesy. 

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Anatomy of a Safe Driver

It may seem obvious, but time and time again we see traffic crashes that would have been prevented if drivers were paying attention. Laws in Illinois indicate that drivers are prohibited from using electronic devices while driving, and that drivers must obey speed limits. Yet we still see people who do not obey these laws, and risk their own safety and the safety of those around them. Driving safely requires your attention from head to toe. You have the power to make roads safer

Safe Driver Head to Toe
Driving safely requires your attention from head to toe!