News Release: Flood Update, Shelters, and Safety Tips

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July 12, 2017

News Release

Contact: Alex Carr

Flood Update, Shelters, and Safety Tips

Reports indicate that six to eight inches of rain has fallen in Lake County. An additional half inch of rain may fall overnight. Lake County officials are continuing to work together to assist local communities in response to flash flooding. 

We are currently monitoring several rivers in the area for flooding. We expect river levels to rise even more. More information will be provided within the next 24 hours.  

Reception Centers

The Red Cross has opened three reception centers to assist residents displaced by flooding at the following locations:

  • Magee Middle School
    500 N. Cedar Lake Road
    Round Lake 

  • Foss Park Golf Course
    3124 Argonne Dr.
    North Chicago

  • The Chapel
    25270 IL Route 60


Many roadways are impacted with water on the pavement, leading to road closures. This is making travel difficult through many areas of the county. For updated road conditions, please visit Lake County PASSAGE at It is dangerous to drive through water. Motorists should remember to “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”. 

Safety Tips From the Lake County Health Department

The Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center recommends the following steps to minimize health hazards due to flooding:

  • Do not attempt to enter or cross flooded streams or rivers. Floodwaters can be very powerful. Even streams, rivers, and areas of standing water that appear to be calm or shallow can be very dangerous.

  • Avoid contact with floodwater if possible. Flood water can contain organisms that may cause disease. Prevent children and pets from playing in or drinking water left in puddles or flooded areas.

  • Consult a physician about obtaining a tetanus booster if you work in or walk through floodwaters. People with open cuts or other wounds should take extreme care when walking through floodwaters due to the possibility of contracting tetanus. In general, flood workers who have had a tetanus shot within the past 10 years will not need to be revaccinated. However, workers who acquire a wound and who have not had a tetanus shot within 5 to 10 years may need a tetanus booster.

  • If you have a private well, check its condition. If the well casing is submerged, surface water may have entered the well and contaminated the drinking water. In these cases, you should not drink the water until the flood waters have receded and the water from the well is tested and shown to meet drinking water standards. Contact Environmental Health Services at (847) 377-8020 for well testing information.

  • Check for safety hazards before entering a flooded home or basement. Make sure that no electrical or other safety hazards, such as leaking gas, exist.


Watch for updates on Lake County's Facebook page. We will be posting information as the situation develops. 

For additional flooding tips and resources, please visit